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Challenges & Solutions

We have the expertise to meet your unique challenges in the beverage industry.

  • Material Form
  • Weighing & Counting
  • Vacuum Preservation
Canned food
Challenge 1:

Material Form

Materials need to be packed in the can food industry may appear in many forms. No matter it is sticky, powdery, granular or solid, we've got the machine with customized filler to accommodate your needs.

Machine weighing & counting device
Challenge 2:

Weighing & Counting

Precise weighing & counting is important to maintain the consistency of your products. Our filling machines with smart weighing & sanitary device are specially developed for the food applications.

Can packaging machine line
Challenge 3:

Vacuum Preservation

Vacuum technology is required in the packing of many canned food to isolate them from the outside environment. Our vacuum seamers & aluminum foil sealing machines can offer ultra protection for your food products.


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