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Can Rinser / Sterilizer Manufacturer

 LevaPack is a cutting-edge manufacturer of can packaging machines including sterilizer machines. All our can sterilizer machines are designed and manufactured in-house by a team of highly skilled technicians. You are welcome to order a single application machine like a can rinser or filling machine. Alternatively, you can order a complete line of can / jar / bottle / premade pouch packaging machinery that comprises all the above machines synced to work together. We also provide customization services to ensure that our can packaging machines fit flawlessly in your production line.

LevaPack Can Rinsers / Sterilizers

What is a Can Rinser / Sterilizer?

The manufacturing of cans, tins, or bottles involves multiple industrial processes. During these processes, these containers can become dusty or contaminated by other germs. Consequently, international packaging standards require all containers to be rinsed or sterilized before they are filled with products.

Can rinsers / sterilizers are, therefore, the machines used to rinse or sterilize packaging containers before the filling stage. 

As a manufacturer, investing in our can printer / sterilizers assures you of spotlessly clean jars, cans, or bottles. This ensures that your products are safe for consumption, have an adequate shelf-life, and are in compliance with recommended product hygiene standards. 

LevaPack can rinsers are also available in multiple varieties that are suitable for cans or bottles of different materials. They are also designed to fulfill different grades of sterilization requirements such as medical-grade and food-grade sterilization.

A Can Rinser

Types of Can Cleaning Machines

Can cleaning machines are categorized by the method they use to rinse or sterilize cans. Types of can sterilizer machines, therefore, include the following:

An air can/bottle rinser- an air can rinser sterilizes packaging containers by blowing hot air into them at high pressure. The temperature and the pressure of the dispensed air are set at a level that is high enough to kill germs without damaging the container.

A water can/bottle sterilizer- in this method, treated water is used to rinse/sterilize packaging containers. The water is released at high pressure and the bottles are later inverted to empty the water. This type of sterilizer is often used in the beverage industry where beer or soda bottles are often sterilized and recycled.

An ionized air can/bottle sterilizer- an ionized air can/bottle sterilizer releases air that has negative ions into bottles or cans. These negative air ions attach to germs and microbes which are made up of positive ions. This makes it easy to suction out germs from the containers.

It is possible to use one or more types of can sterilizers. It all depends on the standard of sterility you are looking to achieve and the type of container being cleaned.

How Can Rinsers / Sterilizers Work For
Can / Tin / Jar Packaging

Each can rinser works in a unique way based on the medium it uses to clean tins, jars, or bottles. 

An air tin rinser blows hot pressurized air into tins or bottles. This kills all germs and blows off any dust that may have been left on the bottles during manufacturing or prior use. The steam may leave some moisture on the bottles. As such, the bottles are often inverted to empty any moisture that may have condensed inside them. Alternatively, the bottles can be passed through a blower to dry them.

An ionized air jar rinser works by blasting ionized air into bottles or jars. The negative ions pair with the positive ions of germs and make them heavy. These larger heavier particles are easy to suction out of the bottle and leave it sterile. Subsequently, after being blown with ionized air, these containers are often suctioned off to evacuate any floating all germ particles.

On the other hand, a water jar cleaning machine works by showering tin cans or bottles with treated water at high pressure. The chemicals in the water kill the germs and leave the containers clean. These bottles or jars are then blasted with a wind of dry air which dries them in preparation for filling.

Pricing of LevaPack Can / Jar / Bottle
Cleaning Machines

At LevaPack, we strive to offer you exceptional quality jar rinsing machines at fair customer-friendly prices. We capitalize on the large-scale economies of our factory to keep the costs of our machinery affordable. Moreover, buying your bottle rinser directly from us gives you access to our factory-direct prices which are much lower than the prices offered by secondary suppliers. 

The bottle rinser machine price you incur will depend on your order. Similarly, ordering a complete line of can packaging machinery would cost more than buying one machine.

Our technicians are well-experienced in sterilization processes. They can easily help you design the most suitable and the most cost-effective bottle sterilizer for your production setup. All you have to do is explain to us your needs and your budget.

