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Raw Materials

Raw materials decide the overall quality of the machine.

At LPE, we have been partnering with world-renowned brands for the best materials. We guarantee the performance & lifetime of our machines by sourcing:

> Premium #304 or #316 stainless steel
> PLC from Omron, Mitsubishi; Touch Screen from DELTA; Electric motor from SEW; Air Cylinder from SMC; Electrical parts from Schneider
  • Parts for can packaging manufacturing
  • Raw material welding

Parts Processing & Inspection

  • CNC machining
  • Machine parts processing
  • Part inspection
  • Every part counts for the quality of the machine. 
  • That's why sophisticated CNC machines including milling machines, lathes, grinders come into play, making each part as precise as possible.
  • Once all parts are ready, an elaborative inspection will be carried out. Our engineers will use professional equipment to make sure the tolerance dimension is within 2um.
Machine assembly

Intricate Hand Assembly

This process is what distinguishes a quality machine from an inferior one.

Just like the assembly of a Swiss watch, the artisan is also the key for machine assembly. Our patient engineer with years of professional skills will spend much of their time putting the right parts into the right place.

Machine inspection

Careful Machine Inspection

Once the assembly is finished, every machine will go through a careful inspection to ensure:

> All components from lid feeder, conveyor, pneumatic mechanism, sensor to mechanical parts run smoothly
> Toolings & electrical parts are correctly installed
> Electrical wiring is eye-pleasing without being loose
> The motor runs without being overheated & noisy

Strict Trial & No-load Run Test

  • Machine test
    • After-production test is as important to guarantee the quality of final product.
    • Once the machine is ready, our engineer will run a trial test with your sample cans for more than 100 consecutive operations.
    • After that, a no-load run test lasting 48 hours will be carried out to test the overload protection device. This makes sure the machine stop when running wrong so the quality of electrial parts is not affected.

Final Polishing

Regular care helps to sustain the quality of the machine.

To make your machines look polished, at LPE, we give every machine a thorough care before delivery including:

> Clean the machine to make it free of debris, stains & hand prints
> Polish with anti-rust oil to prolong its lifetime
Machine polishing
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