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Top 5 Canning Machine Suppliers in the UK



Industrialization is a part of our world today since this sector has boosted the economy of several countries by creating job opportunities and providing services to the general population. Canning line manufacturers in the UK have expanded this industry even further by fulfilling market needs by making canning machinery available and affordable. In this post, we highlight some of the top suppliers of canning machines in the UK. Read on.

Leva Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd

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Situated in Guangzhou, China, Levapack is a manufacturing enterprise that is concerned with various canning machines. It began its operations fourteen years ago, producing sealing machines, capping machines, filling machines, and labeling machines. Levapack has 100 employees and has vast experience in the packaging industry; hence, every product and service at the company is always top-notch.

To go beyond customer’s expectations, Levapack has invested its time to source for the best experts in this field to ensure higher precision and automation in their manufacturing processes, therefore producing very efficient equipment. This act has propelled them ahead of the pack, making them the most recognized suppliers of canning machines both locally and internationally.


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PromoCan is a company that supplies the UK with several products packaged in tin cans that are displayed in supermarkets and stores. Their specialty is in pen pots, money boxes, plant pots, cutlery holders, tin can vases, wedding car tins, metal drinkware, and other sustainable products. In addition, they have an online shop that facilitates ordering products and distribution to their customers.

Additionally, PromoCan also deals with can sealer machines, especially semi-automatic stainless steel machines. This machine is manufactured with the highest precision guaranteeing their clients a fully functional can seaming machine that provides double seams(airtight) for paperboard, tin, and aluminum cans. Moreover, nitrogen gas flushing, atmospheric, and vacuum are services available at the company.

BrewKeg Tap

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BrewKeg Tap is a renowned supplier of kegs, keg accessories, and kits in the Uk and Europe. Their quality services and products have attracted more customers over the years, making them have the best reviews on platforms like eBay and many others. Apart from the keg and its accessories, BrewKeg Tap also supplies the market with canning machines(cannular) that are versatile enough to seal the regular cans plus lids and CDL cans.

Packaging equipment produced at this company includes distilling machines, tri cover fittings, brewzilla, fermzilla, and camlocks. Besides that, other product categories at BrewKeg Tap are gas equipment, taps, beer lines & connectors, etc.

INNOVUS Engineering

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INNOVUS is a UK-based manufacturing company producing can-seaming machines, both semi-automatic and automatic. They own advanced machinery and expertise in their factory, making the latest products that perform well in the market. The machines manufactured at INNOVUS are best applicable in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries due to their high hygiene standards, which they can comfortably meet. 

The can seamers manufactured at the company have double seaming capabilities in plastic cans, tinplate, paperboard, and aluminum cans. The machines can also be used in standard atmospheric, gassing, and vacuum can closing. INNOVUS Engineering Ltd dedicates its time and resources to providing optimum services to its loyal customers.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus

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Located in Droitwich, England, Pneumatic Scale Angelus is a trusted manufacturer of canning machines such as centrifuges, can seamers, spare parts, and labeling machines for the food & beverage industry, household products, pharmaceuticals, and personalized care tools. It was founded in 1910 and has been among the top suppliers of canning machines globally.

Pneumatic services have gone beyond their local market and currently serve international markets competing with their best business. Due to this expansion, they had to improve their services by hiring a highly skilled team to oversee the projects assigned to them while ensuring a swift response to their needs.

Canning Machine / Line For Sale in the UK

Canning machine price in the UK is dependent on various factors like type, machine capabilities, automation level, and brand. In the UK, breweries are the most common industry supplied by canning machine manufacturers. For instance, can seamers used in breweries(bench-top) cost between 500 euros to 1500 euros. For other canning machines, it is best to request a from your preferred brand to know their price range.


Canning line manufacturers in the UK are extensive, and choosing the best to work with might be exhausting. Therefore, it is crucial to vet any company you are interested in working with to ensure their services sync with your needs. For brands like Levapack, we guarantee that our customers are the center of all our operations to deliver the right and quality services required. For more insights about our company, contact us, and we will sort your issue as soon as possible.

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