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Optimize Your Production:
Tailor-Made Can Filling Solutions

From modular can filling machines to complete cans filling line, our engineers support your tailored needs to improve the productivity in your production plants. As one of the best can filling machine manufacturers in the packaging equipment industry, Levapack helps you understand your needs before manufacturing your customized can filling equipment.


Whole Can Filling Machine

Customize your whole can filling machine based on the type of products/materials to be handled and the container material.

filling line

Cans Filling Lines

Can feeder & seaming device is able to be fitted to can filling packing machine to form a complete filling line, more automatic.


Custom Filling Head

The number & type of filling head can be tailor-made to meet your requirements for materials to be packed & productivity.

filling speed

Filling Capacity & Speed

We’ll tailor the filling capacity and adjust production speed to match your needs, ensuring optimal efficiency.


Electrical Parts Brands

Selecting branded electrical components for equipment to reduce downtime and enhance durability.

Machine's Size

Customize the size of your can filling machine to fit your factory space and production requirements.

Elevating Output with Levapack
Auto Filling Machine Supplier

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-PFM002
  • Rapid Output: Precise filling (±1g) at speeds over 50 cans/min.
  • Efficiency Design: Straight double head filling, main filling and refilling to ensure high precision filling.
  • High Precision: Servo and pneumatic system control the can hold and horizontal can runs, ensure accurate positioning and fast speed.
  • Stable Performance: Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable performance.
  • Versatile: Handwheel-adjusted heads for easy adaptation to different can sizes.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-LFM006
  • Boost Output: 20-35 cans/min with a precision of 1%.
  • Custom Fit: Tailor the number of heads to meet specific requirements.
  • Enhanced Capacity: 6 filling nozzles for efficient & accurate packaging.
  • Flexible: Suitable for filling beverage & other free-flowing non-carbonated liquid into the tin, aluminum & PET round cans.
  • Advanced Automation: Adopting automation technology, importing PLC, sensor, pneumatic components, machine is efficient, intelligent, wide adaptability and good stability.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-VFM006
  • Piston Filling Type: Piston cylinder with low wear metering cylinder, for maintenance-free operation.
  • Multi-Compatibility: Ideal for everything from water to cream, including pastes like tomato sauce, chili sauce, and honey.
  • Easy to Use: Easy operation with imported PLC and user-friendly interface.
  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for industries like food, edible oil, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, and pesticides.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SFL004
  • Rapid Filling: 4 heads linear weigher, filling speed up to 25 to 30 cans/min.
  • Universal Can Compatibility: Adapts to various round can package, such as tin can ,PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Granule Handling: Perfect for quantitative filling of sugar, salt, rice, beans, seeds, feed, desiccants, and plastic granules.
  • Reduce Cost: High automation level for labor cost savings.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SFM014
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 60 cans per minute.
  • Safety Platform: Thick stainless steel with anti-slip design for increased safety.Thick stainless steel with anti-slip design for increased safety.
  • Specialized Sensors: High-precision, high-standard special sensors.
  • Smart Calibration: Factory parameter reset functionality and multi-level weight calibration support.
  • Automatic Refill Control: Pauses operation in case of material shortage.
  • Rejection System: Diverts off-weight materials to a separate exit, zero waste.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SFC005
  • Custom Filling Heads: Tailored to meet various production capacities.
  • Can Type Flexibility: Suitable for tin cans, PET cans, and paper tubes.
  • Versatile Solid Filler: Adaptable for a wide range of solid products, enhancing packaging efficiency.
  • Quantitative Filling: Ideal for granular & puffed foods.

   Key Features:

  • Model: LPE-SFC005
  • Boost Productivity: Fills 20-35 cans per minute.
  • Automative: Automatically complete powder feeding, quantitative dispensing.
  • Easy Clean: Easily accessible and cleanable hopper without tools.
  • Durable: All parts, servo motor, screw, made from robust stainless steel.
  • Changeable Auger: Accurate dispensing of various powder materials.
  • Vibration Feeding: Smooth material flow due to integrated vibration feature.

3 Main Types of Can Filling Machines From Levapack

As one of the top can filling machine manufacturers in China, LevaPack offers seven variants of can fillers. We support customizable can filling packing machines of mainly three types: powder, solid and liquid can filler machines. Our plant in China manufactures filler and can packaging machines with the best performance.

Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines handle various types of liquids, ranging from watery or semi-viscous to very thick and highly viscous products. Different models are suitable for different products, so our gravity ffillers and piston fillers, can be customized according to specific needs.

Solid Filling Machine

Solid filling machines are primarily used for the quantitative filling of granular products such as seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and rice. They utilize scales and measuring cups to precisely fill containers according to their capacity, reducing waste.

Powder Filling Machine

Especially screw powder fillers, dispense precise amounts of products like milk and nutritional powders. Their screw conveyors are tailored to the powder type, whether free-flowing like granulated salt or sugar, or non-free-flowing like milk powder, brown sugar.

