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Top 10 Canning Line Manufacturers for Superior Packaging Solutions


The sector dedicated to the manufacture of canning line machinery is presently witnessing a significant surge in demand, as a myriad of enterprises across various industries—ranging from beverage, foodstuff, to cosmetic sectors— are incorporating these sophisticated packaging systems. Canning serves a purpose beyond mere containment; it is vital for prolonging product longevity and upholding stringent safety protocols. An exemplary canning apparatus is designed to seamlessly seal upwards of 60 cans per minute, a feat that elevates daily output while enhancing efficiency in the packaging process in recent years and delivering advantages such as precision in operation, maximization of spatial utility in limited space, labor cost diminution, and rigorous control of quality standards.

These machines have become indispensable due to their prowess in preserving perishable goods sans refrigeration, which in turn facilitates wider distribution networks for businesses. Moreover, advancements in canning technology are propelling the industry toward eco-friendly practices by curtailing material waste.

Consider the case of a microbrewery, once confined to local commerce, which, through the adoption of canning technology, can now extend the reach of their beer distribution, enhancing both the quality preservation of their product and their financial returns.

By the year 2021, the market value of canning machinery escalated to $4.5 billion, mirroring a dedication to sustainable production of durable consumer items.

The role of manufacturers within the canning machine industry is instrumental—they are not merely providers of this equipment but also patrons of holistic service and technical guidance, which underpins the advancement of the sector and amplifies consumer contentment.

This dialogue aims to elucidate a comprehensive profile of the leading 10 global producers of canning line machinery, emphasizing their indispensable influence within the commercial domain.

2ABE Equipment
3Cask Global Canning Solutions
4American Canning
5CODI Manufacturing
6Dixie Canner Co.
7Co.Mac srl
8Krones Group
9Ferrum AG
10Wild Goose Filling



Location: Guangzhou, China

Established: 2008

Company Type: Canning machine manufacturer and supplier

Products or Services Offered:

  • Can filling machines/can fillers
  • Can seaming machines
  • Can capping machines
  • Can labeling machines
  • Can coding machines
  • Can rinsers
  • Can rotary infeed

In the packaging world, Levapack is a real standout. They’re a company from China that’s making waves globally with their cool canning lines. They help all kinds of businesses, big or small, to pack their stuff fast and well. Levapack’s gear can manage up to 30 cans every minute, which is awesome for businesses that want to get more done without needing a lot of room.

But Levapack isn’t just about quick packing; they really care about doing it right. They’ve designed their machines to work with lots of different things, like powders, liquids, and more. Take their powder canning machines, for instance – they’re a big hit for companies packing milk powder and the like, keeping everything fresh for the customers.

If you’re packing solid stuff, like snacks or pet food, Levapack’s the go-to. They have solid canning lines that are top of the line, using the coolest weighing machines and sensors to make sure each can is filled just right, thanks to their fancy flowmeter filling tech.

And if you’ve got liquids, their machines are like a dream. They can fill up to 60 cans a minute, which means you can get your products out there even quicker.

The canning systems at Levapack are pretty smart, too. They have all kinds of gear that work together to make sure cans are filled, sealed, and labeled with no mess-ups. From machines that get cans all lined up to the ones that slap on the labels, they handle it with pinpoint accuracy. So, businesses can trust that their products will look great and be safe when they’re made in the efficient production process that prioritizes product quality.

Levapack really listens to their customers to make sure every machine fits just right. They’re not just about selling stuff; they’re about partnering up to help businesses grow. With more than 16 years under their belt, they’ve got the know-how, and they’re good at what they do. No matter if it’s a tiny place or a big plant, Levapack has the canning line that’s up for the job.

Why LPE Canning Machines?

Since 2008, we insist on priority raw material selection, 100% testing before delivery.

ABE Equipment

ABE Equipment
ABE Equipment

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Established: 1993

Company Type: Beverage equipment manufacturing

Services or Products Offered:

  • Brewhouses
  • Filling equipment
  • Canning lines

In the world of canning equipment, ABE Equipment from Lincoln, Nebraska really stands out. They’re all about helping those who make craft drinks to package their stuff with love and quality. ABE Equipment offers a bunch of different canning lines that are perfect for everything from beer to kombucha, coffee, and even drinks mixed with CBD. They’ve become a go-to for many because they help save money and pack things up really well.

What’s super neat about ABE Equipment is how they focus on making machines that can do a lot and do it accurately. Their CraftCan Series can fill up to 35 cans every minute. And if you’ve got more to do, the CraftCan Duo Series can handle twice that speed. They’ve also got the CraftCan Iso Series, which is awesome for keeping fizzy drinks like sparkling water bubbly and tasty.

