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Best 10 Packaging Machine Manufacturers And Companies In The World

The packaging industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and the demand for packaging machinery is steadily increasing. Several factors are driving the growth of the packaging machinery market, such as the growing demand for packaged food and beverages, the increase in e-commerce, and the need for better packaging solutions. 

Several manufacturers have entered the market to meet the growing demand for packaging machinery, making it more challenging to find the best packaging machine manufacturer. This blog post will list the ten best packaging machine manufacturers and companies worldwide.

Levapack, China

Levapack Logo
Source: Levapack

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Conghua District, Guangzhou City, China

Year Founded: 2008

Certification: ISO, CE, CSA Certificates

Levapack is one of the trusted filling and sealing machine manufacturers. Levapack is well-known for its meticulous hand assembly, machine inspection, and no-load run testing. Levapack, a Chinese company, offers a variety of packaging machines to small and medium-sized businesses. To ensure maximum precision and efficiency, Levapack’s engineers insist that every can-filling and jar packaging machine is assembled by hand.

Services Offered

  • Canning Lines
  • Can Sterilizing Machines
  • Can Coding Machines
  • Can Labeling Machines
  • Can Filling Machines
  • Can Sealing Machines
  • Can Capping Machines

Tetra Laval, Switzerland

Tetra Laval Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Pully, Switzerland

Year Founded: 1993

Certification: EHEDG Food Safety Certification

The Tetra Laval Group is made up of three distinct industry groups. Tetra Pak designs and manufactures food and liquids packaging, distribution, and processing systems. DeLaval designs and manufactures systems for animal husbandry and milk production. Sidel designs and manufactures complete bottling and plastic packaging.

Tetra Laval AB is a subsidiary of Tetra Laval International SA. It provides financing, risk management, investment support, and legal advice to Tetra Laval Group members. They offer packaging solutions for food, beverages, personal care, and home products. To date, it has created more than 1000 packaging lines. There are around 40,000 Sidel machines in operation today across 190 countries. The company continues to innovate PET packaging solutions to reduce its environmental impact.

Services Offered:

  • Distribution and processing systems
  • Animal husbandry and milk production.
  • Bottling and plastic packaging

Krones Group, Germany

Krones Group Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Neutraubling, Germany

Year Founded: 1983

Certification: 3-A certificate, IMS certificate

Krones designs and manufactures components and complete lines of machines and machines that are used in the filling, packaging, and processing of liquid foods and beverages. It meets all requirements of food and beverage processing companies.

The company offers complete manufacturers, filling and packing lines, line for process technology, and intralogistics. It also has IT solutions and polyethylene recycling systems.

The company is headquartered in Germany and employs approximately 17.300 people worldwide. The company operates 21 production plants in the US, Europe, Brazil, Africa, Asia, and Brazil.

Services Offered:

  • Plastics engineering
  • Filling and packing technology
  • Process engineering
  • IT solutions and material handling systems

The Adelphi Group of Companies, UK

Adelphi Group Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Olympus House, Mill Green Rd, Haywards Heath RH16 1XQ, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 1947

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 

Adelphi Group of companies includes Adelphi Manufacturing, Adelphi Masterfil, Pharma Hygiene Products Ltd, and Adelphi Healthcare Packaging. It offers a wide range of processing and packaging equipment for various enterprises such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage, sealants, veterinary, essential oils, household chemicals, and equipment and machinery for agrochemicals. Adelphi Group is based in Haywards Heath (UK) and operates four divisions: pharma hygiene products, packaging machinery; laboratory equipment; healthcare packaging. 

Services Offered:

  • Automatic Filling Machines
  • Semi-Automatic Filling Machines
  • Drum & IBC
  •  Turnkey Packaging Lines
  • Entry Level Automation
  • Ampoule Processing
  • Bottle & Jar Processing
  • Capsule & Tablet Processing
  • Liquid Inspection
  • Syringe Processing
  • Tube Processing
  • Vial Processing

Fuji Machinery, Japan

Fuji Machinery Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: 2-14-10 Kamejima, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi 481-0043 JAPAN

Year Founded: April 7, 1959

Certification: ISO9001 certification

Fuji Machinery, a Japanese manufacturer of automatic packaging machinery, has six subsidiaries worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and America. It employs 669 people and has a distribution network throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This corporation is a leader in electronic powers and robotics within the packaging sector. The company’s horizontal pillow-wrapping machines undergo continuous improvements to meet future requirements.