Can Filling Lines for Every Industry

Machine TypesApplicable IndustriesScenariosReasons for Selection
Double Heads Powder Filling MachineFood Processing, NutraceuticalsFine powders like milk powder, protein powder, and pharmaceuticalsDust-proof, adjustable height fordifferent can sizes
Powder Filling MachineHealth Supplements, Dairy IndustryNutrition powders, dietary supplements, filling tin cans, Ferrum, PET cans, paper tubes, etc.Precision filling with smart weighing,versatile container support
Liquid Filling MachineBeverages, Juices, Water BottlingFilling non-carbonated drinks, juices, flavored waters, teas into aluminum, tin, and PET cansOptimized for free-flowing liquids, multiple can material compatibility
Viscous Liquid Filling MachineOil, Food, Chemicals, Pesticides, MedicinesFilling viscous/paste products like honey, meat sauce, chili sauce, and tomato pasteDesigned for viscous substances, minimizes foaming
Solid Filling Machine (Linear 4 Heads Weigher)Agriculture, Food Packaging, Industrial SuppliesGranular products like plastic pellets, desiccants, feeds, seeds, beans, rice, salt, sugarPrecise quantitative filling, suitable for a range of granular products
Solid Filling Machine (Multihead Weigher)Snack Industry, Pet Food, ConfectioneryGranular, strip, sheet, round, and other irregular product shapes: large shell nuts, snacks, raisins, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, puffed foods, jellies, melon seeds, and candies.Accommodates various product shapes, accurate multihead weighing
Solid Filling Machine (Measuring Cup)Food Retail, Snack PackagingPuffed foods, granular items like beans, preserved fruits, popcornPrecise filling with smart counting, suitable for solid products

Leading High-Precision Can Filling Machine Manufacturer in China

Being one of the best can filling machine manufacturers in the industry, we strive to ensure that all our can filling packing machines are of great standards. Our jar filling machines are designed and developed with the best expertise to ensure that they are accurate in an application. Our experience in this industry has allowed us to continue offering affordable machines for different customers.

Top-Tier Materials and Components

Levapack's can filling machines are made with 2mm thick #304 or #316 stainless steel, effectively preventing wear and facilitating disinfection and cleaning, especially suitable for highly corrosive products like sugary and acidic foods.

We also collaborate with top brands like Siemens, SEW, SMC, and Schneider to produce key components that ensure precise control, making our equipment more durable and low-maintenance.

Advanced System Design

Our equipment is outfitted with smart counting and weighing systems to ensure precise filling. Also, available in several languages to allow easy operation

The use of servo motors facilitates rapid and accurate correction of misalignments, reducing the need for maintenance and effectively preventing faults.

Additionally, an integrated overload protection system automatically ceases operation in the event of a malfunction, thereby safeguarding the electrical components. For safety, emergency stop buttons and protective devices are also installed.

High Production Capacity

We have a 4000 square meter modern factory, maintaining a stock of over 80 units per month. Advanced CNC machines, including milling, lathes, and grinding machines, are used to ensure high standards and efficiency of our can fillers.

Uncompromising Quality Control

To ensure the high performance and reliability of each piece of equipment, every can filling machine is personally assembled by engineers with more than 14 years of experience.

We conduct extensive testing, including over 100 runs with sample cans, 48 hours of no-load testing, and 36 hours of aging tests to verify the stability of our equipment. The results and videos of these tests are sent to customers for confirmation.

To enhance the durability of our equipment, we meticulously polish the weld points and apply rust-proof oil and a protective film, ensuring the long-term reliability of the machines.

Secure & Comprehensive Packaging

To guarantee the safe transit of each machine, we employ robust wooden boxing, enhanced with foam cushioning specifically for the touch screen areas. Clear instructions for assembly are provided directly on the packaging for convenience. Support is readily available through digital installation manuals, with additional options for in-person setup and operational training.

Full Customer Care

We go beyond supplying can filling machines by ensuring the stability of your production line. With all-encompassing customer support, we provide swift troubleshooting, skill-enhancing training, and regular maintenance to keep your operations running at their best.

Additionally, we offer a 16-month warranty for your can filling equipment, which covers free repairs and part replacements, reducing operational risks and securing uninterrupted production. Our customer support team is also available 24/7 to swiftly meet any of your needs.

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Capping Machine CE Certificate

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Major Components of a Can Filling Machine

How Can Filling Machines Work

  • The initial process is to feed the containers to the filler equipment via the conveyor. Depending on the number of filling head/s the can filling packing machine has, it can fill one or more containers at a time. The product to be filled into the containers are put into the hopper or cylinder. They are dispensed into the containers out of the filling head through gravity filling or volumetric filling.
  • Gravity liquid fillers are the most commonly found types of normal liquid filling machines and fill the container to a specific level. For viscous fluid fillers, they are based on self-priming cylinders where the piston can move. The volume of the filled product depends on the piston’s diameter and the length of its stroke. A highly accurate volumetric fill is achieved as a result of the piston cylinder’s constant volume.
  • For the solid can filling packing machines, the quantity of the product filled into the containers depends on the set product weight or count in the machine. To achieve a precise quantitative fill, solid fillers use smart weighing and counting devices to measure the product before a specific quantity is filled into the containers.
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