Fully Auto Nitrogen Vacuum Packaging Machine - Levapack

Description :

  • Model:LPE-FVC10
  • Suitable for all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round cans.
  • The cans are first vacuumed and then filled with gas nitrogen, finally sealed. The remaining oxygen inside the can is lower than 3%.
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Levapack Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling, Vacuum Sealing Machine

A nitrogen filling machine is simply a device that fills nitrogen gas into containers, pouches, or other types of packaging. The n2 gas filling machine is primarily popular in the food and beverage industry. The nitrogen filling and vacuum sealing machines are utilized for sealing and filling nitrogen gas in pre-filled food packages of different products. 


First, the regular air inside the container is vacuumed out to remove any potential germs, oxygen, and moisture. The regulated quantity of nitrogen gas will then be filled into the package by the n2 filling machine, giving it protection and lengthy shelf life. The effective nitrogen flushing and seaming machine tightly seal the container quickly before the flushed nitrogen escapes the container. 


The nitrogen filling machine for food packaging retains an ideal working pressure. The machine has tremendous benefits like safety while filling nitrogen gas, ease of operation, high dependability, and efficiency because the pressure is continuously adjusted. 

Features Of Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling Machine

The machine is utilized to fill nitrogen in the food packages and seal them to ensure they last for a longer duration. Have a look at the top features of an automatic nitrogen filling vacuum sealing machine. 

High Speed Filling and Sealing

The automatic nitrogen filling and vacuum sealing machine feature a filling capacity of about 30 cans for one minute. Besides, the sealing speed of this machine is 5 to 6 pieces per minute.

Food-Grade Metal Materials

The fully auto nitrogen filling and vacuum sealing machines are created using premium quality #304 or #316 stainless steel materials. In addition, only the highest quality substances are used to make PLCs, touch screens, electric motors, air cylinders, and electrical parts.

Well-Designed Configuration

The nitrogen filling and sealing equipment are perfectly designed with one sealing head, one sealing chamber, one vacuum room, and two pieces of seaming rollers. The working temperature of this machine is 0 to 45 degrees Celsius, and the working humidity range is 35 to 85%.

Custom Fully Auto Nitrogen Filling Machine Solution

Levapack is a well-known custom nitrogen filling and vacuum sealing machine manufacturer established in 2008 in Guangzhou, China. For adequate and high-end manufacturing, their factory is located in a 2000 sq m area and contains CNC milling, lathe, and grinding machinery. The Levapack machines have obtained CE and CSA certifications and surpass the ISO9001 specifications.

The Levapack company offers customization options, and the experts have about 14 years of experience. Because of their strong, self-reliant R&D capabilities, the professionals successfully develop custom nitrogen filling machines for global clients. They have a vast distribution network and export the filling and sealing machines to over 36 countries across the world. 

Support & Service

A comprehensive technical guide is provided for the auto nitrogen filling vacuum sealing machines. Besides, the Levapack offer high-end service support, both online and on-site, whenever any technical issue happens. 

The Levapack has an extensive distributor plan with local and international distributors. By becoming a distributor of Levapack machines, your business can enhance ROI, and they offer SEO, SEM, and SNS marketing methods. 

The nitrogen filling machine price of the Levapack brand is relatively more affordable than the competitors. The auto nitrogen filling and vacuum sealing machines manufactured by Levapack offer 1-year minimum warranty. 

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