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Top 5 Canning Machine Suppliers in India



Canning refers to the packaging of foods and other products in cans to prolong their lifespan. Many industries dealing with foods and beverages embrace this method compared to other traditional ways of packaging products. In India, the sector is increasing since the demand for food products is high. Therefore, many companies produce these canning machines, which may become confusing to select the best one. 

Below, we have selected the top canning line suppliers in India; they are as follows.


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Leva Packaging Equipment Ltd is a Chinese-based manufacturing company that produces canning machines of various types and applications. It was started in 2008 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, with specializations in designing, engineering, and manufacturing. They have been serving the Chinese market, providing them with these solutions, becoming the top supplier in the market. 

Their machines have labeling, sealing, can capping machines, can packaging lines, premade pouch packaging machines, in their 2,000 square meters factory. Over the years, they have received certification for achieving international standards from CE, ISO, and CSA. In addition, Levapack has worked with many clients offering them 360° support through onsite installation, training on operation and maintenance of the canning machines, technical support, and other after-sale services.

Mechanical Systems

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Mechanical systems was established in Ambala, Haryana, in 1979, and its nature of business is manufacturing, wholesaling, and exporting products to various countries globally. These products comprise filling machines, labeling machines, bottling machines, can sealing machines, etc. Their products are made with non-corrosive materials, making them durable, easy to use, impeccable design, and highly functional.

The company has a modern facility that is fully equipped with the latest technology to permit its engineers to produce the most remarkable tools in the market. The facility also houses a storage area where tools are kept for safekeeping. As a result, the company has loyal customers who have worked with them for more than one project; due to their timely delivery and quality services.

Packaging Solutions

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Packaging Solutions is an exporter and manufacturer of packaging equipment, food processing plant, and bottling equipment. It is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India supplying the local and international markets with canning equipment. Additionally, they provide the government with consultancy services in the food processing sector. Countries like Ethiopia, Malawi, Singapore, Rwanda, and Uganda are the recipients of these products.

They own a state-of-the-art facility that hosts ultra-modern machines with high automation and precision, allowing them to produce high-quality products for their many clients. Some of the devices found in the facility are drill machines, surface grinders, welding machines, etc. In Packaging Solutions, they have set up standards of how every procedure should be done and where each product is tested to see if they meet this standard.


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Blenzor is a proud manufacturer and exporter of packaging equipment employed in several industries. The tools produced at Blenzor are tube-sealing machines, labeling machines, cap sealing machines, powder filling machines, sachet bagging machines, and so on. They also provide consultancy services to over 100 clients around the globe in projects that may need further clarifications.

Blenzor owns several facilities around India; the first facility is located in Andheri, Mumbai, second; in Faridabad, Haryana, and the final one at Ahmedabad, Gujrat. These factories have equipment that facilitates the production of enough products to satisfy the market demand. As a result, their market has expanded globally in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

Unity Metals Container

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Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Unity Metals Containers is a manufacturing and exporting company founded in 1978. It deals with can sealing machines, tin sealing machines, gang slitter machines, rolling machines, welding machines, coating & curling machines, industrial cutters, power press, etc. They are regarded as among the top canning machine suppliers in India and beyond.

Unity Metals Containers own a 6,000 square feet facility with all the necessary machinery for optimum and timely production. They have cutting-edge product designs with a high productivity rate, making clients prefer them over again. Apart from India, their clientele comes from Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nepal, and Mexico.

Canning Machine Price in India

The price of various canning machines ranges depending on the brand, type of canning machine, and size. In India, you can get the most affordable prices without a compromise on quality. For accurate ranges, request a quote from your preferred company.


Choosing the right canning machine supplier is sometimes tricky, especially if you are new to the industry since there are so many companies in this sector. However, at Levapack, we make everything easier for you by providing services from the start to the end of the project. We also offer after-sale services to our clients to ensure that everything is running as planned. So contact us now for the best services and products.

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