But ABE doesn’t just hand over machines; they give you the whole deal. They’ll work with you to figure out what you need, set up your space, and show you how to use everything. Their customer support is awesome, too. They have experts and tech folks who really get the machines, so you’re in great hands.

Their canning lines are pretty smart as well. They’ve got this special Servo Seamer technology that makes sure each can is closed up perfectly. And they think about the details, like making it simple to change the size of cans or add some nitrogen to keep drinks fresh longer. It’s clear that ABE Equipment really wants to help drink makers get their products out there in good shape and taste fantastic with their tough and neat canning lines, with the added bonus of excellent technical support.

ABE Equipment really shows off American creativity in the drink packing business, offering top tech and personal help that lets drink creators do really well. If you’re just starting or growing bigger, ABE has the tools and the know-how to help you make it big.

Cask Global Canning Solutions

Cask Global Canning Solutions
Cask Global Canning Solutions

Location: Calgary, AB

Established: 1982

Company Type: Craft beverage canning systems company

Services or Products Offered:

  • Canning systems & auxiliary
  • MCS V2
  • Nano ACS
  • ACS Flex2

Cask Global Canning Solutions, headquartered in Calgary since 1982, has established itself as a pivotal force in the canning industry, particularly for small to medium-sized beverage enterprises aiming to scale in the craft beverage industry. They specialize in high-efficiency canning systems capable of handling 10 to 100 cans per minute within a compact footprint, which is ideal for mobile canners and producers with space constraints, thereby maximizing production and minimizing costs for beverage makers.

The company’s offerings surpass equipment provision, embracing a full spectrum of services including expert training, parts supply, and prompt, dependable customer support—critical components for success in the beverage industry.

Cask’s machinery accommodates a diverse range of beverages, from craft beers to kombucha and wine, fostering product variety and market expansion. In partnership with Ball Corporation for cans and lids, they deliver a complete packaging solution that offers economic benefits to craft beverage producers.

With a team of skilled technicians, Cask doesn’t just sell canning lines—they create partnerships by imparting their expertise to ensure client success, underscoring their commitment to quality and comprehensive service in the craft canning sector.

American Canning

American Canning
American Canning

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Established: 2012

Company Type: Can and canning machine supplier

Services or Products Offered:

  • AT-1 Filler/Seamer
  • CP-4 Filler/Seamer
  • RT-212 In-feed Table
  • PTA Handle Applicator

Based in Austin, Texas, American Canning has quickly emerged as a distinguished player in the craft beverage packaging industry since its inception in 2012. The company is committed to streamlining the canning process for enterprises ranging from small-scale operations to larger businesses. They cater to the bespoke packaging requirements of niche beverage creators, equipping them to efficiently distribute their canned products to a receptive market.

American Canning differentiates itself with a customer-centric online platform, facilitating an efficient purchasing experience by allowing clients to order supplies in quantities that match their production levels. The company is noted for its swift order processing, often dispatching products on the same day, thus adhering to the urgent requirements of its customers.

The firm prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, continuously refining their offerings to ensure their cans represent the zenith of material excellence and aesthetic appeal. American Canning considers itself a partner in progress for beverage producers, aiming to contribute more than mere materials.

Their canning systems are ingeniously designed for spatial economy, affordability, and operational simplicity, catering to both established and emerging entities. Manufactured in Austin with global distribution, American Canning’s equipment stands out for its versatility, providing top-notch aluminum canning options at reasonable prices on a single machine. This supports the industry’s movement towards eco-friendly packaging, underscored by their state-of-the-art machinery.

CODI Manufacturing

CODI Manufacturing
CODI Manufacturing

Location: Littleton, Colorado

Established: 1992

Services or Products Offered:

  • Filling machines
  • Filler Infeed
  • Filler Discharge

Since its establishment in 1992 in Littleton, Colorado, CODI Manufacturing has become a distinguished supplier of canning systems, renowned for engineering high-caliber solutions that have earned acclaim across the beverage sector. The company is dedicated to crafting canning mechanisms that not only meet but exceed industry standards of quality and efficiency, thereby optimizing the canning operations of their clientele.

In the specialized sector of craft beer, where precision is of utmost importance, CODI Manufacturing distinguishes itself with cutting-edge counter-pressure filling technology. This technology guarantees precise fill levels, crucial for maintaining the beverage’s quality and shelf life. Acknowledging the unique needs of smaller-scale producers, CODI has developed adaptable canning lines that support a range of production volumes, can dimensions, and accelerated fill rates during the fill cycle.

CODI’s extensive product range extends beyond filling systems to include a complete suite of canning equipment, facilitating every step from the initial phase to final packaging. The inventory covers conveyance systems for transporting cans to the filler, preparatory devices for market presentation, and logistical solutions for efficient can stacking and distribution. With almost thirty years of expertise, CODI’s engineering prowess ensures that their systems integrate flawlessly with the operational frameworks of their clients.

