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Can Packaging
Line Designs for
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At Levapack, we design can packaging solutions that suit the specific needs of your production line. Whether you need a complete can packaging line or a single canning machine solution, we offer premium solutions for your needs.

Designed for Diversiform Products

The Levapack team of staff comprises well-trained packaging experts who specialize in engineering and canning machine design. This
enables us to provide you with custom packaging machines. In addition to functionality, our customization processes also optimize our can
packaging machines to be highly efficient. This prevents problems such as spills and wastage.

We equally understand that our clients operate in different industries. As such, Levapack packaging machinery can be customized to make
them ideal for packaging different types of products. Our custom packaging machines can be optimized for packaging:
canned solid products

Solid products

canned powdery products

Powder products

canned granule products


Viscous products

Viscous products

Paste products

Paste products

canned liquid products

Liquid products

Applicable to Various Containers

Packaging containers differ between products. In light of this, Levapack packaging machines and
packaging lines can be customized based on the type of packaging that you prefer to use for your
products. This ensures that each container is candled as it should be to prevent accidental
perforation, deformation, or packaging errors. Such containers include:

aluminum can

Aluminium Can

tin can

Tin Can

plsatic cans

Plastic Can

paper cans

Paper Can





premade pouch

Premade Pouch

can lids

Can Lid Options

Each of these containers requires a lid or closure system to seal them off once the filling process is complete. Our packaging line designs are, therefore, also optimized to handle different types of closures including:

Can Packaging Machines
Designed by Expert Engineers

When you present your brief to us, our engineers will consult with you to understand what type of can packaging machine you require. We consider:

Once all these details have been defined, our design engineers would move on to sketch your custom machinery. This is done in consultation with machine production engineers and other technicians to ensure the design is viable. We equally strive to develop user-friendly operating systems that make running these machines easy for your factory staff

can packaging project

Can Packaging Machine Design Solution

Our customization services help you make your can packaging ideas into real canning lines or
functional can packaging machines.
can packaging custom solution

Understanding Your Can Packaging Needs

At the preliminary stage of customizing a packaging solution for your business, our engineer will work in close consultation with you to understand:

Create Canning Machine / Line Drawing

This is the crucial phrase where our collaborative idea comes into reality. After fully-understanding your needs in the in-depth consultation, our engineer will come up with a drawing taking every detail into consideration including:

can packaging machine design
can packaging machine engineering

Fine Tune the Canning Machine / Line Design

This stage is where we work together to give a final touch to the canning machine design.

Adjustments can be made to the drawing if required. To make your packaging solution a real perfect one that’s born for your production line, we will assist you all through this process to fine tune the drawing based on your actual situation.


Can Packaging Machine Manufacturing

After you confirm the drawing, we begin to tailor make your machines. The combination of best materials, CNC-produced parts & skilful assembly gives every machine the precision it needs. At LPE, we offer you multiple options to carry out the design. You can customize:

CNC Machining
canning testing

Canning Machine Test

After the production, a strict trial test will be performed. At this stage, we’ll ask for some can samples from your side to check:

This will be followed up by a no-load run test to make sure the machines are safe for use before sending to you.

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