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As a professional marijuana packaging manufacturer in China, Levapack supplies a one-stop service for your cannabis / marijuana packaging including filling, sealing, capping and labeling. We have an efficient production line and we can also develop a custom solution for you.

We Offer One-stop Service for Your Cannabis Packaging

LPE Cannabis Packaging Machines

With the legalization of marijuana in various states worldwide, the industry of cannabis is starting to get the interest of the public. Choosing the appropriate equipment for marijuana packaging or packing is a challenging task considering that the marijuana industry is still nascent.

However, with the recent innovation of different cannabis packaging manufacturers and the prowess of combined manufacturing, choosing the best marijuana packaging machines or packing machines that are affordable, efficient, reliable, and time-saving is an easy task. Depending on your production line’s specific requirements, finding the right solution for your packaging system can be straightforward.

With the many challenges in packaging various cannabis products including reliable filling and sealing processes, there is a need in finding a good cannabis packaging machine manufacturer that is also compatible with your cannabis containers.

Levapack is a leading cannabis packaging supplier of a wide variety of customizable can packaging solutions for cannabis flowers, concentrate packaging, edibles and weed packaging. We both have auto and semi-auto cannabis packaging equipment that will help your cannabis packaging truly reflect your brand and outshine your competitors in the market.

Packaged Cannabis Products

Below are some of the common cannabis products packaged in various industries.

  • Cannabis oil icon

    Cannabis oil

  • Cannabis flower icon

    Cannabis flower

  • Powdered cannabis icon

    Powdered cannabis

  • Beauty and Skincare products icon

    Beauty and Skincare products

  • Cannabis beverage icon


  • Capsules icon


  • Gummies icon


Types of Cannabis Packaging Equipment Levapack Offers

To help your business deal with the modern challenges of cannabis packaging, Levapack gives you customizable marijuana packaging solutions to streamline your production line and to better promote your brand in the tight market.

We also provide consultation services before the design and actual manufacture of your desired cannabis packaging equipment to better tailor the machine to your business’ production requirements. You are always welcome to contact us to know your customization options.

Known as a trustworthy cannabis packaging manufacturer in China, LPE offers the machines below to help your cannabis packaging more efficient and cost-effective. Whether your product is in the form of a liquid, solid, powder, or granules, we all have what you need!

Cannabis Can Sealing Machines

Cannabis Can Capping Machines

Cannabis Can Labeling Machines

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The Benefits And Uses Of Cannabis

Cannabis is commonly consumed because of its calming and relaxing effects. It is widely used in the medical field for many centuries to help in a wide variety of medical conditions including the following:

  • Neurological disorders involving muscle spasms, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis
  • Vomiting and nausea (specifically when chemotherapy-associated)
  • Anorexia nervosa to stimulate the appetite
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma

But do take note that even if cannabis is regarded as natural, it also has short-term and long-term effects, both negative and positive.

Modern Challenges in Cannabis / Marijuana Packaging

Cannabis packaging is a hot topic in the manufacturing industry since the growing legalization of cannabis products. Just like all regulated products and pharmaceuticals, cannabis is a complex product and market. The cannabis industry is not meant for everyone, as with other ethical drugs, and packagers of the growing and dynamic cannabis market will face a lot of challenges as discussed below.

  • #1
    Required Child-Resistant Packaging

    Among the common challenges of many cannabis packaging enterprises is compliance with the regulations for child-resistant (CR) packaging. Packaging for cannabis products is required to be strong enough that a child cannot open it alone as per legislation requirements. The basic CR packaging requirements include the following:

    • Informational labels
    • Opaque appearance
    • Resealable feature
    • An appearance that is unattractive for children

    However, balancing sustainability with safety is hard. Plastic containers are frequently used in packaging cannabis products because of their strength but they are not environmentally friendly like some other container materials.

    Thus, the choices for packaging cannabis products are limited only and it can be hard to find packaging materials with low carbon footprints. However, cannabis packagers should look for packaging that accomplishes many goals - reduce costs, reduce waste, and avoid unneeded excess.

  • #2
    Branding Versus Labeling

    As mentioned before, state regulations include clear or opaque packaging with warning labels that are required to be of specific sizes or must appear in a certain location. Also, regulations are always changing and so is branding that should stay up-to-date with regulations. However, complying with these regulations poses issues in cannabis packaging.

