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Expert Can Filling and Sealing Machine Supplier

LPE(Levapack) is a China-based manufacturer offering a complete line of can packaging machines including can filling machines, can sealing machines, can capping machines, can labeling machines, and even premade pouch packaging machines for small & medium business.

Our factory boasts an area of 2000 ㎡ with a series of CNC machines like milling machines, lathes, grinders for effective production.

We value the capacity of Research & Development with engineers enjoying 14 years of experiences in can packaging machine and packaging line developing & manufacturing.

Machine assembly

Levapack Belief

It's in our deep belief that, a machine should not only be a cold machine.

A good canning machine should be a good partner that assists human work in the packaging industry. That's why at LEP, everyone pursues excellence in details to make can packaging machines that you can work with without any friction.

For this purpose, our engineers insist on assembling every can filling and sealing machine by hand to bring maximum precision & efficiency you specific application need in production.

Levapack team

Levapack Vision

We believe that the future trends of the can filler and seamer machine are becoming simpler & smarter.

At LPE, we're working towards it. Developing canning machines with a simpler design, a higher degree of automation, and lower maintenance is the goal we've been striving for.

We hope that with LPE, you can really free your hands & streamline your can packaging production.

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What Our Clients Say

LPE has been working with leading companies around the globe.

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    Dear Wendy. I am very satisfied with the services and help you gave me to solve a problem that arose in the machine. Now it works correctly. I really appreciate your professionalism and eagerness to serve. Do not doubt that I will count on you in the new projects of this range of machinery.

    double quotation mark 1 Luis Hernandez

  • I’m more than happy to work with LPE. They customize a whole line of machines for our nutrition packaging line, which really streamline the whole process & improve our productivity.

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Harrison Sport Nutrition S.L., Spain

  • “I’m appreciated by our cooperation with LPE. The machines they supply are well-packed & arrived timely. And the support they offer from installation, training to technical guidance really help a lot.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of a Machine Trading Company from Egypt

  • “The machines perform well in filling, sealing, labeling our tea powder. Thanks for your guidance on installation & maintenance. Very reliable manufacturer.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Fraus Australia Pty Ltd

  • “The machines are easy to work with & the end results are excellent that our packaging is highly praised by our clients. Thanks a lot!”

    double quotation mark 1 — Purchase Manager of SONOCO (a package manufacturer) from Malaysia

  • “Packaging machines from LPE are really cost-effective. The toolings fit perfectly & the sealing tightness meet our requirements.”

    double quotation mark 1 — CEO of Bella Rosa Coffee Company, Inc. from USA

  • We received today the container ! Just loaded at the factory)) very happy about this! Thank you very much for all your support! custom clearance was very smooth and quick and this is due to your responsibility to prepare all docs correctly) we are sure this will be just the beginning of our collaboration and we will come back to you with new orders because we are very much satisfied with your service and support and quality!

    double quotation mark 1 Natalia

  • I would like to thank you and all the company team for the machine. Today, my friend in his factory will place the machine with the can filler. He said, that it s a beatiful machine. I m waiting for the run test.

    double quotation mark 1

  • I checked the files. looks like uploaded everything. All the files open a lot of video very good guide! I have never seen something so nicely done before! Great job you did! thank you! due to the viruse we learned new way of work!

    double quotation mark 1

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