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Levapack(LPE) designs, develops, and distributes packaging equipment such as can fillers, can sealers, can capping machines, labeling machines, and pre-made pouch packaging machines. We are continuously searching for distributors in your area who can sell and service packaging machines. Our Gold Standard commitment is designed to assist you in growing a can packaging machine business. It implies we are simple to work with, completely transparent, and capable of providing excellent terms to help you achieve your business objectives.

If you have an enthusiasm for packaging machines and are ready to make an effect on your country’s local economy by providing them with amazing can packaging technology and solutions, please contact us!

Levapack Featured Machines, Maximize Your ROI

We invest in high-end CNC machines and develop novel can packaging technologies to provide outstanding canning machinery. Our internal quality control team ensures the quality of all branded components and equipment.
Premade Pouch Packaging Machine for granule

Can Packaging Lines

A 30-can-per-minute canning line can be designed and built by Levapack engineers to meet exact layout, functionality, and pricing requirements. In order to meet all of automatic canning line needs in your local market, we keep open lines of communication with you.

Double heads powder filling machine

Can Filling Machines

Levapack offers seven different types of automatic can fillers. Liquid, solid, and powdered can fillers are available from us. Precise can filling machines manufactured in our factory in China are customizabled to meet your local market needs.

Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Sealing Machine

Can Sealing Machines

At the most competitive price, Levapack offers the most wide variety of high-quality can sealer/sealing machines and tin can closure machines to help your local machine business. We produce reliable can seamer machines, both semi-automated and automatic.

Twist Off Cap Screwing Machine

Can Capping Machines

Levapack provides five distinct models of superior screw capper and snap capper can capping machines. Using cost-effective tin capping sealing devices allows you to improve capping accuracy and complete the capping process more quickly.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Caps

Can Labeling Machines

Labelers for several can types and equipment with two unique printing techniques are available from Levapack, one of China's top producers of labeling equipment. Bottles and labels of all shapes and sizes are no problem for our can/tin can labeling machine.

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine for powder

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Packaging business used premade bags can considerably benefit from Levapack's prepared pouch packaging machines. They have a wide range of applications. Our in-house engineering team has more than 14 years of experience in the manufacturing of prefabricated pouch filling and sealing equipment.

Why Choose Levapack

Can Filling and Sealing Machine Price

When shopping for quantities of can packaging machines, you will return a larger profit thanks to our agency prices, in addition to high-quality canning equipment.

OEM/ODM Can Packaging Machine Solution

Levapack has an experienced team for R&D and is able to support any OEM & ODM orders. Consult with our expert team to determine which packaging machine design is best for your market.

Canning Machine Quality Guaranteed

We invest in top-end CNC machines and develop leading can packaging technology to provide our clients with high-quality canning machines. We also have an in-house QC team to ensure that all branded components sourced and equipment produced are of the greatest quality.

Technical Support and Services

For any technical needs you report back, our engineers will follow up. We also provide training to support your sales and machine maintenance services.

Marketing Support

We understand the can packaging machine deeply, while you know the market needs. We can work with your team to promote canning machines well in your market via marketing methods like SEO, SEM, and SNS.

Versatile Can Packaging Machines for Limitless Applications

Since our founding, we’ve pioneered adaptable can packaging equipment. Because each of our devices is created to order, we can offer highly personalized solutions. Our can packaging machine engineering knowledge ensures to increase your sales in the local can packaging market.
Solid Packaging

Solid Packaging

Packing solid products with a multi-head weigher ensures accurate weight, no damage, and no spills. After the filling process has been carefully completed, the products are capped and then sealed.

Paste Packaging

Paste Packaging

As a Levapack distributor, you'll have access to both our can filling and sealing machines, as well as our paste material packaging technology. Our paste packing machines have been designed to generate high-quality products.

Powder Packaging

As a distributor, you will have access to these high-quality powder packing machines. Our tin can/jar packaging equipment can help you serve your consumers with the most efficient and cost-effective canning sollution possible. Our equipment is of the highest caliber.

Granule Packaging

Granule Packaging

In the case of granule packaging machines, our can packaging machines are specifically intended to help maximize the bulk granular material cannling efficiency, which is the most concerned benefit of our customers.

S02 Viscous Products

Viscous Liquid Packaging

Many industries, including chemical engineering, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and specialty coatings, can benefit from Levapack's innovative viscous liquid packaging technology.

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