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Levapack, a well-known can packaging machine manufacturer in China, offers the best hand sanitizer packing/packaging machines for streamlining and improving the efficiency of your hand sanitizer production line. We offer a complete line of packaging machines to help you build a cost-effective packaging system.

Hand Sanitizer Packaging Machines in Levapack

Liquid hand sanitizers have been popular during the past years. They were not made to replace traditional hand washing. Instead, they help protect consumers against infectious microbes, like the coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2), in cases when hand washing is not practical. They reduce the levels of microbes by chemically killing them just like how disinfectants kill bacteria on surfaces.

If you want to customize your whole hand sanitizer production line, you can rely on Levapack’s durable and highly-efficient hand sanitizer packaging machines for sale. As a professional can packaging machine manufacturer, we can help businesses of any size and production demand build their brand in their industry.

If you are not sure how and where to start your hand sanitizer packaging line, you can contact us and our experienced engineers will work with you to determine your business’ specific needs. This will ensure that you get machines that are specifically tailored to your production line’s requirements.

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Types of Hand Sanitizer Packaging Equipment Levapack Offers

Levapack can help you promote your brand and stand out in the tight competition through our customizable hand sanitizer machines. We offer hand sanitizer filling, sealing, capping, and labeling machines which we can tailor to your business’ specific needs. Choose Levapack’s packaging machines and we will guarantee your production line’s success.

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machines

Levapack offers hand sanitizer filling machines that can fill your containers volumetrically with high accuracy through their servo and pneumatically controlled components. This makes them ideal for bulk productions of hand sanitizers. We offer both gravity and piston liquid filling machines to accommodate the different viscosities of your hand sanitizer product. You may also want to know the basics of liquid filling machines if you are just starting with your business.

Liquid Filling Machine

Our Liquid Filling Machine is suitable for filling free-flowing liquids such as hand sanitizers into round PET, aluminum, and tin cans. It is equipped with six volumetric nozzles to produce more precise and efficient fills. You are given more convenience in disinfecting and cleaning the machine because it is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Plus, it conforms with the national regulations for food hygiene and food machinery.

This machine uses the latest technology including pneumatic components, sensors, and PLCs from world-renowned brands for a more intelligent, stable, and adaptable operation. It has a touch screen user interface to give you easier control of the machine operation and production parameters.

Gravity Liquid Filling Machine

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Our viscous liquid filling machine is ideal for filling viscous hand sanitizer gels as well as paste products and creams in various manufacturing industries. It is equipped with a low-wear metering cylinder plus a self-compensating seal to give you longer machine service life and maintenance-free production.

It also uses imported sensors to guarantee accurate position control along with a PLC user interface for more convenient operation. The machine’s whole body is covered with plexiglass to prevent other particles from entering the machine’s filling station which ensures a safe and clean packaging environment. Lastly, the machine’s nozzle has a customizable filling quantity to accommodate your production demands.

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Hand Sanitizer Sealing Machines

After the filling process, the next step is sealing your filled hand sanitizer containers. Levapack offers hand sanitizer sealing machines including semi-automatic, fully automatic, and high-speed can seamers. We also have aluminum foil induction sealing machines for screw caps.

Our machines are used for sealing a can’s lid to its body. They can handle glass cans, PET cans, tin cans, aluminum cans, and others. But, before you choose your own hand sanitizer machine for sealing aluminum cans, we recommend that you read this guide to can seamer machines.

Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Sealing Machine

You can use this machine to seal hand sanitizers packaged in round cans such as plastic cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, and others. It can seal round cans having diameters of up to 130 millimeters.

You will have an easier packaging process because the machine performs the entire sealing process inside a sealed chamber. If you are looking for a fast can sealer, this rotary can seamer would be ideal. It vacuums your filled hand sanitizer containers and fills them with nitrogen gas first before sealing them.

Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Sealing Machine

Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine

This machine is ideal for sealing hand sanitizers in PET, aluminum, and tin cans as well as paper cans of up to 130 millimeters in diameter.  It is equipped with 4 seaming rollers to consistently seal a maximum of 30 cans/minute. It has a PLC control panel allowing for easier operation.

