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A well-designed capping machine is essential for product integrity, efficiency, and cost control in packaging lines. As an experienced capping machine manufacturer, Levapack offers upgraded machines leveraging decades of expertise to provide cost-effective solutions.

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Complete Capping Machines For Bottles, Cans, Jars

Levapack stands out as a premier screw capping machine manufacturer and snap capping machine manufacturer, adept at handling a wide array of cap types for cans, bottles, and jars. Our dedication to innovation and quality guarantees that your packaging processes are enhanced with utmost precision and efficiency, tailored to fit seamlessly into your diverse production requirements.

Screw Capping Machines

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SCM01
  • Speed Options: Choose from single (800-1200 bottles/hour) or double heads (1600-2400 bottles/hour) to match your production needs.
  • Precision Capping: Both machines feature advanced servo torque technology for consistent, precise cap application.
  • Custom Fit: Cap diameter customization from 35-100mm ensures a perfect fit for various cap sizes.
  • Versatile Handling: Accommodates a wide range of bottle heights (38-300mm), enhancing flexibility in production.
  • Efficient Scaling: Easily scale operations with single or double head options, optimizing productivity and space.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-CSM08
  • Durable Construction: Built with stainless steel and lightweight anti-oxidation aluminum, featuring wear-resistant silicone for the cover wheel.
  • Adjustable Settings: Offers flexible adjustments for bottle height (80-280mm), lid diameter (15-150mm), and bottle diameter (30-210mm), with customizable cap tightness.
  • High Output: Capable of handling 3600-6000 bottles per hour, varying with bottle size.
  • Versatile Capping: Equipped with eight heads for efficient and consistent cap application.
  • Automatic Lifting: Features an automatic lifting function for easy switching between different bottle types.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-FRC04
  • Versatile Cap Handling: Accommodates caps from 35mm to 100mm in diameter.
  • Flexible Bottle Sizes: Suitable for bottles ranging from 38mm to 300mm in height.
  • High Efficiency: Operates at a speed of 25-30 bottles per minute.
  • Precision Sealing: Features four rollers for consistent cap application.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy setup and straightforward operation controls.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-RVS040
  • High Safety: Automatic protection devices at the inlet and outlet wheels for enhanced safety.

  • Perfect Seal: Primarily designed for sealing aluminum covers.

  • High Capping Speed: 30 bottles per minute, designed for glass bottles with a >30 mm mouth diameter.

  • Thoughtfully Engineered: Functional touchscreen, inverter, PLC, solenoid valves, and a reduction motor for precise control and operation.

  • Broad Application: Ideal for beverages and chemicals, perfect for non-carbonated bottle capping.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-TCP01
  • Versatile Use: Widely used for food, beverage, chemical industry etc.
  • Complete Automation: Automatic lid feeding device, includes cap supply, bottle clamping, conveying, and capping.
  • Adjustable Settings: Advanced man-machine interface operating system, adjustable operating parameters, fault prompts, easy to handle.
  • Air Claw Grip: The lower cover is securely gripped by air claws for enhanced stability and reliability.
  • Efficient Capping Rate: 900-1500 bottles/hour for both cap placement and tightening, boosting productivity.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-RSC040
  • Customizable Sealing: The cap torque and vacuum can be set as needed to ensure the vacuum is up to standard.
  • Quick Bottle Changeover: Fast and easy switch between different bottle types, with changes completed in just 3 minutes.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Quickly adjusts to production changes, optimizing output.
  • Reliable: Consistent vacuum sealing performance across a range of bottle specifications, maintaining quality.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SCM008
  • Advanced Interface: Advanced man-machine interface operating system, operating parameters can be stored and adjusted, fault prompts, easy to use.
  • High-Speed Capping: Utilizes eight-wheel capping technology for fast and efficient sealing.
  • Enhanced Stability: Designed to prevent damage during capping, preserving the integrity of anti-tamper caps.
  • Durability: Made from 304 or 316 food-grade stainless steel, resistance to corrosion.
Snap Capping Machines

