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A Guide to Sauce Packaging: Filling, Sealing, and Labeling

Unpasteurized fresh food needs to be packed with special care with all the suitable materials to carry out the packaging process smoothly. Sauce packaging is also one such delicate process that requires compliance with all the hygiene requirements. It is profitable to get a sauce packaging machine that helps carry out the bottling process at the correct temperatures. 

But, sauce packaging requires some in-depth knowledge too.

Here is the complete guide to sauce canning: filling, sealing, and labeling. Let’s jump into the crux of the sauce packaging machines and how they can benefit your business.

Types of Sauce Packaging Machines

A. High Viscosity Piston Filler for Sauce Packaging

Piston filler
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High viscosity piston fillers are a popular choice for sauce packaging because they can handle a varied range of viscosities but they specialize in thick products like sauces. While the tabletop piston filler machines require an operator to handle the packaging process, the automatic piston fillers use operator interfaces for functioning. 

So, depending on your requirement, you can choose either of the piston filler machines for sauce packaging.

The piston filler machine uses a volumetric filling principle to fill the cans and bottles with the sauces. The unchanging nature of the packaging that is being filled with the sauce, makes the volumetric principle highly accurate for use in every level of automation. It also helps fill containers of different kinds, be it sachet or glass bottles.
While buying a piston filler machine, you must consider the number of nozzles that are present in the machine because that determines the number of bottles that will be produced in a day. Depending on the number of units that you want to produce in a day, you will have to get a machine with adjustable nozzles.

B. Sauce Jar/Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle filling machine
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Sauce jar/bottle filling machines are automatic and semi-automatic, according to which they operate. The fully automatic sauce bottle packaging machines use their user operator to place the bottles that are supposed to be filled on the conveyor belt and fill them as they move downstream. For semi-automatic machines, the bottles need to be manually placed.

The bottles are set on the conveyor belt according to the number of nozzles that the machine has. The bottles are then sensed by the sensor and the filling up process begins. Some machines also offer a fill setting time that can be changed as per your requirements. After the bottles are filled, the new batch of bottles are released on the conveyor and the process continues.

If you are using a semi-automatic machine, then you will also have to pick up the filled containers after they complete the first round. Automatic machines will replace the filled containers with empty ones automatically.

C. Sauce Pouch Filling Machine

sauce pouch filling machines
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Automatic sauce pouch filling machines are suitable for automatic packaging of the sauce into the premade sachets. This machine adopts a computer control system and completes the whole sachet filling system automatically. A preformed pouch is passed along on the conveyor belt and filled with the preferred liquid.

The steps followed in filling sauce pouches using pouch packaging machines include:

  1. Sauce pouches are collected by a robot arm and released on a conveyor belt
  2. The mouth of the pouch is opened
  3. The preformed pouched is placed below the hopper and a measured amount of product is dispensed into the pouch
  4. The mouth of the pouch is sealed shut by subjecting it to high temperature and then cooling it down
  5. The filled packets are replaced by empty ones after every cycle

D. Can Sealing/Seaming Machine for Sauce Packaging

Can sealing machine
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The food and beverages industry has seen a lot of technological changes, especially in the packaging aspect. A sauce packaging machine supplier provides the newest technological machines with various different models to choose from. The types of can sealer machines available are:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic vacuum sealing machine
  • Semi-automatic can seamer for small production
  • Fixed speed sealing machine
  • High volume fully automatic seamer
  • Aluminum foil induction sealing machine

Can seamers are also available in different mechanical compositions and designs such as:

  • Automatic can sealers 
  • Semi-automatic can sealers
  • Contact can sealing operation
  • Non-contact can sealing operation

You need to determine the type of sealing or capping that you want your container to have before you invest in the sauce packaging machine.

E. Sauce Pouch Packing Machine

Sauce Pouch Packing Machine
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A sauce pouch is either made up of paper or plastic and its edges are sealed with one side open for filling. The sauce pouch packing machine is used to fill the liquid inside the preformed pouch. It is important to choose the right sauce pouch packaging machine for your product. 

For choosing the right machine, you must understand the difference between a form-fill-seal machine and a pouch packaging machine. Some of the differences between the two machines are:

  • A form-fill-seal machine produces the pouches before filling them with the product. A pouch packaging machine fills ready-made pouches.
  • Since there is no pouch forming required, the yield rate of pouch packaging machines is higher
  • A premade pouch packaging machine can be customized to be more compact than a form-fill-seal machine

F. Sauce Capping Machine

Capping machine
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Capping machines are used in the packaging of various products. Different caps have different purposes and therefore require different types of capping machines for the packaging. A sauce capping machine can be either automatic or semi-automatic. The automatic machine includes a delivery system for the caps, while semi-automatic machines need manual placement of the caps.