FLAN centrally controls all equipment involved in the packaging process. To meet different packaging requirements, the company has 54 machines.

Services Offered:

  • Horizontal form fill seal machine
  • Vertical form fill seal machine
  • Stretch film wrapping machine
  • Shrink film wrapping machine
  • Cartoning machine
  • Case packer
  • Palletizer
  • Packaging assist robot; production control

Berhalter, Switzerland

Berhalter Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Lindenstrasse 120, 9443 Widnau, Switzerland

Year Founded: 1960

Certification: ISO 9001 / EN-9100 certified

Berhalter is one the best automatic packaging machine manufacturers for food, beverage, pet care, pharmaceuticals, and other non-food industries. Berhalter is committed to continuous innovation in sustainable packaging options. The company’s state-of-art machines include the Industrial IoT platform CUTcontrol(tm), which allows for digitalization and enhanced product execution. Berhalter offers a wide range of packaging solutions, from stand-alone machines to complete packaging lines. The company is vertically integrated and manufactures all components, from control devices to packaging material.

Berhalter is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. The company has a global presence, with subsidiaries and service offices in many countries worldwide. Berhalter is an innovative leader in the packaging industry and is constantly developing new technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of its machines.

Services Offered:

  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Machines – Service
  • Die-Cutting Tool – Resharpening Service
  • Spare Parts & Support
  • Digital Services
  • Sampling & Product Development

Marchesini Group, Italy

Marchesini Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Via Nazionale, 100, 40065 Pianoro BO, Italy

Year Founded: 2008

Certification: ISO 9001

Marchesini Group supplies machines and lines to the healthcare and personal care industries. It had a revenue of $493.8m in 2019 and bought three companies, Carlo Corazza FVM, Auteco Sistemi, and FVM.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology to create intelligent machines using artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and customized lines to increase production and improve product safety.

Marchesini has 477 patents and is active in over 68 US, Mexico, and Europe countries. It has ten European production plants and employs more than 1,315 persons.

Services Offered:

  • Machines and lines
  • Customer care
  • Technology and Research

Syntegon (Bosch Packaging Technology), Germany

Syntegon Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: Waiblingen, Germany

Year Founded: 1969 

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 

Syntegon provides equipment, services, and processing technology to the pharmaceutical and food industries. It offers process technology, solid and liquid dosage forms, assessment technology, secondary packaging resolutions, and other services for the healthcare pharma sector.

The company supplies filling machines for fluid packaging, process solutions for confectionery, and horizontal packaging. It also offers secondary packaging solutions. The company has over 2000 patent inventions and earned $1.4bn in revenue.

Syntegon also delivers intelligent solutions, including software and databases, underneath the Industry 4.0 portfolio. Syntegon, with over 6,100 employees and has approximately 64,000 machines installed worldwide.

Services Offered:

  • Processing and packaging solutions
  • After-Sales and Field Service 
  • Clean and Ultra-Clean Filling
  • Continuous Manufacturing
  • Dry and Liquid Food and Confectionary
  • Feeding, Filling, Dosing, and Closing
  • Horizontal and Vertical Packaging Technology, 
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions, 
  • Inspection Technology, 
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging Technology, 
  • Processing and Packaging Machines, 
  • Solid and Liquid Pharmaceuticals, 
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions, 
  • System Competence and Track & Trace Technology

Aetna Group, USA

Aetna Group Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: 2150 Boggs Rd NW Suite 200, Duluth, GA 30096, United States

Year Founded: 1853

Aetna Group provides various solutions, including semi-automatic wrappers with innovative technologies and automated solutions for wrapping, shrimp wrapping, and other packaging solutions. Aetna Group’s products are used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. The company’s machines are known for their quality and reliability, and Aetna Group’s customer service is some of the best in the industry.

Seven manufacturing plants are operated by the company, five in Packaging Valley, Italy. One each in the USA and Brazil. There are nine company subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, France, Germany, and Brazil.

Services Offered:

  • Stretch, flexible packaging, shrink packaging, protective packaging, palletizing, and packaging.

