High Volume Fully Auto Can Sealing Machine - Levapack

Description :

  • Model: LPE-FHV50E
  • High volume Fully-automatic single head seame.
  • Adjustable production capacity,seam Up to 50 cans/minute.
  • 4 rollers for consistent & leak-proof seam.
  • Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET& other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.
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Levapack High Volume Fully Auto Round Can Sealing Machine

A device that is used to seal product packaging is a can sealing machine. The fully automatic can sealing machine typically consists of a transmission mechanism for reducing and regulating speed, a frame, a mechanism for sealing and printing, a conveying appliance, and an electronic and electrical control system.

The automatic sealing device provides effective moisture resistance, mildew resistance, and anti-counterfeiting properties. The can sealing machine’s purpose is to increase the shelf life of canned goods. A can sealing machine that is fully automated only requires minimal operator input since the sealing mechanism is automatic.

In a rotary tin container sealing machine, the machine seals the can while spinning the container. They are primarily employed in large food sector productions. A non-rotary auto can sealing device maintains the container fixed during the sealing operation, preventing container breakage and interior liquid product spills. These are perfect for the beverage industry.

Features Of Automatic Can Sealing Machine

The automatic round can seamer machine is necessary to seal the product packaging in various industries. Following are some of the features of fully automatic can sealing machines. 

High Speed Can Sealing

The sealing speed of this high volume fully automatic can sealing equipment is 35 to 50 pieces for 60 seconds. 

Servo Control 

The high volume fully automatic can sealing equipment features servo motor control, which makes it more stable and safer. The machine is easy to operate due to the simple PLC-based control panel. 

Food-Grade Metal Materials

The automatic can sealing machines are prepared using 304 or 316 stainless steel materials. The 316 stainless steel materials are also food industry-compliant and non-corrosive. These substances are known for their corrosion resistance and simple cleaning, making these machines suitable for both dry and wet factories. 


The applicability of the fully automatic can sealing machines is pretty extensive. These machines are compatible and can seal tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans, plastic cans, and so on. 

Custom Automatic Can Sealing Machine Solution

Levapack, located in the Guangzhou City of China, is a popular manufacturer of high volume fully automatic can sealing machines. Established in 2008, this company has grown to become the best custom automatic can sealing machine manufacturer. They have an individual R&D center and a massive in-house manufacturing plant. 


The automatic can sealing machine manufacturing experts have more than 14 years of experience. Levapack gives customization choices to its clients, and the designing specialists will create a personalized sealing machine that is compatible with the client’s requirements. 


Support & Service

The wholesale distributor plan of Levapack is extensive, with both local and global machine distributors. Levapack automatic can sealing machines are relatively popular among businesses due to their reliability and affordability. 

The high volume fully automatic can sealing machines are delivered alongside the technical guides with step-by-step usage and troubleshooting instructions. The technical specialists will give on-site and online service. 

The can sealing machines of Levapack are bestowed with a full 1-year warranty. In addition to that, clients can also acquire spare parts for the sealing machines. 

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