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Description :

  • Model: LPE-FLV30
  • Fully-automatic single head seamer.
  • Seam Up to 30 cans/minute.
  • 4 rollers for consistent & leak-proof seam.
  • Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET& other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.
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Levapack Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine

During the packaging procedure, a can seamer machine is utilized to hermetically seal a lid to a can body utilizing a dual or occasionally triple-seam. Typically, the lid or end should be made of aluminum or tin-plated steel. The can’s body can be constructed from tin, paper, aluminum, plastic, PET, or glass. Typically, the produced seam is leak-proof.

A can sealing machine may retain one or additional seaming heads, and every head will function independently. In addition, automating the single head can seamer will simplify the packing process, increase production efficiency, and save labor expenses.

This procedure, known as seaming, keeps your product clean and free from contamination in a container that is entirely recyclable and tamper-proof. There are single-headed seamers, dual-head seamers, and up to 24-head seamers. As the packaging line has to move more quickly, the number of seamer heads grows. 

Features Of Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine

The top features of a single-head servo fixed-speed sealing machine are listed here. 


The servo fixed speed sealing machine has automation features and has the capacity to produce 30 cans per minute automatically. There is a 1.1KW main motor and a 0.2KW conveyor motor, along with four rollers for the constant and leak-proof seam.

Food-Grade Metal Materials 

The can seamer is created using decent quality 304 stainless steel substance. Meanwhile, the seaming rollers are produced with chrome steel, making them last for a lengthy period.


This can sealing machine is ideal for different round tin cans, paper cans, aluminum cans, PET cans, etc. The compatible can diameter is 30 to 130 mm, and the compatible can height is 20 to 200 mm. 

Custom Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine Solution

Levapack is one of the prominent Chinese manufacturers of can seaming equipment. They have expert staff who have built and planned can seamer devices for roughly 14 years. Their machines comply with ISO9001 requirements and have CE and CSA certifications. 


Customers have the ability to customize Levapack’s services by selecting the machine size, output rate, type of material used, etc. With their in-house manufacturing, 2000 m2 production facility, and independent R&D skills, they are able to promptly fulfill bulk orders. 


Support & Service

The can seaming equipment comes with a complete technical manual. Additionally, the Levapack provides exceptional service support whenever a technical issue arises, both online and on-site. Levapack has a broad network of domestic and international distributors. Your company can increase ROI by becoming a distributor of Levapack machines.

Levapack’s single-head servo fixed speed sealing machines cost is comparably less than those of its rivals. Levapack manufactures auto can sealing devices with a minimum 1-year warranty.


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