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Top 5 Canning Machine Suppliers in Canada



Canning machines are devices used to provide tight sealing in packaging industries to prevent leakages and contamination of the products inside the cans. These machines include can filling machines, sealer machines, labeling machines, capping machines, filling machines, etc. the price range of these machines range in size, type, and quality of the devices. Additionally, depending on the country and company where you source the machines. 

They are applicable in the food & beverage industries, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many more. Below are some of the top canning machine suppliers in Canada.


Levapack Can Packaging Machine logo

Levapack is a manufacturing company dealing with packaging machines as their key products. These packaging machines include can sealing machines, labeling devices, filling machines, and capping machines. At Levapack, they invest in futuristic designs that are simple and smart which can work at a high degree of precision and automation. It is in Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province, China. 

The facility at Levapack is 2000 square meters hosting CNC machines like grinders, milling machines, and lathes. They supply to small and medium enterprises in industries such as chemical, food, and beverage. The production at Levapack is under the supervision of highly skilled personnel who ensure exceptionally high precision and production of quality goods. Over the years, they have built their brand in the market and have gained loyal customers who continue to work with them on more than one project.

Mitcham Machine Tools

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Mitcham Machine Tools was established in 2010 in Toronto, Canada, to take charge of the operations of 600 Group Canada. They serve the metalwork industries, including medical, energy, aerospace, defense, and automotive. In addition, they provide spare parts, sales, and other services to these industries. MMT is among the leading manufactures of machines in Canada, providing the market with high-quality products.

The machines offered at MMT are 5-axis machining, manual lathes, turn-mills, and other types of mills. These machines are high-automation machines with minimal maintenance and repairs, saving costs in the long run for their clients. In addition, MMT is known for its services, from accuracy to on-time delivery, putting its clients a priority.

Galick Packaging Equipment

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Galick Packaging Equipment was started over 30 years ago in Wellesley, Ontario, Canada. They have expanded their services and are now among the best equipment suppliers in Canada. Their products serve the pharmaceutical, beverage, and food industries. Their products include case erectors, sealers, bottle unscramblers, conveyors, seal equipment, scales, fillers, case packers, cappers, pumps, etc. 

At GPE, the services they offer are troubleshooting services, refurbishing, packaging, initial setup, and installation in their 50,000 square feet facility.

Cask Global Canning Solutions

Cask Global Canning Solution Logo


Cask started its operations distributing brewing equipment and ingredients while working with the craft brewing industry at the beginning of the 1980s. The company has faced challenges ever since its inception, but in 1999, they expanded by providing a solution in the market with their aluminum cans for packaging beer. Their market strategy was to start at the Craft Breweries Conference in Cleveland in 2002.

Today, Cask Global Canning Solutions offer canning solutions to several clients like wineries, breweries(small scale), craft drink manufacturers, and cider mills. Their services are not limited to Canada only but have expanded globally in over sixty countries. They produce canning machines, including an automated canning system(micro, mobile, and V5), semi-automated manual system, manual canning system, other products such as canning system accessories, etc.

Vessel Packaging Co

Vessel Packaging Co Logo


Vessel Packaging started as a small company with only one canning line in Vancouver, Canada, and just a few workers. A group of three friends who had one vision incorporated the company. The company grew gradually and expanded its operations and clientele. It is currently under the leadership of the three friends who ensure that every procedure from production to delivery was done precisely according to customers’ specifications. 

The services available at Vessel Packaging are designing, printing, mobile canning, pressure-sensitive labeling, shrink sleeving, and so on. At Vessel Packaging, they work closely with their clients and push them beyond their limits hence building their clients’ companies and theirs. This dedication has led to the formation of trustworthy relationships between the company and the clients over the years.


Finding a reliable canning line supplier to work with can sometimes be hectic since many companies offer these services. However, in this post, we highlight the best canning machine suppliers for you to choose from in Canada. Companies like Levapack have a reputation for serving their customers with the latest efficient products in the market, not forgetting at an affordable price.

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