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Description :

  • Model: LPE-LFM006
  • This liquid filling machine features 6 volumetric nozzles for efficient & precise packing.
  • Suitable for filling beverage & other free-flowing non-carbonated liquid into the tin, aluminum & PET round cans.
  • Adopting automation technology, importing PLC, sensor, pneumatic components, machine is efficient, intelligent, wide adaptability and good stability.
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Levapack Liquid Filling Machine

A liquid filling machine is a device that is utilized to precisely fill different types of liquid in a container. On the touchscreen display, enter the filling volume you prefer, and the filling machine will dispense it with a precision of 1%. When using a liquid filler, the container, tank, or vessel moves through a cycle while being loaded by the device and then becomes ready to be packaged. 

Light liquids to thick pastes and creams can all be filled by the liquid filling machine. In manual liquid filling devices, the liquid is forced into the container by a piston inside a cylinder. Containers are placed under the filling nozzles, and the filling process is initiated by a foot pedal switch.

The inline or horizontal type piston filler is the key step in the process of pouring liquid into containers. This piston filler controls and measures the fluid inside the device. A stainless filler with one or additional heads directly pumps the liquid into the container. 

Features Of Liquid Filling Machine

The following are the primary features of this high-end and reliable liquid filling machine. 

Intelligent Control Panel

The liquid filling machine adopts automation technology and features a PLC sensor. It is simple to control the filling machine using the LED intelligent control panel. The automatic mode lets the operator program the quantity of liquid to be filled in each container, how many containers to fill, and the filling speed.

Food-Grade Metal Materials

This liquid filling machine is made from the highest quality raw materials like #304 or #316 stainless steel. These substances are known for their durability and last for a longer duration. The liquid filling speed is 30 cans per minute. 

Well-Designed Configuration

The liquid filling machine is well-designed with 6 different 6 volumetric nozzles for accurate filling. The width of the conveyor is 82 mm, and the height of the conveyor from the floor is 850 mm to 900 mm. The filling precision is 1% of this machine. 

Wide Application

This high-end liquid filling machine is ideal for filling beverages and various types of non-carbonated fluids into cans, jars, bottles, and pouches. 

Custom Liquid Filling Machine Solution

Levapack is a high-end custom liquid filling machines manufacturer based in China. They maintain ISO and CE certifications and have a separate research & development center. The liquid filling machine designing professionals have nearly 14 years of experience and work with clients to produce customized machine solutions compatible with their business requirements. 

The machine experts at Levapack produce liquid filling machines using high-quality CNC-produced parts. They ensure skillful and precise assembly of the machines to meet the efficiency and precision requirements. Levapack machines can be purchased at an affordable price by bulk ordering. 

Support & Service

The liquid filling machines come with a technical guide with detailed and simple assembly and usage instructions. Also, online and offline technical support is provided by the liquid filling machine technical experts in case of any issue with the working of the machine. 

All the liquid filling machines produced by Levapack are reasonably priced. Levapack offers OEM and ODM orders as well and offers technical support and marketing services to their machine distributors. The liquid filling machines have a 1-year warranty, and the experts replace damaged parts free of cost for the first year. 

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