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Challenges & Solutions

We have the expertise to meet your unique challenges in the beverage industry.

  • Material Form
  • Weighing & Counting
  • Vacuum Preservation
Canned food
Challenge 1:

Material Form

Materials need to be packed in the can food industry may appear in many forms. No matter it is sticky, powdery, granular or solid, we've got the machine with customized filler to accommodate your needs.

Machine weighing & counting device
Challenge 2:

Weighing & Counting

Precise weighing & counting is important to maintain the consistency of your products. Our filling machines with smart weighing & sanitary device are specially developed for the food applications.

Can packaging machine line
Challenge 3:

Vacuum Preservation

Vacuum technology is required in the packing of many canned food to isolate them from the outside environment. Our vacuum seamers & aluminum foil sealing machines can offer ultra protection for your food products.

Canning Machines for Various Food Applications

  • Tuna icon

    Solid/Granule Product Canning

  • Jam icon

    Jam Canning

  • Sauce icon

    Sauce Canning

  • Cannabis icon

    Cannabis Packaging

  • Nutrition powder icon

    Nutrition Powder

  • Honey icon

    Honey Canning

Food Canning Machine Cost

At Levapack, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality canning machines for food designed to increase your packaging productivity. We work with qualified designers and engineers who boast years of experience in this field. This has allowed us to offer our clients quality machines at affordable prices.

Our pricing advantage is a great factor that influences more businesses to reach out and work with us. Our food canning machines are designed to feature a weighing scale that comes in handy to enhance precision in the packaging process. This, in turn, helps our customers avoid any wastage and greatly saves on cost. Also, our food canning machine for sale has a competitive price for bulk purchasing.

Customize Canned Food Packaging Machines for Your Business

We offer customization options on all our manufacturing capabilities to ensure that we cater to the individual needs of our customers. We strive to work closely with our customers in this process to ensure that we capture their specific desires. Our customization of canned food machines involves a one on one session between our clients and our designers.

In this stage, we start by understanding the kind of food product you want to pack to better determine your customization options. Once that is done, we take a look at the capacity you intend to work with and see how we can best accommodate that with tweaks on our machine designs.

Lastly, we take a quick look at the work environment and space in your plant. This helps us better determine the size of your canned food packaging machine. 

Our machines are designed to cater to different applications in the food industry which ensures that we address the various needs of our clients.

Some of the applications featured by our canning machines apply to products such as tuna, jam, cannabis, and honey among others. We are trusted manufacturers in this industry with a lot of companies looking for the in-person connections we strive to foster. 

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