The different types of capping machines include:

  • Screw-on capper machine: This allows you to screw the lid on the container to seal the packaging
  • Spindle capping machine: It uses a spinning disc to tighten the caps on the packaging
  • Chuck capping machine: It uses a capping head to apply torque and produce a seal
  • Snap capper machine: It is used on containers with snap caps
  • Bottle corking machine: It releases corks on the bottle opening to seal them shut

G. Sauce Labeling Machine

Labeling machine
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A sauce labeling machine can be used for printing, jar labeling, and bottle labeling. They are designed to apply labels on different products and containers. The labels adhere to the packaging materials like plastic, glass, steel, aluminum, and fiber drums. These machines range from simple dispensing label machines to completely automatic machines.

The labeling process starts with the products released on the conveyor belt. The premade labels are applied to the cap on the body of the product while it rotates on the conveyor. If you use the optical laser printing machine, then the laser is used to form the label on the product. The printed containers keep moving on the conveyor until they reach the end or you stop the process.

Applications of Sauce Packing Machine

A sauce packing machine is versatile and will let the buyer use it for packaging multiple other food items. Below, there is a list of a few common packaging that can be achieved using a sauce packaging machine.

A. BBQ Sauce Bottling Equipment

BBQ sauce packaging
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BBQ sauce packaging requires a specific type of equipment to handle its viscosity and fill the containers effectively. Many companies offer customized solutions to packaging to meet your specific needs. Depending on the application, these companies will help you select the ideal machinery for your packaging.

The form of your BBQ sauce containers has an impact on how valuable your product is viewed. Custom forms or other eye-catching patterns are used by certain firms to give their products some personality. Of course, more complex designs would necessitate the use of a specialist mold, which will increase the cost. Different BBQ sauce packaging containers also need custom packaging machines to ensure accurate filling and sealing.

After the BBQ sauce has been filled in the containers, you can use the capping machines and the labeling machines to complete the packaging process with unique branding.

B. Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

tomato sauce packaging
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Sauce packing machines can be used in filing and sealing tomato sauce in various containers. These machines can be customized to suit the viscosity and measurability of the product that needs to be filled. 

C. Pasta Sauce Packaging

Pasta sauce packaging
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Pasta sauce is a delicacy whose consistency is what makes the whole product a deal maker or a deal-breaker. If the packaging is poor, or substandard, there are bound to be complaints from the customers, and in the worst case, the license of the food product manufacturer can also be invalidated. Packaging the pasta sauce with its perfect consistency is possible only with the help of precision sauce filling and sealing machines. 

To get the most out of your tomato sauce, keep it as fresh as possible. From fill to final distribution, our unique can packaging and premade pouch packaging solutions feature a wide choice of machinery for a comprehensive sauce packaging solution intended to preserve your paste sauce.

D. Chili Sauce Packaging

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The right chili sauce packaging machine will be able to meet the challenges of filling the viscous liquid without incurring unnecessary expenses in the production process.

Sauces are available in a variety of sizes and formats, including glass bottles, canisters, flexible pouches, and solitary sachets. Therefore, chili sauce producers can choose the right chili sauce packaging machine to meet the specific packaging needs. The most popular chili sauce packaging machines are can packaging machines, bottling machines, and pouch packaging machines.

E. Soy Sauce Packaging

Soy sauce packaging
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Quality soy sauce packaging is important to maintain the density of the product and retain its properties.  

According to the FSSAI, mandatory information on labels should include the date of manufacture, address, components, nutritive quality, preservative, amount, barcode, and food color information. Labeling machines and coding machines are also important in soy sauce packaging solutions.

Things to consider when investing in sauce packaging machines/lines

Liquid filling machine
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It is important to consider a few things before getting a sauce packaging machine because everyone has different packaging requirements. Some of the things to consider before investing in a sauce packaging machine include:

Different Types of Sauce Containers

Sauce containers
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There are various different types of containers available to pack and store sauces. Depending on the packaging containers of the sauce, you need to invest in a can packaging machine or pouch packaging machine. You can customize the machine according to your requirements for uniquely branded packaging. 

There are different machines available for packaging glass bottles and sachets. Your packaging material and container will decide the ideal sauce packaging machine for your product. You will also have to determine the size of the container for packaging before you buy a packing machine.

Ideally, the sauce filling machine should be flexible enough to handle a varied range of bottle sizes and shapes in minimal time. 

