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In LevaPack, you can get customizable high-quality aluminum foil sealing machines at the best price for different industries. Only the best for you.

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As a top sealing machine manufactuer in China, we offers efficient automatic and semi-automatic aluminum foil sealing machine for better can sealing solutions in beverage, food and chemical industries. The following is the customizable aluminum foil induction sealing machine for screw cap we provide.

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LPE Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Machines for Cans, Jars, & Bottles

The most critical aspect of packaged products is to ensure that they have tamper-evident packaging. If this seal is missing or breached, consumers may assume that tampering has been done and you will lose potential customers. This will have a great impact on your brand recognition strategy and your company’s image.

If you want to watch your sales escalate, keep your customers highly satisfied by providing them with products that are guaranteed to be tamper-evident. Aluminum foil induction can sealer machines help you do this by integrating them into your production lines. An automatic aluminum foil induction can sealer equipment would even be more ideal for streamlining the packaging process.

LPE, a packaging solutions manufacturer in China, has customizable aluminum foil induction can seamer machines for sale at affordable prices with guaranteed quality through our own manufacturing factory.

What is an Aluminum Foil Induction Can Sealing

Since an aluminum foil induction can sealing equipment is used in sealing containers using an aluminum foil, some also call them as:

  • Aluminum can sealer machine/equipment
  • Aluminum sealer machine/equipment
  • Aluminum can seamer machine/equipment

These packaging machines are used to hermetically seal glass and plastic jars, cans, and bottles via induction sealing to extend product shelf life, prevent leaks, and most especially to provide tamper-evident seals. Aluminum foil induction can seamer machines are available in electrically-powered, handheld, and manual designs for sealing various closure sizes.

A full view of an aluminum foil sealing machine

What is Induction Sealing?

Induction sealing is a non-contact method of bonding materials made from thermoplastics through electromagnetic induction which generates eddy currents to heat the materials. In the packaging industry, this process is used to hermetically seal a container cap having a foil laminate sealable by heat. In the case of our Aluminum Foil Induction Sealer Equipment, the foil laminate is an aluminum heat induction liner.

What is an Aluminum Heat Induction Liner?

You’ve seen these things covering bottle and jar containers when you open a packaged product such as peanut butter or bottled medicines. An aluminum heat induction liner is a silver foil at the opening of a container that proves that the packaged product is tamper-evident. They require an aluminum foil induction can sealing equipment to properly seal these liners to the can.

Moreover, a typical aluminum heat induction liner inside a cap is a multi-layered seal made up of the following strategically situated and designed layers:

  • A pulp paperboard layer
  • A wax layer
  • An aluminum foil layer
  • A polymer layer

The topmost layer, which is the pulp paperboard layer, nests against the lid’s inside part and is spot-glued to it. Followed by a layer of wax used to bind the pulp paperboard layer to the third layer, the aluminum foil, which is the layer that adheres to the container. The last layer at the bottom is the polymer layer which looks like a plastic film.

These four layers work together in order to achieve the necessary dynamics for a successful induction process to produce an airtight seal.

Sealed container in blue background Two sealed glass containers

Major Components of an Automatic Aluminum Foil
Induction Can Sealing Machine

Whether a handheld machine for smaller productions or a deluxe unit for large productions, every aluminum foil induction can seaming equipment consists of two important components: a power supply and a seamer head.

#1 Power Supply

The power supply is where your machine draws its energy to start the sealing process. The appropriate strength of an aluminum foil induction can seamer equipment’s power supply depends on the container closure size and the speed of your production line.

#2 Seamer Head

The seamer head contains a coiled conductor with plastic housing. When the capped containers pass under this, the aluminum foil is bonded into the container to seal it. The design of this component is dependent on your application. The two most popular designs are flat and tunnel seamer heads.

Discussed below is the major difference between the two along with the advantages and disadvantages of each design type.

An aluminum foil sealing machine Source: Pinterest
Flat Seamer Head

Flat seamer head designs disperse the electromagnetic field coming from the head widely.

  • Can seal a wide area.
  • Can accommodate a variety of closure sizes without changing the seamer head.
  • Since the electromagnetic field is less concentrated, inconsistent sealing of the containers can happen if the container is not centered properly under the seamer head.

LPE’s Aluminum Foil Induction Can Sealing Equipment guarantees that the containers are sealed precisely through a strict quality inspection of the finished machines to ensure that the containers are centered properly.

Tunnel Seamer Head

Contrastingly, tunnel seamer head designs emit concentrated magnetic fields above and on the sides of the cap.

  • Produces uniform electromagnetic fields for a more consistent seal.
  • Produces a deeper field capable of sealing thicker caps such as child-resistant ones or caps with recessing liners such as push/pull caps and spout caps.
  • Cannot handle a wide array of bottle neck finishes.

Whatever your aluminum foil induction can seaming equipment needs are for the seamer head, LPE gives you the freedom of customizing your own cap seamer equipment.

How Aluminum Foil Induction Can Sealing
Machines Work

The induction sealing process starts by supplying an already product-filled cap-container combination to the aluminum foil induction can seaming machine. The lid has already an aluminum foil heat induction liner inserted in it before it is capped to the container.