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-CRL001
  • Adaptable Design: Easily reconfigures for various cap types.
  • Efficiency Boost: Customized for the cannabis industry, significantly increases production capacity.
  • Hands-Free Operation: Minimizes manual intervention, automates capping.
  • Durable Construction: Made with #304 stainless steel, withstands continuous use, reduces downtime.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive, easy to operate, low training requirement.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-DPC60
  • High Capping Speed: 50~60 jars per minute, enhancing production efficiency.
  • Stable Conveyor Belt Speed: 10.4 meters/minute, ensuring smooth operation of the production line.
  • Stable Poeration: Straight belt buckle capping and turntable type capping can be selection.
  • All 304# Stainless Steel Construction: Superior quality material for dust and rust resistance, easy to maintain.
  • Cap Tightening Wheel Adjustment: Can be adjusted left, right, up, and down to fit jars of different heights easily.

Capping Machine Factory:
Versatile Applications, Unmatched Reliability

At Levapack capping machine factory, we specialize in offering a wide array of customizable capping machines tailored to meet the diverse needs of various sectors. From ensuring the safety and integrity of products with our Children Safety Snap Capping Machine to providing robust screw capping machines for the food, beverage, and chemical industries, our solutions are designed to enhance productivity and protect your products.

Milk Powder
Nutrition Powder

Food Industry

Can Beer
Carbonated Beverage

Beverage Industry

Lube Oil
Farm Chemicals
Cleaning Liquid

Chemical Industry

Shower gel

Cosmetics Industry

Intimate care products

Pharmaceutical Industry

Optimize Capping Process:
Custom Capping Solutions Cover Your Needs

At the forefront of bottle, can, and jar capping innovation, our team at Levapack is dedicated to enhancing your production line’s efficiency with bespoke capping solutions. Understanding the unique demands of your production, we offer unparalleled customization options for your capping machinery.

Whole Machine Structure

Customize the whole machine structure based on the type of container lid.

Production Speed

Set the production speed according to your production capacity.

Can Capper Size

Either for small or large factory spaces, you can select your capping machine’s size.

Brand of Electrical Parts

Choose the brand you prefer for the can capping machine electrical parts to suit your requirements.

Capper Capacity

Specify the desired throughput in terms of cans per minute or hour to ensure the machine meets your production demands.

Number of Capping Heads

Choose the number of capping heads on the machine based on your required production speed and efficiency.

Why Choose Levapack
As Your Capping Machine Supplier?

Collaborating with a specialized China capping machine supplier like Levapack transforms your packaging line. We deliver customized innovations that not only streamline your capping process but also ensure compatibility with a wide range of container types and cap designs, elevating your operational agility and product security.

Person inspecting Components

Superior Materials and Premium Brand Components

Levapack's canning equipment and bottle capping machine, perfect for the food and daily necessities sector, is constructed from 2mm thick stainless steel (either #304 or #316) to guarantee both durability and cleanliness. We partner with renowned companies such as Siemens, SEW, SMC, and Schneider for critical parts, promising enhanced functionality and extended life. Our control systems utilize globally recognized PLC brands, offering a seamless interface, consistent performance, and straightforward operation.

Advanced Machine Design

Levapack's sophisticated automatic capping machines harness servo control technology, delivering unmatched accuracy and swift problem-solving, which lowers maintenance needs and boosts fault prevention.

With automatic cap dispensing, conveyor belt bottle feeding, and automatic protection at entry and exit points, these machines guarantee seamless performance for consistent throughput.

The built-in overload protection system automatically stops the machine during malfunctions to safeguard electrical parts, thereby prolonging the machine's lifespan. Emergency stop buttons and protective measures further ensure the safety of operators and the durability of the machine.

capping machine for glass bottle
Olive oil factory, Olive Production

Enhanced Manufacturing Capacity

Our capping machine factory covers 4000 square meters, with a production capability of more than 80 units monthly. Our use of advanced CNC machinery, including milling machines, lathes, and grinders, ensures our capping machines meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Stringent Quality Assurance

We guarantee the superior performance and dependability of our equipment by having each can/bottle/jar capping machine meticulously assembled by engineers boasting over 15 years of expertise.