If a client wants to use a clear glass container, then he may want a level filler for an attractive presentation of the packaging bottle. Others might want a small container that can influence the nozzle size and number of the machinery. The packaging container will help determine the best-suited sauce packaging machine for your product.

The Viscosity of Sauce Products

Viscosity of sauce
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The sauce filling machines offer different performances to different liquid viscosities. Some machines are better equipped for thick liquid products, while others are better suited for runny liquid products. Some machines also offer a specialty to handle both the type of products. You need to consider the viscosity of your product to ensure that the filler chosen can handle the density of your product.

For a thin and free-flowing product like water, an overflow filler is ideal. However, if the same machinery is used to fill a thick product such as honey, it won’t be as effective. For thicker liquids, a piston filling machine is a better choice. 

The bottom line remains that while investing in a sauce filling machine, the viscosity of the product should always be considered.

Sauce Packaging Machine Price

Sauce packaging machine
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It is a common misconception that high-priced machines offer better performance. You need to look at the performance of the machine that you are buying and if that performance is worth the price that you are paying for. You need to determine your requirements for the machine before investing in one.

Once your requirements have been determined, you need to rule out the machines that would be of no use to you and select the ones that will be ideal for packaging your product. Contact the sauce packaging machine suppliers to know about the price and features of the machine that you are interested in and get it customized as per your requirements.

Degree Of Automation

You need to determine the number of bottles that you need to produce in a day before you decide to buy a sauce packaging machine. This will make it easy for you to calculate the capacity per hour of the machine that you need to buy.

The machine that you select should be upgradable and have the ability to grow as and when the technology updates. It should be able to accommodate more nozzles when required. 

Your production demands will help you decide if you need a manual, semi-automatic, or completely automatic sauce filling machine. If your production units are small, then you can work with a manual or a semi-automatic machine. When the production rate picks up, you can upgrade to a completely automatic liquid filling machine.


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It is important to buy your packaging machines from a certified supplier to ensure the best quality. Certificates make sure that the standard requirements of code and conduct are met. If you are buying a packaging machine that is not certified, there will not be any guarantee for the performance of the machine.

When working in the food and beverage industry, it is important to abide by the safety rules to ensure the safety of your customers. Getting a sauce packaging machine from a certified supplier will keep you assured that the basic standard rules of the food and beverage industry are met.


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Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of any business and a warranty offers peace of mind to the owners as well as the customers. Getting a machine with an extended warranty offers peace of mind to you that any needed repairs would be covered. The warranty also increases the confidence of the buyer in the product. 

A sauce packaging machine with a warranty assures that any unforeseen expenses regarding the machine would be covered by the company that you buy the machine from. You can also get the warranty extended for extra charges of course, but it is fruitful in the long run.

Technical Support

Technical support
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Technical support plays an important role from setting up the machinery to ensuring the proper functioning of the plant. You need to make sure that the company that you buy the machine from offers fast and effective tech support so that you don’t have to face any problems after the purchase of the ideal machinery. 

It is difficult to understand the technological updates of all the machines that you are using, which is why it is important to have technical support from the company that you are buying your machines from. Technology keeps upgrading every day and if your machines are upgradable, then you need to stay updated on the new upgrades of the machinery for better results.

Tech support will help you stay updated on the new upgrades and keep your machinery up to date. It will enhance your machine’s performance and increase the productivity of your product’s packaging. When you get your machine installed, make sure that you understand the working of your machine from the tech support completely for optimized usage of the machinery.

How Can a Sauce Packaging Machine Benefit Your Business?

A sauce packaging machine helps businesses in various ways like:

1. Safety and security

Sauce packaging needs uperization, which requires machines to keep workers safe. Automatic packaging machines are ideal to ensure the safety and efficiency of production.

2. Customizable Solution

It offers a customized solution to your packaging needs. Getting a sauce packaging machine that is ideal for your product will help retain the properties of your product for a long time. The viscosity of your product needs a different machine and getting a sauce packaging machine that is ideal for your product’s density will make the packaging process effective.

3. Branding

Packaging and labeling your products is one of the most effective ways to brand your product. The machine helps brand your product in a unique way and according to your requirements. A machine that is customized especially to produce packaging for your product gives you an opportunity to tailor-make your packaging.

4. Save labor costs

You can get a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic machine for packaging your sauce as per your requirements. Precision sauce packaging machines guarantee accurate filling and sealing and help save labor costs.


Sauce packaging is a very vital process that needs to abide by the rules and conducts of the food and beverage industry for safety purposes. Getting a sauce packaging machine that is customized to suit your packaging requirements is beneficial for your product in the long run. Approach a certified can packaging machine supplier for the best performance.

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