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Custom Packaging Lines
to Enhance Production

At Levapack, our expert engineers design and produce automatic packaging machines and packaging lines to cater to different product canning needs. Considering your product properties and sanitary requirements, we offer customizable packaging line solutions featuring can sterilizing, can filling, can seaming, labeling, and coding.
You can count on Levapack’s automatic can packing machines and packaging lines to improve your productivity and ensure sealing reliability.
Solid Filling and Sealing Line Canning Line

Flexible Can
Packaging Solutions

At Levapack, we strive to meet all our client’s needs to ensure that they can easily automate their packaging processes. This has prompted us to offer customization options for clients who want different features incorporated into their machines or can packaging lines. We do this by working with expert designers who come up with the drawings and concepts while working alongside our clients. You can get your functional canning equipment for packaging all types of containers and products within your budget. 

canning machine design
operating machines

Quality Machines
for Can Filling and Sealing

As one of leading packaging line manufacturers in China, our can packaging solutions features the use of patented machines that are designed to offer great quality and stability to your canning process. Additionally, we have acquired certifications from ISO, CE, CSA ensuring that all our can fillers and seamers are fit for application. We also feature an in-house quality control team that is tasked with ensuring that all the raw materials sourced and all the can packing machines we produce are of the highest quality.

Our Certifications

Patented and certificated can fillers and seamers guarantee your can sealing and packaging quality.

Smarter & Safer Can Packaging

Our can packaging machines improve your productivity with the least security issue & maintenance.

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    Stable Performance

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    Smart Servomotor

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    Safe Overload Device

Stable Performance

Electrical parts & critical components of our machines come from world leading brands like Schneider. We will conduct strict commissioning and inspection before shipping. We're committed to providing canning machines with stable performance & reducing the possibility of breaking down, thus improving your product capacity & efficiency.

Can packaging machine quality control

Smart Servomotor

Servomotor for precise control of position can be fitted to our automatic machines. Any malposition could be detected from the touch screen & reset with a button. This protects the machine from potential failure thus saving maintenance time & cost. Our servo-controlled system also protects your staff and ensures production safety

Machine servomotor

Safe Overload Device

The truth is, any machine can break. That's why we integrate the overload device in our automatic series of machines. Once there's a breakdown, the machine will stop working to prevent further damage to the electric parts.

Machine overload device

We Stand Behind Every Machine

LPE provides any possible support to make your machine run smoothly.

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    Installation Guide

    Onsite installation &training on operation & maintenance are available upon request.

  • Spare part kits icon

    Spare Part Kits

    Critical components &worn spare parts are offered toavoid unplanned stops.

  • Technical support icon

    Technical Support

    When a breakdown occurs, our technicals are on call for both online & onsite correction.

  • 1-year warranty icon

    1-year Warranty

    We back our machines with a comprehensive 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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