    In addition, enterprises must meet the requirements for labeling. They need to design the cannabis packaging in such a way that it allows for correct personal branding and labeling. Some companies create packaging with flatter fronts and allocate more space for the labels so that legal language usage does not compromise the branding.

  • #3
    Product Appeal On The Shelves

    Dispensaries are not similar to liquor stores or grocery stores where there is plenty of space for displaying the products of different brands. This means that enterprises need to fight for space on the shelves, be it inside of display units or dispensaries.

    However, even if companies are able to get space for displaying their brand, it is hard to make the packaging stand out from its competitors. Because of the few options for child-resistant packaging that meet industry regulations, it can be difficult to create distinct brand images. This makes many current packaging solutions plain and undecorated. Thus, doing little in creating a brand image that is impactful.

  • #4
    Satisfying The Consumer

    Cannabis consumers would want packaging that is sustainable and easy to use so companies need to meet these needs. Aside from packaging that is challenging enough for stopping children from opening it, it should be easy enough to be accessed by the elderly people. So you need to balance these two when designing your cannabis packaging.

    When addressing child-resistance, companies should do it in such a way that it does not irritate and annoy their customers. Cannabis brands need to consider functionality too aside from appearance when talking about packaging. Other concerns of consumers include smell and shelf-life so the packaging materials you choose must address these issues.

  • #5
    Packaging Leakage

    Cannabis has become a valuable product with many states worldwide legalizing its use and embracing the medicinal and recreational values it offers. A lot of companies are getting into the production of useful weed products.

    At Levapack, we come in to offer our clients the sweet release of not having to worry about leakages and contaminations in their cannabis can packaging processes. We offer great weed can / jar packaging machines designed to offer great precision and efficiency to all our clients.

    Our weed can / jar packaging machines are designed to work with various containers including plastics and those made of glass depending on our client’s preferences. Our liquid filling machines and others are sealed with great efficiency helping enhancing the productivity of your cannabis packaging and production line. This is done by the different cannabis can filling and sealing machines that we feature ensuring that our client’s needs are accurately met.

Key Things to Consider When Looking For Cannabis Packaging Equipment

cannabis product oil

#1 Your Business’ Requirements

Before you start with the selection process of your ideal cannabis packaging machinery, the foremost task you need to do is identify and understand your business’ exact needs. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What type of cannabis packaging will you be using?
  • What is your production demand?
  • How much should the product weigh?

By truly understanding the packaging equipment’s capacity, dimensions, and its cost-effectiveness, there is a greater chance that the outcome will be positive. Answering these important questions can streamline many aspects of your packaging operations.

Moreover, it is also essential to consider the weight estimates of your packages to ensure that your customers will receive standard and satisfactory weights. Try to keep only a few weight categorizations so that you will be able to handle and manage your cannabis products easier.

Also, it is simpler to deal with small amounts compared to heavyweights. Heavyweights can be problematic in addition to the considerable price of packaging options meant for these weights and are therefore not considered as smart investments.

#2 Your Supplying Options

Getting insight from your marijuana packaging machine manufacturer allows you to know in advance what you should be expecting when handling your cannabis product packaging. By asking your supplier the right questions, you can highlight some effective ways and great perspectives for your cannabis production business.

When looking for your supplying options, you should also consider the factors below regarding your cannabis packaging machinery.

  • Manual Labor Needed For Machine Operation

    You should not ignore manual labor when choosing any kind of machine. Packaging will also normally require manual attention. Use your mathematics skills to compute for the number of man hours needed to operate the machine. It is crucial for every enterprise to understand its needs to keep the business thriving.

    s02 icon 08
  • The Machine’s Capacity

    Does the machine have weighing and sorting features aside from filling? Or can it only perform specific tasks such as sealing and filling? If yes, you should ask the manufacturer about the production speed and capacity of the machine. Moreover, automated machines might be more effective but are challenging to operate when it comes to small packages.

    s02 icon 08
  • The Machine’s Precision

    Machines should have a way to minimize miscalculations in weights with precision, depending on the machine’s packaging method. Most cannabis packaging machinery help in saving costs through highly controlled and accurate packaging features. All you need is a predetermined range of your target weights which the machine should comply with.

    s02 icon 08
  • The Machine’s Rapidity

    Packaging machines can achieve incredible speeds so taking advantage of their swiftness would be an excellent idea for a business. You should know the number of packages your selected machine can produce at specific times using varying weights. The machine should be able to reduce inaccuracies without miscalculating the weights. It the result is sufficient, then the machine can perform well for the efficient packaging of cannabis.

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