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Machine consultation

Your Needs

At the preliminary stage of customizing a packaging solution for your business, our engineer will work in close consultation with you to understand:

  • >   Materials you want to pack
  • >   Your needs for machine type no matter it's a single-function machine or a whole line of machines
  • >   Your demand for product yield
  • >   Other special requirements like aseptic/ vacuum packing
  • >   The size & layout of your plant
Design machine

Create Machine Drawing

This is the crucial phrase where our collaborative idea comes into reality.

After fully-understanding your needs in the in-depth consultation, our engineer will come up with a drawing taking every detail into consideration including:

  • >   Machine appearance
  • >   Machine type according to your packaging needs
  • >   Your demand for product yield
  • >   Machines' size & layout to better accomodate to your plant
Fine-tune machine design

Fine Tune The Design

This stage is where we work together to give a final touch to the design.

Adjustments can be made to the drawing if required. To make your packaging solution a real perfect one that's born for your production line, we will assist you all through this process to fine tune the drawing based on your actual situation.

Craft Your Machines

After you confirm the drawing, we begin to tailor make your machines.

The combination of best materials, CNC-produced parts & skilful assembly gives every machine the precision it needs. At LPE, we offer you multiple options to carry out the design. You can customize:

  • >   #304 or #316 stainless steel as raw materials
  • >   Electrical parts from world-renowned brands
  • >   Machine toolings that perfectly match your can type (Your can sample is required)
Machine grinding
Performance test

Test Machine Performance

After the production, a strict trial test will be performed. At this stage, we'll ask for some can samples from your side to check:

  • >   If every machine runs smoothly
  • >   If the machine meets your requirements on product yield
  • >   Defective rate
  • >   This will be followed up by a no-load run test to make sure the machines are safe for use before sending to you.

This will be followed up by a no-load run test to make sure the machines are safe for use before sending to you.

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