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Become a Levapack Distributor

Levapack (LPE) designs, develops, and distributes packaging equipment such as can fillers, can sealers, can capping machines, labeling machines, and pre-made pouch packaging machines. We are continuously searching for distributors in your area who can sell and service packaging machines. Our Gold Standard commitment is designed to assist you in growing a can packaging machine business. It implies we are simple to work with, completely transparent, and capable of providing excellent terms to help you achieve your business objectives.

If you have an enthusiasm for packaging machines and are ready to make an effect on your country’s local economy by providing them with amazing can packaging technology and solutions, please contact us!

Why Choose Levapack

Can Filling and Sealing Machine Price

When shopping for quantities of can packaging machines, you will return a larger profit thanks to our agency prices, in addition to high-quality canning equipment.

OEM/ODM Can Packaging Machine Solution

Levapack has an experienced team for R&D and is able to support any OEM & ODM orders. Consult with our expert team to determine which packaging machine design is best for your market.

Canning Machine Quality Guaranteed

We invest in top-end CNC machines and develop leading can packaging technology to provide our clients with high-quality canning machines. We also have an in-house QC team to ensure that all branded components sourced and equipment produced are of the greatest quality.

Technical Services

For any technical needs you report back, our engineers will follow up. We also provide training to support your sales and machine maintenance services.

Marketing Support

We understand the can packaging machine deeply, while you know the market needs. We can work with your team to promote canning machines well in your market via marketing methods like SEO, SEM, and SNS.

Additional Support Services
for Your Business

  • Direct one-on-one connection, quick response, and outstanding sales support
  • 2 years spare part availability warranty
  • 100 percent in-house manufacture and testing before shipment
  • Adaptability in terms of interfacing with other automation services
  • Assist with the acquisition of third-party packaging machinery
  • The harbor's near proximity
  • Showroom machinery receives a special discount
  • 2D prototyping is included in the quotation
  • Continuous R&D based on your input
  • Assistance with displaying our items at trade exhibitions
  • Availability for factory visits with your customers
  • Always follows through on promises

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