Barry-Wehmiller Companies, USA

Barry-Wehmiller Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Year Founded: 1885

Barry-Wehmiller provides manufacturing solutions for various industries, including packaging, engineering, and paper conversion. The company employs more than 12,000 people around the world and has an annual turnover of $3bn.

The BW companies include Accraply, BW Flexible Systems, BW Integrated Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus, and Synerlink (packaging system business), BW Papersystems (“paper processing equipment”), Winkler + Dunnebier (“tissue and film converting machinery) and Design Group (engineering/IT consulting).

They offer a variety of packaging lines, including primary packaging, wet-dry filler, seaming, and capping as well as flexible and rigid form-fill-seal.

Barry-Wehmiller owns approx 90+ companies located in more than 100 countries in North America, South America, and Europe.

Services Offered:

  • Icon-bioprocessing. 
  • Bioprocessing Centrifugation Solutions.
  • Packaging Equipment & Technology.

Selecting the Right Packaging Machinery for Your Business

In the pursuit of identifying the appropriate packaging machinery, enterprises are confronted with a labyrinth of possibilities. Each packaging machines supplier brings forth a suite of distinctive functionalities and expertise, amplifying the complexity of the selection matrix. To distill this process, businesses should contemplate a series of critical aspects:

canning line
canning line
  • Sector Specificity: The choice of machinery is distinctly variable, depending on whether the application is in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or other sectors. Every industry demands unique packaging protocols, and packaging machines suppliers often harbor specialties specific to an array of market sections.
  • Product Differentiation: The essence of the product—be it liquid, solid, delicate, or perishable—prescribes the requisite packaging machinery type. Top packaging companies offer specialized machinery tailored for a variety of product natures to ensure superior packaging efficacy.
  • Volume of Production: Precisely gauge your production capacity requirements. For establishments dealing with lofty production volumes, it is judicious to consult machine manufacturer companies known for their durable and expeditious machines. Conversely, for more diminutive operations, a more compact and financially accessible device may prove more advantageous.
  • Economic Considerations: The pecuniary facet is of vital significance. While selecting less costly alternatives may appear appealing, evaluation of the total cost of ownership, enveloping sustenance and operational expenditures, is imperative. Packaging machines suppliers typically present an assortment of machinery to cater to a spectrum of financial scenarios.
  • Customizability of Machinery: The dynamism present in the packaging machinery market necessitates a flexible approach to machinery customization. Businesses should seek out manufacturers who are adept at providing adaptive solutions, enabling your enterprise to synergize with your escalating operational needs.

Discernment of these considerations will enable enterprises to adeptly maneuver the broad scope of packaging manufacturing, facilitating the identification of machinery that is congruent with their specific operational prerequisites.

Sustainability in Packaging: How Manufacturers are Adapting

The surging impetus for environmental sustainability is engendering a paradigm shift in the packaging machinery market. Packaging machine manufacturers are at the forefront of these evolutionary changes, endeavoring to introduce more sustainable solutions:

  • Recyclable Material Utilization: In a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship, numerous top packaging companies have embraced the use of recyclable materials in their machine designs, thus mitigating the ecological footprint of the packaging machinery and its byproducts.
  • Energy-Efficient Machinery: Paramount in this transformative journey is the emphasis on energy efficiency. Leading package machine manufacturers are engineering a new generation of machines that demand lower energy input, thereby attenuating the ecological impact of packaging creation.
  • Reduction of Waste Technologies: Innovators within the packaging machinery market are deploying technologies expressly devised to decrease waste in packaging systems, benefiting both environmental initiatives and the cost-efficiency of business operations.
  • Sustainability Authentication and Collective Efforts: An increasing contingent of packaging machines suppliers is embracing industry-specific sustainability certifications while participating in global initiatives that accentuate the importance of environmental responsibility within the sphere of packaging manufacturing.

By prioritizing sustainability and environmental conservation, these manufacturers are making substantial contributions to the well-being of our planet, simultaneously providing companies with avenues to bolster their sustainability profiles.


In conclusion, these are the ten best packaging companies in the world. Each one has a strong reputation and produces high-quality machines. If you are in the market for a packaging machine, contact Levapack. We would be happy to help you find the perfect machine.

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