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 LevaPack is one of the best labeling machines manufacturers in China that provides labeler machines for different kinds of cans and machines of two different printing ways. Our can/tin can/jar labeling machine are also customizable according to your needs in bottle & label of different sizes.


LevaPack Can Labeler Machines

LPE Can/Tin Can/Jar Labeling Machines

Applying labels by hand is an affordable and easy method but it is not a practical way of applying labels in large quantities. Automated labeling machines in your packaging system allow for more efficient production and saves you more time while reducing production costs.

LPE manufactures various can label applicators and label roller machines to automatically print and secure labels for a wide range of container types such as jars, bottles, or tin cans. Our can labelers use durable components and the latest technologies from popular brands to ensure that you’ll get accurate prints on your packages.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Caps

We have the following customizable labelers and printing machines at a nice price for your packaging needs:


What is a Can Labeler?

A can labeling or printing machine can also be called the following depending on the type of work it performs and the container the machine can handle:

  • Tin can labeling/printing machine or tin labeling/printing machine
  • Jar labeling/printing machine
  • Bottle labeling machine

They are machines designed to print and apply labels on various products, packages, or containers. They can adhere to many surface types such as aluminum, fiber drums, plastic, steel, and glass.

Labeling and printing machines range from manual devices for simple dispensing of labels to high production machines allowing for fully automated printing and application processes. In fact, automatic labeling machines are among the most common types of labelers for sale in the market as they do not need an operator to function. As for LPE’s labeling and printing machines, they all have automatic operations.

Cans being labeled by a labeling machine
Cans being labeled by a labeling machine


Major Components of a Can Labeler Machine

#1 Feeding Hopper

The feeding hopper plays an important part in the whole labeling process at it ensures the precise distribution of the label to the containers. It feeds the containers to the labeling station for labeling which happens continuously and systematically. Moreover, it prevents the containers from breaking and eliminates the need for manual loading of items to be labeled.

can labeling machine

This station is composed of the labeling pad and labeling head which you can control for proper positioning to adjust to the size of the bottle being labeled.

#3 Touch Screen Control Panel

The control panel allows for systematic management of the labeling process. You can adjust or alter the settings for the production process using this. Moreover, the control panel also alerts the operator regarding any emergencies requiring immediate attention.

#4 Drive Mechanism

This mechanism has the motor, roller system, and conveyor to drive the entire labeling machine and assists it to move the components accordingly.


How Can Labeler Machines Work

All can labeling and printing machines basically work the same way. The initial stage of the labeling process starts with the products being fed to the labeling station via the feeding hopper. At the labeling station, the cap or container body is labeled as it is continuously moved by the conveyor.

For the Pressure Sensitive Labelers, the premade label is applied and sticks to the cap or the cylindrical container body while it rotates. On the other hand, the Optical Laser Printing Machine and Inject Printing Machine print on the containers using a laser or ink as they pass through the labeling station.

The labeled/printed containers will continue to move through the conveyor until they reach the end of the line. The machine will perform the labeling process for the rest of the containers unless you stop it.


Advantages of LPE Can Labelers

#1 Wide Range of Applications

As our labeling and printing machines can be adjusted and customized to suit various packaging needs, you can trust our products to handle almost all container/jar/bottle types.

canning machine quality

LPE’s Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Caps can label uneven cap surfaces accurately through the help of servo motor drivers.

#3 Latest Technology

Our machines use the latest technology from popular brands with phase tracking detection to ensure high-precision labeling without breaking the containers.

#4 Durable Materials

The body of the labeling and printing machines are made of alloy aluminum and stainless steel that meets GMP requirements for longer service lives.


Applications of Can Labeler/Label Applicator

You can use our can labeling and printing machines for various purposes such as printing pricing, bar codes, product information, and shipping address. Our pressure sensitive label machines are available for caps and can/bottle/jar bodies. They can even handle uneven surfaces. LPE’s Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Can Body is ideal for either spot or full wrap-around labeling of cylindrical containers.

As to our printing machines, they are best for printing on almost all bottle surfaces such as the following:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic

Moreover, below are other various applications that LPE machines can handle.

  • Beverages
  • Foods
  • Alcohols
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction materials
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Cables
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco
  • Auto parts
  • Cosmetics
  • Animal care
  • Agricultural
  • Laboratory
  • Data collection, and others.


Customizing Your Can Labeler/Label Roller Machine

Our engineers at LPE will be cooperating with you to help you customize your can/jar labeling or printing machine to meet your own requirements. Before we start the manufacture of your machines, we make sure to have the following data cleared first:

  • Your machine needs (single or multiple machine lines)
  • Your plant’s available space
  • Your required product yield
  • Other special customization needs

Moreover, we give you full freedom to customize the following:

#1 The Whole Structure of the Can/Jar Labeling or Printing Machine

Customize the whole machine structure based on the type of the container being labeled.

#2 Production Speed of the Machine

Control the machine’s production speed depending on your capacity of production.

#3 Brand of the Electrical Components

Choose your preferred electrical brands for your labeler/printer machine.

#4 The Size of the Machine

Set your machine’s size according to your production requirements.

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