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Challenges & Solutions

We have the expertise to meet your unique challenges in the beverage industry.

  • Corrosion
  • Bacteria
  • Sealing Tightness
corrosive machine
Challenge 1:


Liquids especially those contain acid & sugar may cause the machines to corrode in the long run. That's why we use food-grade stainless steel as filling heads, which is resistant to corrosion & would not react to acids in beverages.

Beverage sealed in vacuum
Challenge 2:


Bacteria is one of the biggest enemies in beverage packaging. The device that makes the can aseptic with UV light before filling can be fitted to our machine. And vacuum technology is available to further prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Tightly-sealed beverage
Challenge 3:

Sealing Tightness

Can beverage have a higher demand for sealing tightness since leakage of liquid would be a disaster. By improving the rigidity of the rollers, our sealing machine can achieve a higher level of tightness.


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