Advantages of LevaPack Jar Rinser/Sterilizers

Quality Assurance

We handle every part of the manufacturing process of our tin can rinsers / sterilizers right from design development and to assembly. Each step is handled by our team of expert technicians. Thereafter, each machine undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it functions properly and has no structural flaws.

Food-grade Metal Materials

LevaPack can rinsers are made of food-grade metals like pure stainless steel. They are not only food-safe but are also rust-resistant. This prevents contamination by rust caused by moisture during sterilization and durability of the machines.

Flexible For Various Applications

Our can rinsers are suitable for sterilizing cans, tins, and bottles made of plastic or glass. They are equally ideal for sterilizing food and non-food products. Where necessary, LevaPack tin rinsers can be optimized for sterilizing containers both before and after filling.

One-stop Services

We offer comprehensive packaging machinery solutions all under one roof. Our design team can help you develop or adjust can cleaning machine designs to suit your needs. This is then executed by our production technicians with high precision to deliver machines that perform optimally.

After delivery, our after-sales team is also available to help you navigate any bottle rinser operation challenges you may encounter.

Applications of LevaPack Can Rinsers / Sterilizers

Different industries require different types of jar or bottle sterilization. For example, food products and pharmaceutical products require a very high level of sterilization. This is because they are ingested by human beings and any contaminants can have health implications.

In light of this, LevaPack can rinsers/sterilizers are developed to provide high-level sterilization. Each type of can sterilizer can be customized for application in different industries. Where more than one method is required, we are fully capable of syncing different types of bottle cleaning machines to work together.

We are bottle sterilizer manufacturers for clients in the following industries including:

The food industry our jar rinser machines are used to sanitize canned foods, snack jars, jam jars, pet food containers, among many other types of food packaging containers.

The beverage industryLevaPack bottle rinsers are applied by top juice manufacturers to sterilize new and reused bottles before they are refilled. We have also customized unique bottle sterilization systems for them that allow double sterilization where necessary.

The chemical industryour can/bottle rinsers are ideal for sterilizing cans and bottles used to package chemicals such as paints, cleaning agents, ink, or agricultural chemicals like fertilizers.

Customize a Can Rinser / Sterilizer For
Your Packaging Line

Factors to Consider When Customizing Can Rinsers / Sterilizers

Our customization services aim to enhance your can rinser machines to work optimally for your chosen application. With this in mind, it is advisable that you consider:

Container types- glass and plastic containers react differently when subjected to certain pressure and temperature conditions. It is best that your can rinsers are optimized accordingly to avoid damaging such containers.

Output rates – if you would like to sterilize a large number of bottles in a day, consider customizing your can rinsers to have a high output rate to boost productivity.

Budget- a more detailed customization process, costs more. Our team can help you explore different customization options within your budget.

Customization Options

LevaPack offers an all-inclusive range of bottle rinser machine customization options. Upon request, we can customize designs such as:

LevaPack Services and Benefits

We serve both local and international clients. Aside from our robust export networks, we also optimize our machines to meet the packaging requirements set in the foreign jurisdictions of our clients. Additionally, we offer continuous after-sale support no matter where you are in the world.

What Our Clients Say

LPE has been working with leading companies around the globe.

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    Dear Wendy. I am very satisfied with the services and help you gave me to solve a problem that arose in the machine. Now it works correctly. I really appreciate your professionalism and eagerness to serve. Do not doubt that I will count on you in the new projects of this range of machinery.

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  • I’m more than happy to work with LPE. They customize a whole line of machines for our nutrition packaging line, which really streamline the whole process & improve our productivity.

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  • “I’m appreciated by our cooperation with LPE. The machines they supply are well-packed & arrived timely. And the support they offer from installation, training to technical guidance really help a lot.”

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  • We received today the container ! Just loaded at the factory)) very happy about this! Thank you very much for all your support! custom clearance was very smooth and quick and this is due to your responsibility to prepare all docs correctly) we are sure this will be just the beginning of our collaboration and we will come back to you with new orders because we are very much satisfied with your service and support and quality!

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