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Description :

  • Model: LPE-FIS100
  • Digital display of working voltage and current, intuitive and clear.
  • Knob adjustment, button switch, easy to use.
  • Over-current and over-voltage, automatic protection, safe and reliable.
  • The sealing head adopts handwheel type lifting adjustment, which is easy to use.
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Levapack High Volume Fully Auto Round Can Sealing Machine

By using an induction cap sealing machine, thermoplastic materials are bonded together. A capped bottle is passed beneath the induction sealer in a non-contact process to establish a hermetic cap seal. By deterring oxygen and moisture from penetrating the packing, the induction cap seals protect the contents inside and act as tamper evidence. 

The seal strengthens and secures the entrance of the package in order to stop leaks. The foil liner inside the cap is heated by an electromagnetic field created by the sealing head of the aluminum foil sealer machines. The wax is melted by the heat and is absorbed into the pulp board backing, which discharges the foil from the cap.

Additionally heated, the polymer film pours onto the container’s surface. When the temperature drops, the polymer bonds with the container to produce a hermetically sealed cap. The container or its contents are not negatively impacted by this sealing procedure.

Features Of Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Check out the primary features of the induction sealing machine for glass jars listed below.

High Speed Cap Sealing

The sealing speed of this automatic induction sealer machine is typically high, as it has the capacity to seal over 100 to 200 bottles in a minute. The compatible sealing diameter is between 50 to 121 mm. 

Food-Grade Metal Materials 

The automatic induction sealing machine price is pretty inexpensive, and the equipment is made from food-grade metal material. Besides, the 304 stainless steel substance is corrosion resistant, does not break easily, and remains in a working condition for a longer period of time. 

Intelligent Control Panel

The induction bottle sealing machine's power button and the green button can be used to begin and halt the sealing process, respectively. With the speed regulator, the sealing speed can also be altered. As a result, it is really simple to use the machine using the control panel. 

Custom Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine Solution

Launched in 2008, Levapack has been a prominent induction heat sealing machine manufacturer. Apart from the standard machines, they are known to offer affordable and custom induction foil sealer machines, which makes them stand out among the market competitors. With a huge in-house manufacturing unit, R&D center, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, they deliver certified machines. 


The custom induction foil capping machines are designed and developed by Levapack trained specialists who have a minimum of 14 years of experience. They will manufacture the sealing machine after considering your business classification, type of products manufactured, desired production speed, available factory space, etc. 


Support & Service

Levapack has one of the best wholesale distribution plans and is known to have plenty of local and worldwide distributors. Compared to the other induction sealing machine manufacturers, the machines offered by Levapack company are known to have a decent pricing range. 

Levapack company is popular not only for delivering the best automatic induction cap sealing machines but also for their detailed and easy-to-read technical guides along with online and offline technical assistance. 

All the aluminum foil induction sealing machines produced by Levapack arrive with a minimum of 1-year warranty. In addition to that, the technical experts will change the parts freely if they are damaged within one year of purchase. 

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