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Top 5 Korea Canning Machine Suppliers



Canning is an industrial process used to package products by sealing them in a can. Canning promotes the preservation of these products by preventing contamination and leakages. The canned products then reach various stores and supermarkets for consumers to access. Canning is applicable in different sectors like food, beverages, wineries, breweries, pharmaceuticals, household products, etc. 

There are several canning machinery manufacturers in Korea to look out for; below are some of them.

Leva Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd

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Fourteen years ago in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, there was the creation of Leva Packaging Equipment to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions to the Chinese markets. They have a team of experts who bring different ideas to every project, making them unique and satisfactory to their clients. In addition, they have experience in canning machines that function in coding, sealing, packing, filling, and labeling. 

Their products reach industries such as chemical, beverage, and food. The services at Levapack are excellent, offering training, onsite installation, after-sale technical support, spare parts, and a one-year warranty for all their machinery. Due to their superior products and services, Levapack has received recognition from international organizations like ISO, CSA, and CE.

CK Company Co., Ltd

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CK Company Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company found in Guro-gu, Seoul, and has been in existence since 2012. It has a capacity of one to fifty employees who have experience in producing a variety of machinery. In their facility, they utilize technological advancement in their operations, making superior precision and automation products. This act has enabled them to become among the best Korean canning machine suppliers.

CK supplies its customers with ice makers, air-cooled snowflake ice, can seamer machines, conveyor belts, automatic binders for packing, and other valuable products needed in the market.

Tams Tech Co., Ltd

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Tams Tech is a manufacturing and supplying company situated in Gyeonggi-do, in Korea. It was started in 2002, and ever since, it has gained experience in packaging technology. They have continuously put up measures to improve the quality of products and services; hence, all their items are usually fitted with the latest technology. As a result, these products are in demand globally from Russia, Middle East, South America, Asia, and Europe.

The products at Tams Tech include nozzle-type vacuum packers, vacuum sealing machines, band sealers, cup sealers, vinyl impulse sealers, hand wrappers, hand sealers, etc. Their products have been put in categories for easy access; they are electrical equipment supplies, office supplies, manufacturing and processing machines, and school supplies.

Cis Packaging Co.

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The need for an improved packaging system in South Korea increased, and in 1989, Cis Packaging Co was founded to fulfill this need. Its head office is located in Kyoungki, where the design and manufacturing of canning machines take place. At Cis company, they believe in customer satisfaction; therefore, they have recruited experts to assure their clients get the best products in design and functionality. 

The industries that gain from Cis Packaging are food packaging, beverages, household, consumer goods, etc. they deal with a couple of packaging machines like can seamer machine, bucket conveyors, automatic packing machines and systems, band sealers, and gauges. These products find their way to the US, Europe, and Egypt, accessible at pocket-friendly prices.



Source: LANICO Logo

LANICO is a Germany-based company with branches worldwide, and in Korea, it is located in Guemcheon-Gu, Seoul. It was founded over 100 years ago and continues to manufacture products for other industries. They have become renowned in the general line, rectangular can-making tools, and aerosol. Some of their products are automatic and semi-automatic stainless can seamers, automotive machinery, aerosol can conventional, irregular filled cans, rectangular cans, etc. 

LANICO is also concerned with environmental conservation; therefore, all the procedures in LANICO consume the lowest electricity and compressed air to save energy and emit minimum waste. In addition, their products are supplied globally.


As a business owner concerned with products that need packaging, canning solutions are the way to go. It is a very reliable method of packaging items, especially food, without losing the dignity of the product. Do your due diligence and contact a trusted company to provide you with your canning machines. Get in touch with Levapack for affordable yet quality products and services as we are the best in business in canning solutions.

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