Our exhaustive validation process encompasses over 100 sample can tests, a 48-hour run in a no-load state, and a 36-hour aging trial to ascertain equipment stability. We provide our customers with detailed reports and video evidence of these tests for their verification.

To boost our equipment's endurance, we precision-finish all welding points and treat them with rust-preventative oil and a protective layer, guaranteeing the machines' durability over time.

Safe and Detailed Packaging

LPE safeguards the transportation of each machine with sturdy wooden cases, reinforced with foam inserts specifically designed for protecting touchscreen areas. Directly on the packaging, we provide clear, easy-to-follow assembly instructions for immediate reference. For additional support, digital setup guides are accessible, along with the availability of personal installation assistance and comprehensive training on machine operation.

Full-Service Capping Machine Support

Beyond providing capping machines, we guarantee the consistent performance of your production line. Leveraging our extensive customer support, we provide quick problem-solving, training for skills advancement, and scheduled upkeep to sustain your operations at their best.

Furthermore, we offer a 16-month warranty on your capping machines that includes cost-free servicing and component substitutions, mitigating operational risks and assuring ceaseless production. Our support team is at your disposal 24/7, ready to swiftly cater to all your needs.

Secure Advantage with
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Capping Machine CE Certificate

Can Sealing Machine CE Certificate

Side Label Applicator CSA Certificate

Fully Auto Can Sealing Machine CSA Certificate

Fully Auto Capping Machine CSA Certificate

More Detailed
Of Bottle Capping Machine In Levapack

Automatic Capping Machine Parts and Function

Snap Capper machines simply snap the lid onto the container holding the product. The working principle of automatic and semi-automatic snap capping machines are similar except automatic snap cappers include a lid feeder unlike semi-automatic ones. Screw capping machines work the same way as snap capper machines except they use rotary clinchers to tighten the container lids.

First, for automatic snapping machines, the lids are delivered from the lid feeder while the containers move towards the capping zone through the conveyor belt. Then the lid is placed onto the container creating a cap-container combination.

For semi-automatic snap and screw cappers, the lid is manually placed on the container first before the operator puts them on the machine. The cap-container combination travels through the machine’s capping zone via the conveyor belt then the steps below will follow.

For Snap Capping Machines: The snap capping machine’s press on head applies pressure onto the cap to secure the sealing.

For Screw Capping Machines: The screw capping machine’s clincher applies torque on the threaded caps to secure the tightness of the seal.

How Automatic Bottle Capping Machine Work

Capping Machine FAQs

1. What types of capping machines does LPE offer?

#1 Screw On Type Capper Machines

Screw-on cap types are among the most common closure types in today’s packaging industry. You can find these caps in various formats such as:

  • Sports caps
  • Trigger sprayers
  • Pump sprayers
  • Flip-top caps
  • Simple flat lids

Each of the mentioned formats include a simple threading allowing you to screw the lid on a container creating a seal. There are two capping machine types for screw-on caps: spindle and chuck capping machines.

Spindle Capping Machines:

Spindle capping machines use a spinning disc to tighten the caps and are suitable for automatic systems. When combined with a conveyor system, they allow for an automatic feeding of caps for continuous capping.

Chuck Capping Machines:

Rather than using discs, chuck capping machines use a capping head (chuck) They sometimes come with rubber inserts for lowering the caps and applying torque to produce a seal.

Although spindle and chuck cappers can be made in both automatic and semi-automatic designs, you can mostly find chuck cappers as semi-automatic. LPE’s capper machines are all in automatic designs.

#2 Snap Capper Machines

Snap capper machines are used on containers with snap caps and can either be automatic or semi-automatic. LPE’s Children Safety Snap Capping Machine and Dustproof Snap Capper Machine are fully automatic.

Snap cappers usually use a plunger or a snap on belt for the application of pressure in snapping the cap into the containers. Moreover, manufacturers can often combine the device for snapping the caps with spindle wheels. This creates a capping machine that is able to do both screw-on and snap type caps which works best for contractual packagers or companies that have different packages.

