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Challenges & Solutions

We have the expertise to meet your unique challenges in the beverage industry.

  • Corrosion
  • Bacteria
  • Sealing Tightness
corrosive machine
Challenge 1:


Liquids especially those contain acid & sugar may cause the machines to corrode in the long run. That's why we use food-grade stainless steel as filling heads, which is resistant to corrosion & would not react to acids in beverages.

Beverage sealed in vacuum
Challenge 2:


Bacteria is one of the biggest enemies in beverage packaging. The device that makes the can aseptic with UV light before filling can be fitted to our machine. And vacuum technology is available to further prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Tightly-sealed beverage
Challenge 3:

Sealing Tightness

Can beverage have a higher demand for sealing tightness since leakage of liquid would be a disaster. By improving the rigidity of the rollers, our sealing machine can achieve a higher level of tightness.

Canning Machines for Beverage Applications

  • Can beer icon

    Can Beer Seaming

  • Soda icon

    Soda Sealing

  • Bottle water icon

    Drinks Canning

  • Juice icon

    Juice Canning

  • Beverage icon

    Soda Sealing

  • Coffee icon

    Coffee Canning

Beverage Canning Equipment Cost

Our company features a great advantage in pricing over other options in the market. We attribute our pricing advantage to the expertise and craftsmanship alongside the bulk purchasing of materials.

We take the time to work closely with you from the start of the manufacturing process to the final handover of our machines. We strive to accurately design the machines according to your specifications and ensure that they are applicable for the purpose you envisioned.

This helps you save on cost and improves your overall productivity and efficiency in your canning processes. Additionally, all our machines including beverage can fillers and more are made with a high-quality combination of materials to guarantee the machine’s precision. This helps reduce the maintenance costs greatly. 

We also offer a wholesale price for bulk purchasing of our canning machines. Contact us to learn more about our beverage canning machine for sale.

Customize Beverage Canning Machines / Lines for Your Business

As mentioned earlier, we take great pride in working closely with all our clients to ensure that we fulfill their desires. To do this, there are a few steps we take which include:

Understanding your needs

We first take our time to understand your needs and the specific materials you want to pack. This helps us determine the best machine type for your desired application and advise you accordingly.

Determining the capacity of the machine

We also go through your demand for product yield to ensure that we get the capacity of the machine right for efficient application.

Sizing the perfect machine for your plant

Lastly, we look at the space and layout in your base of operation to ensure that we can accurately size the machines. 

Our clients are appreciative of our one on one approach that allows them to realize their machine requirements. We have worked with numerous companies and boast products that are applicable in a wide range of solutions. Some of the applications we feature include:

We work with experienced designers and engineers who have perfected their art in the manufacturing of different machines. Given that our customers have different specifications, a qualified designer works with you to create a clear drawing of what you expect.

Modifications can easily be made to the drawing before it is passed on to the engineers. They are then tasked with creating what’s on the drawing using the best materials and also ensuring that the machine works with great efficiency. This process allows us to come up with machines that can be applied to offer different solutions depending on your specific requirements.  

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