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 LevaPack has been in the packaging machine industry for more than a decade. We are highly experienced in manufacturing can packaging machines and coding machines. Our clients have the option to order a complete line of can packaging solutions or any single-use canning machines that they require. We further offer customization services to ensure that each machine you purchase from LevaPack will be a perfect fit for your production line.

LevaPack Can Coding Machines

What Is a Can Coding Machine

In most countries, it is required that products are clearly labeled to inform consumers about their manufacturer, as well as dates of manufacturing and expiry.  Coding machines are used to imprint such data onto product labels. 

The data imprinted can be a logo, a barcode, dates, or a QR code. Aside from informing customers, these unique identifiers are also used for stock-taking and when products need to be identified during a recall.

Barcodes and QR codes, in particular, can sometimes be unique for each unit of a product. As such, a can coding machine may have to be programmed or synced to a website that generates fresh codes for each product. 

LevaPack manufactures high-quality can coding machines that imprint clear codes and have high precision. We offer different types of coding machines to accommodate the different packaging styles and coding requirements presented to us by our clients.

What Is a Can Coding Machine

Type of Can Coding Machines

Can coding machines are differentiated by their design and how they are applied for coding.

At the basic level, coding machines can be divided into handheld and inline coding machines. Handheld coding machines are small designs that require a technician to code each can manually. In contrast, inline coding machines are designed to be fitted into a packaging line of machines and can work automatically.

In another classification, coding machines are differentiated by how they are structured and how they work. The following are different types of coding machines.

Thermal transfer coding machine- this type of coding machine is ideal for imprinting barcodes, letter/number codes, and selected graphics. It uses an ink ribbon and some heat to print the code on labels.

Laser coding machines- a laser coding machine uses laser beams to imprint coding data like barcodes and dates on labeling in different colors.

Inkjet machines- in ink coding, small jet streams of ink are imparted by the machine to print specific code on product labels. Inkjet coding machines are available in intermittent and continuous coding variations. The first imparts codes at set intervals while the latter runs continuously until it is shut off.

Can Coding Machines

How do Can/Bottle Coding Machines Work?

Below is a review of how each coding machine works.

Thermal Transfer Coding Machine

A thermal transfer coding process mainly involves 3 components to print codes on labels:

  • A thermal printed head
  • A thermal transfer ribbon; a ribbon of quick-melt ink
  • Labels

It works as follows:

  • The labels are placed at the bottom on a rolling conveyor strip
  • The thermal transfer ribbon rolls above the labels.
  • The thermal printer head bears the code to be imprinted. It emits some heat and is used to press the thermal ribbon onto the labels.
  • The heat causes the ink on the thermal ribbon to melt and transfer the code on the print head onto the label.

Laser Coding Machine

A laser coding machine runs quite simply.

  • The laser coding machine is programmed with codes to impart on labels
  • When it is set to run, the packaged items or labels are pulled in front of the laser coding machine in intervals
  • Laser beams are cast on the label and 'burn' the code onto the can or product

Laser coding machines require clean workspaces free of dust and moisture. They are applicable for imparting multicolor code on glass, plastic, and some grades of paper.

Inkjet Coding Machines

An inkjet machine is first programmed with code data and then set to run as follows:

  • The inkjet coding machine is turned on
  • The chosen color of ink is dispensed into its tubes
  • The ink is emitted in dot-sized bits through a special nozzle in the shape of the code that was programmed into the machine

Inkjet coding is ideal for multicolor code printing. It can be used on wet or porous surfaces among many others.

Advantages of LevaPack Bottle Coding Machines

Premium Technology

LevaPack invests heavily in research and machine development. Through these processes, we are able to stay informed on the latest technologies in the market and include them in our machines.

Flexible For Various Applications

We also strive to manufacture our coding machines with technology that makes them easy to use and more efficient in their operations. Subsequently, we offer unique solutions like select can labeling machines that also double up as coding machines. This special design is cost-efficient, takes up less space, and saves time.

One-stop Solutions

LevaPack is committed to offering you convenient top-notch services. To this end, we cater to all your bottle coding machine requirements in-house. Our wide range of packaging machines also allows you to pick out other machines that you feel would add value to your packaging line. 

One-stop Solutions

Customize a Can Coding Machine for
Your Packaging Line

Factors to Consider When Customizing Your Coding Machines

Customizing your can coding machines should ideally make them more compatible with your production lines. Some of the factors worth considering include:

Container types – will you be coding glass bottles, tin cans, or plastic containers? How are they shaped? When you have established this, you can have your coding machines optimized to code the containers better.

Budget- your budget will determine how much you can customize your coding machines. Altering a few parts is affordable but an entirely custom design can cost a bit more.

Productivity- what kind of code quality are you hoping for? Also, do you require continuous or intermittent coding? Weigh these options as you explore customization.

LevaPack's Customization Options

We offer comprehensive customization services for coding machines. They include:

  • Branding your coding machines using company colors or logos
  • Customization of machine dimensions to suit your production line
  • Specific output rates; your coding machines can be set to run intermittently or continuously and at specific speeds

LevaPack's Services and Benefits

Our team of professional staff is talented, innovative, and dedicated to serving you. We guarantee you prompt responses to inquiries, expert advice, and reliable after-sale services.

In terms of purchases, we offer friendly factory-rate prices and quality, affordable spare parts. For our international clients, our location in Guangzhou allows for easy exportation. Our team can also help you navigate the shipping process.

LevaPack's Services and Benefits
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