2. What is a Can Capping Machine?

Can, tin, or jar capping machines are one of the machines used in the automation of packaging lines. They are used to apply:

  • Plastic snap caps
  • Metal and plastic threaded caps
  • Fitments
  • Some plug and cork types

With the various products found on shelves today, can capping machines have many different tasks they need to perform. Different cap types have their own purposes, from opening resistance to the simplicity and ease of dispensing. The container or bottle, its purpose, and other factors are going to determine which can capping machine is ideal for a given project.

A can capping machine can either be automatic or semi-automatic. An automatic capping machine comes with a delivery system for the caps such as a vibratory bowl or a cap elevator. A semi-automatic machine, on the other hand, will usually need manual placement of the caps before capping.

3. Why capping is difficult but important? LPE can bring you what?

Capping is one of the hardest aspects in liquid packaging lines for various reasons such as the following:

1. size and geometry ranges of bottles and caps. As a result of this, either the components of the capping machine become costly or the machine type platform is not usable for all geometry and size ranges.

2. Incompatibility of the cap and bottle combination. Sometimes, the bottle thread is incompatible with the cap thread which requires the application of great force for the capping to be completed.

LPE understands the aforementioned issues and gives you various can capping machine or tin capping machine types with attractive price to address these challenges. You can customize your own capping machine to suit different cap geometries and sizes to improve your production capacity.

Our various Snap Capper Machines and Screw Capping Machines for sale will automate your packaging system and reduce your production costs.

4. What types of closure materials can Levapack’s capping machines handle, and does this vary by machine model?

Levapack, as a leading bottle capping machine manufacturer and jar capping machine specialist, designs machines to handle a wide range of closure materials, including metal, plastic, composite, and more. This capability indeed varies by machine model to cater to diverse industry needs. For example, our automatic bottle capping machine is equipped with versatile head adjustments to securely fasten caps made of different materials with precision. Similarly, the semi automatic capping machine allows for quick changeovers for various cap materials, providing flexibility for smaller operations or those with varied product lines.

The rotary capping machine models are particularly adept at handling high-speed applications with consistency, while our bottle screw capping machine ensures a tight and secure seal for products requiring a more robust closure. As premier capping machine manufacturers and automatic bottle capping machine manufacturers, Levapack’s range includes machines specifically designed for different cap materials and types, ensuring each client finds a perfect match for their packaging needs. Whether for the food and beverage sector, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics, Levapack’s expertise as bottle capping machine suppliers shines in providing adaptable solutions for any cap material.

5. How does Levapack ensure a consistent and reliable seal for each cap type?

Ensuring a consistent and reliable seal for each cap type is paramount at Levapack. As one of the automatic capping machine manufacturers known for our innovation, we integrate advanced technologies and meticulous design considerations into our capping machine for bottles and jar capping machines. Each automatic bottle capping machine employs precise torque control and monitoring systems to adapt to different cap materials and designs, ensuring a perfect seal every time.

Our rotary capping machines and semi automatic capping machines are equipped with sensors that adjust the capping force in real-time, preventing cap damage and ensuring a secure seal. Quality control processes are rigorous, with each bottle screw capping machine undergoing extensive testing to validate its sealing consistency across a wide range of bottle types and cap specifications. As filling and capping machine suppliers, we understand that the integrity of your product’s seal is critical to its success in the market, which is why we continuously refine our technology and processes to meet the highest standards of reliability.

6. How does Levapack address safety and compliance standards in the design and manufacture of its capping machines?

At Levapack, safety and compliance are at the forefront of our design and manufacturing process. As automatic capping machine suppliers and leaders in the China filling capping machine industry, we ensure that every machine we produce, from automatic bottle capping machines to semi automatic capping machines, meets international safety and quality standards. Our rotary capping machines and bottle screw capping machines are constructed with emergency stop features, and lockout mechanisms to protect operators.

Furthermore, as a responsible bottle capping machine manufacturer, we rigorously adhere to global compliance standards, such as CE, ISO, and CSA, to name a few. Our machines are designed with environmental considerations in mind, reducing waste and energy consumption. As automatic capping machine manufacturers, we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that our clients’ staff are well-versed in safe operation and maintenance practices. By choosing Levapack, customers are partnering with a bottle capping machine supplier that prioritizes not only the efficiency and reliability of its machines but also the safety and well-being of the people who operate them.

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