The cap-container combination passes under the seamer head, which is emitting an oscillating electromagnetic field, via a moving conveyor. As the bottle passes under the seamer head, the aluminum foil heat induction liner starts to heat because of the eddy currents. The wax layer, which is the second layer of the induction liner, melts and is absorbed by the topmost layer - the pulp paperboard layer.

When the wax layer melts completely, the third layer (the aluminum foil layer) is released from the lid. The last liner layer, the polymer layer, also heats and melts onto the plastic container’s lip. Once the polymer cools down, the created bond between the polymer and the container produces a hermetically sealed product.

The whole sealing process does not negatively affect the product inside the container. Though it is possible for foil overheating to happen which causes damages to the layer of seal resulting in faulty seals. To avoid this, LPE performs strick quality inspection through the whole manufacturing process of your customized aluminum foil induction can seamer equipment.


#1 User-Friendly

You’ll have a more convenient sealing machine operation as our machines feature a handwheel, switch button, and digital display of working current and voltage to achieve a more intuitive operation.

#2 Automatic Protection

LPE’s aluminum foil induction can seaming machine is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent detection features for a safer and more reliable sealing process.

#3 Fast Sealing Speed

Our cap seamer machine is ideal for large-volume productions in sealing aluminum foil due to its fast sealing speed.

#4 Customizable

Customize your can seaming machine to suit your requirements based on the type of bottle you want to seal and your factory’s size and layout.


Our aluminum foil induction can sealer machines for screw caps are ideal for sealing food, beverages, medical products, and cosmetics among others in various bottle shapes, such as round and square bottles, made from plastic.

Furthermore, below are the various industries and products that LPE can seaming machines can handle.

Beverage Industry Wine, Canned beer, Soda, Water, Cider, Juice, Coffee and Tea, Carbonated Beverages
Food Industry Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruits, Sauce, Jam, Tuna, Soup, Cannabis, Honey, Nutrition Powder, Dry Food (such as nuts, cereals, rice, etc)
Pharmaceutical Industry Veterinary supplies, Medical supplies, Powders, Pills, Pharmaceutical raw materials
Chemical Industry Cooking oil, Lube oil, Glue, Paint, Farm chemicals, Cleaning liquid, Ink and lacquers, Nuclear waste and radioactive substances, Automotive Fluids (petrol, oil, and diesel)

Customizing Your Induction Foil Sealer and Packaging Line
For Cans, Jars, and Bottles

For the customization of your desired packaging solution, you will be working with our experienced engineers through the whole process. But first, we need to understand your business’ specific needs by determining the following:

  • The type of plastic container: plastic jars, glass jars, tin cans, pet cans, glass bottles, or other containers.
  • Your needs for the machine type whether for a single or multi-line of machines.
  • Your product yield demand.
  • Your plant’s dimensions and layout.
  • Your other special requirements.

After we have finalized the details for your aluminum foil induction can seaming machine needs, you can customize the following:

#1 The Sealing Head Style

You can choose whether you want a flat or tunnel type head according to your sample bottle that you want to seal.

#2 The Brand of the Seamer’s Electrical Parts

We allow you to select your preferred brands that you want us to use for your seaming equipment’s electrical parts.

#3 The Seamer Equipment’s Size

We can tailor your induction foil sealer’s size depending on your factory’s size and layout.

What Our Clients Say

LPE has been working with leading companies around the globe.

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    Dear Wendy. I am very satisfied with the services and help you gave me to solve a problem that arose in the machine. Now it works correctly. I really appreciate your professionalism and eagerness to serve. Do not doubt that I will count on you in the new projects of this range of machinery.

    double quotation mark 1 Luis Hernandez

  • I’m more than happy to work with LPE. They customize a whole line of machines for our nutrition packaging line, which really streamline the whole process & improve our productivity.

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Harrison Sport Nutrition S.L., Spain

  • “I’m appreciated by our cooperation with LPE. The machines they supply are well-packed & arrived timely. And the support they offer from installation, training to technical guidance really help a lot.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of a Machine Trading Company from Egypt

  • “The machines perform well in filling, sealing, labeling our tea powder. Thanks for your guidance on installation & maintenance. Very reliable manufacturer.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Fraus Australia Pty Ltd

  • “The machines are easy to work with & the end results are excellent that our packaging is highly praised by our clients. Thanks a lot!”

    double quotation mark 1 — Purchase Manager of SONOCO (a package manufacturer) from Malaysia

  • “Packaging machines from LPE are really cost-effective. The toolings fit perfectly & the sealing tightness meet our requirements.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Bella Rosa Coffee Company, Inc. from USA

  • We received today the container ! Just loaded at the factory)) very happy about this! Thank you very much for all your support! custom clearance was very smooth and quick and this is due to your responsibility to prepare all docs correctly) we are sure this will be just the beginning of our collaboration and we will come back to you with new orders because we are very much satisfied with your service and support and quality!

    double quotation mark 1 Natalia

  • I would like to thank you and all the company team for the machine. Today, my friend in his factory will place the machine with the can filler. He said, that it s a beatiful machine. I m waiting for the run test.

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  • I checked the files. looks like uploaded everything. All the files open a lot of video very good guide! I have never seen something so nicely done before! Great job you did! thank you! due to the viruse we learned new way of work!

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