Chemical Industry - LPE

Challenges & Solutions

We have the expertise to meet your unique challenges in the beverage industry.

  • High Viscosity
  • Foaming
  • Leakage
Canned paints
Challenge 1:

High Viscosity

Liquids of chemical products can range from free-flowing to highly vicious form. At LPE, filling machines with fillers that are tailor-made for your product type are available in explosion-proof execution.

Canned chemicals
Challenge 2:


Many chemicals like clean liquid & solvents can foam very strongly when filling too quickly into a can. Our filling machines featuring sub-level filling lances are perfect to prevent this kind of foaming.

Tightly-sealed bottles
Challenge 3:


Can products in the chemical industry ask more for sealing tightness since leakage poses potential safety risks. With the improvement of roller rigidity, our seamers can achieve a higher degree of tightness.


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