It comes with a protection system that safeguards your whole machine from overloading which helps extend your machine’s life and reduces maintenance costs. Lastly, the machine’s sealing head and lifting tray are built from stainless steel for rust prevention and better mechanical rigidity. Explore more well-performed can sealing machines here in Levapack.

Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine

Hand Sanitizer Capping Machines

Levapack has capping machines that are ideal for tightening and securing caps onto hand sanitizer containers. After filling your hand sanitizers, you can also choose to cap the containers instead of double seaming them. We have screw cappers that include both chuck capping and spindle capping machines for capping hand sanitizers with screw-on caps.

Screw Capping Machine

This is a spindle-type screw capper that is suitable for capping hand sanitizers in PET containers. It can handle anti-theft caps while preventing breakage. It can cap containers in any shape and size with a maximum cap diameter of 100 millimeters and a bottle diameter of 130 millimeters.

This machine can process 100 containers/minute with the help of its 4 heads (8 spindle disks) that can apply the proper torque to cap threaded closures. It also comes with a touch screen user interface to easily adjust the parameters of the capping operation. Moreover, its adjustable cover wheel can handle containers in various widths and heights to make container replacement more convenient.

Screw Capping Machine

Rotary Vacuum Screw Capping Machine for Glass Can

Our Rotary Vacuum Screw Capping Machine for Glass Cans can handle any type of screw-on closure in various dimensions. It is designed especially for glass jars with small caps. It comes with a rotary cap feeding station and a clincher with 6 stations that can ensure an accurate capping process.

The machine can cap 40 jars/minute with diameters of up to 150 millimeters and caps of up to 85-millimeter diameters. It has an adjustable cap torque and vacuum configurations to make sure that they meet your standards. Lastly, it allows you to replace the type of bottle in just 3 minutes.

Rotary Vacuum Screw Capping Machine for Glass Can

Hand Sanitizer Labeling Machines

To complete your hand sanitizer packaging line, the last step is to find a reliable hand sanitizer labeling machine for your products. You can use Levapack’s cap and can body labelers to label plastic, steel, glass, fiber drums, and aluminum surfaces.

We have pressure-sensitive labelers for applying wrap-around labels on caps and can bodies. We also have optical laser and inject printing machines for creating vibrant and long-lasting prints for your brand.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Caps

This pressure-sensitive labeler for caps is ideal for applying precise and durable wraparound labels on your hand sanitizer caps regardless of their shape and size. It can handle bottles or jars with up to 280 millimeters in diameter and 200 millimeters in height with its customizable components.

The machine can also apply accurate labels with high efficiency even on caps with uneven surfaces with its servo-driven labeler. Its electrical components are made from popular international brands and adopt the latest automation technology to ensure the machine’s durability and stability.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Caps

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Can Body

Apply secure spot and full wrap-around labels on your cylindrical hand sanitizer containers with our Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Can Body. It uses stacked pre-cut labels that are fed to the labeling station for accurate application onto each container. It can label round cans of up to 150 millimeters in diameter and has adjustable components to precisely apply various labels onto containers without leaving dead corners.

The machine also operates using an automatic star-type system that allows more stable labels and uses a touch screen interface for easier machine operation. Automate your hand sanitizer labeling line fully with this machine equipped with different automatic devices such as automated photoelectric sensors.

Pressure Sensitive Labeler For Can Body

Inject Printing Machine

Use this machine to create clear and accurate prints on the surfaces of your hand sanitizer packages may it be plastic, glass, metal, rubber, wood, or paper. It can handle even irregularly-shaped containers. It can ensure stable prints with the help of its advanced drop positioning, dual-power system coding, and phase tracking detection adjustment technologies.

It can clean its own ink path components such as the recovery tank, spray gun, and nozzle to ensure that no clogs will occur during the operation. It comes with an ink circulation system with a close loop design that effectively prevents ink contamination. Moreover, you can adjust the character’s print size up to 18 millimeters.

Inject Printing Machine
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