Can Filling / Filler Machines in LevaPack

As one of the top filling machine suppliers in China, LevaPack offers seven variants of can filling machines. We offer can fillers of mainly three types: powder, solid and liquid can filler machine. Our plant in China manufactures filler products with the best performance.

LevaPack Can Filling Machines

LPE Can Filling Machines

The most crucial component in a packaging line is in no doubt the can filling machine. Can filling machines are the only components that get into direct contact with the resulting product. Thus, we need to ensure optimal reliability in both the quality and hygiene of the products.

Associated with this task are the challenges faced by industries regarding can filler equipment such as the following:

  • Diverse material forms that will be handled.
  • Precise weighing and counting to ensure the consistency of the products.

To answer these challenges, LPE, a leading can filling machine manufacturer in China, gives you customizable can filling equipment that is corrosion resistant tailored specifically to your needs. We have a wide variety of filling machines for sale to handle different products from low to highly viscous and foaming products.

We also have solid and powder filling machines with smart counting and weighing devices for precise filling. Choose from the following LPE filling machines for an automated and hassle-free can filling line:

  • Double Heads Powder Filling Machine
  • Liquid Filling Machine
  • Viscous Liquid Filling Machine
  • Solid Filling Machine (Linear 4 Heads Weigher)
  • Solid Filling Machine (Multihead Weigher)
  • Solid Filling Machine (Measuring cup)
  • Powder Filling Machine


What is a Can Filling / Filler Machine

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Can fillers deliver liquids from low to high viscosity, solid, or powder products into special packages such as the following:

  • Bag-in-boxes
  • Bags
  • Cans
  • Jars
  • Pots
  • Vials
  • Bottles
  • Tanks
  • Buckets
  • Sacks
  • Tins

can fillers are essential in manufacturing industries to promote efficiency and quality of the end products in the bottling process. Usually, they are employed in the packaging systems of food and beverage industries but can also be used in handling other products including chemicals.


Types of Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Machine filling a glass bottle

Liquid filling machines are also known as flow filling equipment and they can handle different types of liquids from water-like or semi-viscous to extremely thick and heavy-viscous products. Among all filling machine types, liquid filling machines are the most popular ones in the industry.

No single liquid filling machine type can handle all types of liquids found in all of the industries. For instance, a filler equipment used to fill bottled water is not suitable for filling cosmetic products. Nor a chemical product filling equipment be used in filling dairy or pharmaceutical products.

Your choice of liquid filler equipment depends on different factors such as the following:

  • Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Foam characteristics
  • Particulate size
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Hazard considerations

Moreover, liquid filling machines use different filling principle depending on the viscosity of the liquid handled. The most common ones in the market are the following:

  • Overflow fillers. These fill a container until a specific level in the container is reached. They are ideal for liquids with low to medium viscosity and foaming products.
  • Gravity fillers. A gravity filler is an overflow filler in which the liquid is filled into the bottles due to its weight and they are ideal solutions for volumetric filling of low to medium viscous products such as solvents and acids.
  • Pump fillers. Liquid filling machines use pumps to fill highly viscous products like jelly and honey.
  • Piston fillers. These are the same as pump fillers but use pistons to pull and fill the product into a container instead of a pump.

LPE’s Liquid Filling Machine is a gravity filler while our Viscous Liquid Filling Machine is of the piston type but you can customize your can fillers at the best price to your own requirements.

#2 Solid Filling Machines

Solid filling machines are used for the quantitative filling of granular products such as seeds, nuts, dried fruits, rice, and others. They use weighers and measuring cups to precisely fill the containers depending on the container’s capacity.

#3 Powder Filling Machines

Unlike solid filling machines, powder filling machines are used for quantitative dispensing of powdery products such as milk and nutrition powders. The most used machines for filling powders into containers are auger powder fillers. These filling equipment use a screw-type mechanism for dispensing discrete powder quantities into containers.

The auger is configured depending on whether the powder is free-flowing or not. Free-flowing powders are those that are not cohesive such as granulated table salt or sugar. These powder types will usually not get compressed when you add extra pressure and do not maintain their shape upon manipulation.

Non-free flowing powders are, on the other hand, the opposite of free-flowing powders. Examples are powdered milk and brown sugar.


Major Components of a Can Filling Machine

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine filling a glass bottle

A hopper holds the product that will be fed into the containers and depending on what type the machine is, it may include a level sensor to detect the amount of product contained in it.

#2 Filling Head/Nozzle

The filling head is where the product is dispensed from for filling into the container. This is connected to the hopper via a tube.

#3 Mechanical Drive System

The design of the filler equipment’s mechanical drive system can either create a linear or rotary motion. It controls all of the moving components of the filling machine such as the conveyor and gears through the use of mechanical motors.

#4 Sensors

Sensors ensure the right positioning of the containers being filled. It also guarantees that no product will be dispensed when no container is set below the filling nozzle/s.

