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Solid Can Packaging Machines / Lines

In-depth look at the solid canning machines in Levapack and how they work to benefit your business.

Canning Machine / Line Manufacturer for Solid Product Packaging

Levapack is your trusted can filling and sealing machine manufacturer dedicated to always providing you with quality. We dedicate our processes to ensuring that we feature quality products that you can rely on for your manufacturing processes. We work with a qualified team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best. The canning machines are designed to feature efficiency, great performance, and accuracy in all their applications. Our solid canning machine will make your packaging processes a breeze and easier.

Intro of Solid Can Packaging
Machine / Lines

We offer high-quality solid can packaging machines / lines that cater to different packaging processes. These packaging processes are made easier and work best when working with different types of products. We pride ourselves in providing the best options in the market designed to make canning of solid products a breeze.

Machines in Levapack Solid Can Packaging Lines

At Levapack, we have developed great packaging systems designed to cater to all our client’s needs with accuracy and efficiency. Our canning system features different machines that can easily be customized at the client’s request. Some of the feature machines on our canning systems include:

Rotary Can Infeed Table

Our rotary can infeed table is an automatic system used to add empty cans into the conveyor belt. The infeed table is designed to ensure that it feeds in the right amount of cans at a time. This helps reduce congestions and ensures that the processes run smoothly. 

Can Rinser / Sterilizer

When it comes to working with solid packaging, you need to ensure that your cans are always clean before the filling process begins. This is where the can rinser and sterilizers come in. They ensure that your empty cans are clean and suitable for the packaging process to start. 

Solid Filling Machine

We feature solid machines that use measuring cups, multi-head weighers, and liner 4 head weighers. The different machines will be applied in varied situations. They’ll be dependent on the granular size, shape, and state of the product being filled. Different products like nuts, raw beef, fruits, and vegetables will require the use of different solid filling machines.

Sealing Machine ( Vacuum and Nitrogen Sealing are Available)

Our sealing machines are designed to employ secure and reliable seals onto cans and packages to ensure they stay intact. This reduces any risks of contamination and ensures that your products don’t spill. We have different options including vacuum and nitrogen sealing machines that you can work with.

Screw Capping Machine

Our screw capping machines are designed to ensure that all the cans get a secure cap when needed. This goes a long way to ensure that the products stay intact and safe. 

Can Labeler

Our can labelers are designed to employ labels on the body or cap of the cans with great precision and ensure they accurately stick. 

Can Coding Machine

We offer machines that cater to barcodes, manufacturing and expiry dates, and other important aspects. Our can coding machines will get this done with great accuracy. 

Rotary Can Outfeed Unscrambler

The rotary can out feeder table features the ability to hold the canned products by removing them from the conveyor once they are done with the canning process. Our output conveyors and turntables ensure high productivity and help reduce the labor cost.

Types of Canning Machines for Solid Packaging

When it comes to solid packaging, there are different canning machines that you can work with and get great results. These machines are mainly found in two types that come in handy for most manufacturers. These include:

Automatic Can Packaging Devices

Our automatic canning devices are designed to be free of any human intervention in all the processes involved. From the infeed process to the outfeed process, these devices will work with great accuracy to achieve desired results. 

Semi-automatic Canning Machines

The semi-automatic canning machines will feature the occasional intervention from someone in control. This applies to the number of products to be filled, where the labels should be, and much more. 

How Solid Can Packaging Machines / Lines Work

Solid tin can / jar packaging machines work to ensure that the whole packaging process is taken care of with ease. In this process, empty cans are fed into the machine using a rotary can infeed table and directed to the can rinsing station. At this stage, they are rinsed and sterilized to remove all impurities.

The clean empty cans are then directed to the filling station where the multi-head weighers fill the cans with the solid product. The solid filling machines are designed to be accurate to avoid an overflow of products in the packing process.

Once the products are filled, they move to the sealing and capping station where a seal and cap are employed to enhance the safety of the products. Doing this reduces the chance of contamination and spillage once the products are ready to sell. Lastly, the products are then labeled to better represent your brand and ensure that your customers understand more about the product.

Applicable to Various Solid Product Filling and Sealing

Our tin can / jar machines are used in different solid applications to ensure that they are serving you with great accuracy. They can be used in the packing of solid foods such as cookies, pickles, tuna, and peas among others. We provide machines that will offer great service and ensure that the filling and sealing processes are seamless.

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Why Choose Levapack as Your Solid Canning Machine Supplier

Levapack is your go-to solid packaging machine manufacturer always prepared to offer great products designed to cater to your can packaging needs. We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies that feature incredibly affordable prices on all our machines. We produce all our products in-house which allows us to offer competitive prices.

In addition, we also offer flexible solutions where you can take advantage of our custom options. You can trust that our machines will come with great quality and ensure that you are effectively sorted. Your packaging needs and processes will level up and allow you to focus more on serving your customers.

Customize Solid Packaging Machines/ Lines for Your Products

We offer custom options on solid can packaging machines that you can consider investing in for your business. We work in close contact with you to ensure that our results meet your expectations at all times.

When investing in the custom options, we’ll take your specific designs and fine-tune them to come up with a working product. Once that is done, we will take the time to ensure that we produce can filling and sealing machines that offer accurate performance. You can trust that you’ll get great quality and machines that will serve you well.

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