Committed to building enduring relationships with its business partners, CODI Manufacturing aspires to advance the canned beverage industry through inventive engineering and outstanding machine performance, providing customers with access to an elite canning line that consistently delivers superior results.

Dixie Canner Co.

Dixie Canner Co.
Dixie Canner Co.

Location: Athens, Georgia, USA

Established: 1895

Services or Products Offered:

  • Can seamers
  • Retortsfood processing can seam inspection

Since its inception in 1895, Dixie Canner Co. has established itself as a paragon of excellence within the canning industry, hailing from Athens, Georgia. With a venerable history spanning over a century, the company has consistently led advancements in canning technology, focusing on the production of premium can sealers, retorts, and food processing equipment. Serving a multitude of industries, their offerings are integral to not only the food and beverage sector but also to pharmaceutical applications and beyond.

At the heart of Dixie Canner Co.’s operations is their unparalleled mastery of canning technology. They pride themselves on engineering machines that deliver flawless sealing performance. Their equipment, renowned for its reliability and versatility, accommodates a diverse array of container types, from metal and paper composite to plastic, thereby fulfilling the varied packaging needs of their clientele.

The company’s comprehensive line of retorts and food processing machinery underscores their commitment to exceptional quality. They offer solutions that embody industrial-grade efficacy at a scale accessible to smaller enterprises.

Expanding their expertise beyond traditional beverage canning, Dixie Canner Co. also applies its state-of-the-art technology to niche markets such as oil filters and specialized packaging, which require sophisticated double-seam sealing techniques. This adaptability cements their status as a sought-after partner for industries in search of dependable packaging solutions tailored to their unique product specifications.

Co.Mac srl

Co.Mac srl
Co.Mac srl

Location: Bonate Sotto, BG, Italy

Established: 1990

Services or Products Offered:

  • Keg lines
  • Bottle lines
  • Can lines

Comac Srl is a preeminent entity in the beverage bottling and kegging industry, with an illustrious history extending beyond thirty years. As an Italian marque of distinction, Comac’s presence spans across a global canvas, with a footprint in over 100 countries, epitomizing excellence in beverage packaging machinery manufacturing. The company’s strategic amalgamation with ATS Automation in March 2021 marked a pivotal expansion of its global reach and enhancement of its technological prowess.

Comac’s dedication to unparalleled quality caters to a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from vast multinational entities to specialized enterprises, offering bespoke kegging, bottling, and canning solutions. The versatility of Comac’s conveyor systems is particularly notable, engineered to accommodate a multiplicity of container formats while meticulously complying with the stringent standards and legislative benchmarks of the beer canning industry. Further distinguishing its offerings, Comac excels in the integration of avant-garde technology within existing manufacturing lines, thereby boosting efficiency and facilitating continuous advancement.

The company’s ascent is driven by a dedicated cadre of professionals whose expertise and diligent work ethic are fundamental to Comac’s enduring success. This fosters a culture of innovation and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Comac values teamwork and invests in fostering an environment conducive to the professional development of its employees.

In the realm of beverage packaging equipment, Comac’s creations are not merely technologically sophisticated but are also emblematic of the company’s tailored approach to client service. By placing the requirements of its clientele at the core of its operational ethos, Comac reaffirms its status as a vanguard in the beverage packaging industry.

Krones Group

Krones Group
Krones Group

Location: Neutraubling, Bavaria, Germany

Established: 1951

Company Type: Machinery manufacturing for beverage and food

Services or Products Offered:

  • Bottling lines for PET containers
  • Bottling lines for glass bottles
  • Bottling lines for cans

Based in Neutraubling, Germany, the Krones Group represents a powerhouse in the packaging and processing industry. Established in 1951, the company has become a benchmark for innovation, delivering all-encompassing solutions that range from machine fabrication to entire production systems for the beverage and food industries. Krones showcases a breadth of proficiency, covering processing, filling, canning, packaging, and recycling operations, confirming its comprehensive command and adaptability in the field.

Krones is lauded for its mechanical engineering prowess, adeptly forging customized solutions that cater to the varying needs of its international clientele within multiple sectors. The firm’s dedication to innovation is evidenced by its impressive patent repository, with over 6,800 patents, underscoring its commitment to cutting-edge research and development. The company’s manufacturing activities are marked by stringent quality protocols, with a vast service network globally to maximize customer satisfaction.

Integral to Krones’ vanguard status is its team of dedicated professionals, whose expertise and commitment drive the company’s continuous advancement. Boasting a worldwide footprint and a team of 2,500 service experts, Krones ensures swift and skilled support, promoting the optimal performance and effectiveness of complex systems.

Krones also excels in providing a holistic experience from production to recycling, focusing on creating value for its clients at every stage. Serving a gamut of markets, such as the chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, the company reaffirms its flexibility and broad market influence.

