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LevaPack is a top-tier can rotary infeed / outfeed tables manufacturer. We understand that each production line and factory has unique needs. As such, we offer custom can packaging solutions that match the specific requirements of your business. You can order a complete canning line or you could opt for single-purpose can packaging machines that you believe would enhance your factory setup. Our team of experts is available to help you find efficient solutions for your needs within your budget.

LevaPack Can Infeed / Outfeed Rotary Tables

What is a Can Rotary Infeed / Outfeed Rotary Table?

A rotary infeed table is a machine used to place cans or bottles onto a conveyor belt at the start of the can packaging line. The containers are fed in a straight line as opposed to a scrambled order thereby making the packaging process more orderly. 

In contrast, a rotary outfeed machine is positioned at the end of the packaging line. It is used to offload cans that have undergone all the packaging processes including filling and sealing. 

Both infeed and outfeed rotary tables are designed to handle circular packaging containers such as cans or bottles. They reduce cycle times because they feed and offload packaging lines at faster rates of up to 60 cans/minute or more, helping reduce labor costs and improve output efficiencies.

A Can Rotary Infeed Outfeed Table

Types of Can Infeed and Outfeed Rotary Machines

Linear Can Infeed and Outfeed Machines

Linear bottle unscramblers consist of a series of straps and hooks arranged in a straight line. They are used to unscramble bottles, cans, or jars and reposition them in a particular orientation.

This type of unscrambler is preferred for small to middle-scale productions. One of its major advantages is that it can handle bottles of a wide variety of sizes. It can unscramble containers as small as test tubes to bottles with capacities as large as 2 liters. 

However, linear bottle unscramblers machines typically have a rectangular structure and thus take up a large footprint. They may be challenging to incorporate in factory setups with limited space.

Rotary Can Infeed and Outfeed Machines

A rotary bottle unscrambler comprises a circular stainless steel turntable with a conveyor system. The conveyor belt is equipped with hooks and other tools to reposition the scrambled bottles in an orderly way.

Rotary unscramblers are preferred for middle to high-scale production setups and can be customized to have an output of up to 18,000 bottles per hour. They have a compact structure that takes up little room thus making it easily applicable in most factory spaces.

The design of a rotary unscrambler may require changes in tooling when it comes to handling bottles of different sizes. This can be time-consuming unless the changing process is automated.

How Automatic Can / Jar / Bottle Unscramblers Work

Automatic bottle unscramblers are used to sort packaging containers so that they are properly positioned when they are fed onto the conveyor belt. This allows the packaging process to run smoothly as the bottles or cans are well-oriented for packaging. The unscrambling process works as follows:

Note: only one type of container can be fed into the hopper / table at a time.

Bottle unscramblers can also be connected to have multiple systems such as sterilizing and quality inspection of the bottles after the unscrambling process.

Advantages of LevaPack Can / Bottle Turntables

Guaranteed Quality

We use high-quality inputs for all our bottle unscrambler machines. Our suppliers are carefully vetted and comprise industry-leading brand names such as Siemens, Omron, and Schneider. 

Further, we perform rigorous quality inspection tests on each can / bottle unscrambler before it is dispatched to our client. Our quality management department consists of experienced technicians that fully understand the working of bottle unscramblers and can pick out any production imperfections.

High-speed Automatic Can Turntables

LevaPack automatic can / bottle turntables are designed to operate at high speed and optimal efficiency. This is made possible by the use of quality authentic inputs. They are made of durable material that can keep up with high-output packaging lines without depreciating or breaking down. Moreover, each action performed by our can turntables is streamlined to be as precise and efficient as possible to avoid delays.

One-Stop Customization

Do you need a can / bottle turntable for unique containers or a specific rate of output? We provide custom solutions to these and other factory-specific requirements. All you have to do is explain to us what you need in a bottle unscrambler machine and we will develop just the right solution for you.

Customize a High-Speed Turntable For
Your Can Production Line

Factors to Consider When Customizing a Can / Bottle Turntable

The goal of customizing a can / bottle rotary infeed and outfeed table is to ensure that it matches the needs of your production line. It is, therefore, advisable to consider some of the key aspects of your production process such as:

Container types- the customized turntable should be compatible with the shape and size of the type of bottles / cans / jars applied in your production lines.

Ideal Rate of output- how many bottles do you require to be unscrambled in an hour? The number you propose would be your ideal rate of output.

Budget– aim for customization options that offer you the highest value within your budget.

Custom Options

At Levapack, we can customize your can / bottle unscrambler machine to work at your desired rate of productivity while saving you time and production costs. We can also manufacture a custom turntable size that can keep up with your production volumes or match the scale of the rest of your production line. We encourage our clients to consult us on any other special requirements they may have.

Our Services and Benefits

Partnering with us as your automatic bottle unscrambler machine supplier comes with benefits such as:

Fast response times on all inquiries

Factory-direct affordable pricing

Premium quality machinery

One-stop comprehensive customization services

Flexible solutions based on client needs

1-year warranty and reliable after-sale services

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