#5 PLC Control System

This touch screen control system is where you set the settings of the filling process. It is integrated into the machine for efficient operation without any human intervention.

#6 Weigher or Measuring Cup

LPE’s solid filling machines have weighers or a measuring cup for precise quantitative filling of the products into containers.


How Can Filling Machines Work

The initial process is to feed the containers to the filler equipment via the conveyor. Depending on the number of filling head/s the machine has, it can fill one or more containers at a time. The product to be filled into the containers are put into the hopper or cylinder. They are dispensed into the containers out of the filling head through gravity filling or volumetric filling.

Gravity liquid fillers are the most commonly found types of normal liquid filling machines and fill the container to a specific level. For viscous fluid fillers, they are based on self-priming cylinders where the piston can move. The volume of the filled product depends on the piston’s diameter and the length of its stroke. A highly accurate volumetric fill is achieved as a result of the piston cylinder’s constant volume.

For the solid filling machines, the quantity of the product filled into the containers depends on the set product weight or count in the machine. To achieve a precise quantitative fill, solid fillers use smart weighing and counting devices to measure the product before a specific quantity is filled into the containers.



#1 Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel

LPE’s can fillers are made from food-grade stainless steel to prevent wear on the machine components especially when handling highly corrosive products such as those that contain sugar and acid. You’ll get longer service lives and more convenient disinfection and cleaning of the machines. Furthermore, our materials comply with the national requirements for food hygiene and machinery.

#2 Available in Several Languages

Our Solid Filling Machine With Multihead Weigher is available in various languages to allow easy operation and thus is suitable for the global market.

#3 Imported Components

LPE uses imported components such as sensors, PLCs, and pneumatic parts for more precise controls and to make them more adaptable for a wide range of applications.

#4 Customizable

You can customize your own can filler equipment to meet your own requirements based on your production capacity and the type of product being handled.


Can Filling Machine Cost

Being one of the best can filling machine manufacturers in the industry, we strive to ensure that all our products are of great standards. Our jar filling machines are designed and developed with the best expertise to ensure that they are accurate in an application. Our experience in this industry has allowed us to continue offering affordable machines for different customers. We boast competitive prices that give us a great advantage over other manufacturers given that we stay true to providing quality while still being pocket-friendly. Our can filling machines are designed with different features and come in different types. Additionally, they are made from high-quality materials that reduce maintenance costs while also increasing the efficiency of your machine.



food cans

Double Heads Powder Filling Machine

Suitable for a fast and dust-proof filling of powder products into different types of cans due to the filling head’s adjustable height via a handwheel.

Powder Filling Machine

This powder filling equipment’s smart weighing device is perfect for consistent filling of milk, nutrition powders, and other powdery products into round cans such as tin cans, Ferrum, PET cans, paper tubes, and others.

Liquid Filling Machine

Ideal for filling free-flowing and non-carbonated beverages and other liquid into round aluminum, tin, and PET cans.

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

This filling machine uses a piston and is popularly used in filling edible oils, foods, chemicals, pesticides, medicines, and others. Moreover, it can also be used for filling viscous/paste products like honey, meat sauce, chili sauce, and tomato paste.

Solid Filling Machine (Linear 4 Heads Weigher)

Recommended for precise quantitative weighing and filling of granular products like plastic pellets, desiccants, feeds, seeds, beans, rice, salt, and sugar into round containers such as PET cans, tin cans, paper tubes, and others.

Solid Filling Machine (Multihead Weigher)

This machine can be used for weighing and filling granular, strip, sheet, round, and other irregular product shapes into containers. Products can be large shell nuts, snacks, raisins, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, puffed foods, pet foods, jellies, melon seeds, and candies.

Solid Filling Machine (Measuring Cup)

Ideal for quantitative filling of puffed foods and granular products due to its smart counting and weighing device intended for solid products. Sample products are beans, preserved fruits and popcorn filled into round containers made from tin, PET, paper tubes, and others.


Customizing Your Can Filling Machine

LPE first helps you understand your needs before manufacturing your customized can filling equipment:

Powder Filling Machine

  • Type of product to be handled.
  • Equipment needs whether for single or multiple machine lines.
  • Output demand.
  • Your plant’s space.
  • Other optional requirements.

For the customization of your can filling equipment, you can customize the following:

#1 The Whole Filling Machine

Customize your whole filling machine based on the type of product to be handled and the container material.

#2 The Machine’s Filling Capacity

Set your equipment’s filling capacity according to your preference.

#3 The Machine’s Production Speed

Control your machine’s production speed according to your capacity of production.

#4 The Brand of the Can Filler’s Electrical Parts

Choose what brands will be used for the equipment’s electrical parts to suit your requirements.

#5 The Machine’s Size

Tailor your can filling machines to fit your factory space.

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