Ferrum AG

Ferrum AG
Ferrum AG

Location: Schafisheim, AG, Switzerland

Established: 1917

Company Type: Machinery Manufacturing

Services or Products Offered:

  • Can seamers
  • Pusher centrifuges
  • Vertical centrifuges

Since 1917, Ferrum AG has been a key player in making machines. They are really famous for their top-notch can seamers and centrifuges. Based in Schafisheim, Switzerland, Ferrum is now a big name worldwide, with their work seen on every continent. They offer a wide range of products and stand on strong financial ground, which looks good for their future.

People trust Ferrum for their solid machines, and that’s no accident. They’ve been around for more than a hundred years, always improving and knowing what their customers need. That’s why big companies go for Ferrum’s can seamers and centrifuges.

What also makes Ferrum great is their support network all over the world. They give quick help, expert advice, and fast parts delivery, so their customers don’t have to wait long if something needs fixing. Ferrum machines can handle lots of different jobs, whether that’s putting lids on cans super fast or using their centrifuges for many things. They work with materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic easily.

Wild Goose Filling

Wild Goose Filling
Wild Goose Filling

Location: Louisville, Colorado, USA

Established: 2016

Company Type: Machinery Manufacturing for Beverage Packaging

Services or Products Offered:

  • Gosling 2.0
  • Evolution Series
  • Fusion™ 2.0 Canning Systems

From the solid experience of Ferrum AG, we’re now getting into the cool stuff that Wild Goose Filling is doing. This company from Louisville, Colorado, is making a splash in how craft drinks like beer, cider, kombucha, and even spirits get packed. They know their stuff, and it shows because lots of people trust them when it’s time to bottle or can their special brews.

Wild Goose Filling is leading the way in creating canning and bottling systems that work great for craft drinks. They’ve got some smart tech that makes sure your drink stays just the way it’s supposed to from the big tank to the can or bottle you hold in your hand.

They’ve got this new thing called the Gosling 2.0, and it’s pretty neat. It’s made for making small amounts but still does a top-notch job. It’s super easy to use with a touch screen that anyone can figure out. This company is all about giving their customers what they need to stand out and do well, even when things get competitive. The Gosling 2.0 doesn’t take up much space and you can switch things up on it really quickly.

Wild Goose Filling isn’t just in Colorado; they’re all over the place with offices in Europe and partners around the globe. They’re really into making sure that the drinks crafters make taste just as good when they’re bottled or canned as they do in the tank. That’s keeping it real—taste, quality, and freshness all the way.

Selecting a Canning Machine Manufacturer for Expanding Operations

In the sphere of consumer goods, the demand for products with extended shelf life has been on the rise, which has, in turn, increased the market for canned items. This heightened consumer interest necessitates stringent quality control in the manufacturing process. As a result, when considering the acquisition of canning machinery, the proficiency of canning operations offered by craft producers should be a top priority.

A compact footprint of the canning system is of paramount importance for entities with spatial constraints, facilitating the smooth incorporation of essential components, such as a small footprint can depalletizer and superior canning systems, without impeding ongoing operations. The option for rapid changeovers in machinery is a significant advantage, as it aids in minimizing product loss during the transition phases amidst the processing of different types of aluminum cans, including empty cans and quick change for additional can diameters.

It is essential for manufacturers to possess an in-depth understanding of oxygen pickup dynamics, as this factor plays a critical role in determining the shelf stability of the product. Quality canning systems are designed to curtail oxygen incorporation, thereby safeguarding the flavor and freshness of the product assortment.

Additionally, it is imperative for manufacturers to be equipped to handle the scalability of operations, including the facilitation of mobile canning operations, which empower businesses to venture into new markets and amplify their distribution channels with efficacy. By investing in versatile and proficient canning solutions, enterprises are better positioned to fulfill the burgeoning consumer demand and adapt to the industry’s evolving landscape, while also meeting production requirements. This strategic approach not only aligns with the market’s trajectory but also leverages the long-term viability and cost-efficiency of using empty aluminum cans as a packaging solution.

If you want know more about canning line, you can read: Simple Guide to Food Canning Line Automation


In the pursuit of canning line manufacturers, it is essential to prioritize operational efficiency and reliability as key determinants. Within this sector, Levepack distinguishes itself as a leader, evidencing substantial expertise and exemplary performance metrics. The equipment engineered by Levepack is strategically designed to enhance productivity and expedite processes, achieving a remarkable increase in operational speed by 25%. This significant improvement serves as a compelling advantage for their clientele. Levepack has, thus, established itself as the vendor of choice for businesses seeking the highest caliber of packaging solutions. Their fervent commitment to innovation and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction further cements their position as the preferred partner for organizations aiming to excel in the competitive field of product canning.

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