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The Ultimate Guide to Filling Machines for Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is a rapidly growing market, with manufacturers striving to meet increasing consumer demands for a wide variety of cosmetic products. To stay competitive, it’s crucial to have efficient and reliable filling machines as part of your production line. 

Cosmetic businesses can benefit greatly by choosing filling machines from a reliable cosmetic filling machine manufacturer. This ultimate guide will provide you with valuable insights into the different types of filling machines for cosmetics, their working principles, and how to select the right equipment for your manufacturing needs. 

What is a Filling Machine For Cosmetics 

Filling Machine 

Filling machines for cosmetics are specifically designed to accurately fill containers with various cosmetic products. Cosmetics generally arrive in different forms like solids, liquids, powders, etc. There is no one-type filling machine that can be used for all kinds of cosmetics. There are different kinds of cosmetic jar filling machine models based on the type of cosmetic product. 

For example, for filling lotions and creams, there are viscous filling machines. Similarly, there are powder filling machines for foundation powder, setting powder, and other powder-based cosmetic products. The liquid filling machines are used to fill serums, rose water, and similar water-based cosmetics. 

The cosmetic filler machine models are accessible in several automation levels. Based on the production capacity and budget, it is best to choose between automatic filler machines, semi-automatic filler machines, and manual automatic filler machines. There are also specific cosmetic filling machines that are to be used particularly for pouches, containers, tubes, etc. 

The choice of filling and sealing machine should be based on the nature of the material, the product characteristics, and the specific requirements of your production line. In the below section, we’ll dive deeper into different types of cosmetic filling machines and discuss their applications and advantages.

5 Different Types of Cosmetic Filling Machines 

The cream filler machines supplier offers different types of filling machines used in the cosmetics industry. Each type of filling machine comes with its unique benefits and applications suitable for businesses of various sizes.   

Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine 

Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machine
Source: Levapack

A cosmetic liquid filling machine is specifically designed for filling various liquid products such as lotions, creams, and oils into containers. These machines utilize volumetric nozzles, like those found in Levapack’s liquid filling machine, to ensure efficient and precise packing. 

With a filling speed of 30 cans per minute, this type of machine is ideal for high-volume production lines, ensuring consistent product quality and meeting customer demands. In addition to that, the lotion packaging solution machines can fill liquid cosmetics into jars, and other packaging types. 

The Levapack’s cosmetic liquid filling machines are made of the best quality #304 and #316 stainless steel materials. The liquid filling machine for cosmetic oil is known for its durability and works for a long time. Also, the cosmetic liquid filling machines come with a PLC sensor and are automated, making it easy to regulate the machine with the help of LED intelligent control panels. 

Piston Filling Machine for Cosmetics 

Piston Filling Machine
Source: Levapack 

Piston filling machines are highly versatile, capable of handling a wide range of product viscosities from light liquids to thick pastes and creams. They use a piston-driven mechanism to accurately dispense the desired amount of product into containers. The piston filling machines are generally used in the cosmetic industry for filling thick creams, gels, heavy shampoos, conditioners, waxes, oils, and many more.

The automatic piston filling machine for cosmetics has servo motors that ensure enhanced filling accuracy. In addition to that, it is also simple to fix the filling volume with the help of a touch screen. Automatic piston filling machines are known for their quick filling rates and overall cost reductions. 

This type of machine is popular in the cosmetics industry due to its ability to handle various product types with minimal changeover time, making it a cost-effective solution for manufacturers. In short, for businesses that handle different viscosity fluid cosmetics, piston filling machines are the best bet. 

Powder Filling Machines 

Powder Filling Machine
Source: Levapack

Powder filling machines are designed to fill containers with powdered cosmetic products such as makeup, face powder, talcum powder, eye shadow, setting powder, pressed powder, translucent powder, finishing powder, powder foundation, mineral powder, and more. 

These machines use a combination of volumetric and weight-based filling methods to ensure accurate dispensing of the product, preventing product waste and maintaining consistency. In addition, powder filling machines can be tailored to accommodate different container sizes, ensuring seamless integration with your production line.

This powder filling machines come with straight double-head filling, main filling, and refilling to assure filling accuracy. These machines feature servo motors and servo drive control screws that ensure steady performance. In addition to that, the positioning is precise and the filling speed is quick.

Granule Filling Machines 

Granule filling machines are ideal for filling containers with granular cosmetic products such as bath salts, scrubs, or exfoliants. These machines use a volumetric filling system to dispense the product accurately and consistently, ensuring uniformity in the final product. Moreover, granule filling machines can handle a wide range of granule sizes, making them an adaptable solution for various cosmetic applications. 

These granule filling cosmetic machines are made to fill and dispense a fixed quantity of cosmetic products into pouches, bags, bottles, jars, bags, etc. They utilize accurate measuring systems to assure precise and steady filling of cosmetics into containers. The granule filling machines are also accessible in compact and large sizes to meet the demand of businesses. 

Capsule Filling Machine 

Capsule filling machines are used to fill capsules with powdered or granular cosmetic products, such as supplements or skincare capsules. The capsule fillers dispense various types of cosmetic products into empty capsules. These machines ensure accurate and efficient filling while maintaining the integrity of the capsules, providing a high-quality final product for consumers. 

Capsule filling machines can be customized to handle different capsule sizes and production capacities, making them a versatile solution for various cosmetic manufacturers. In addition to that, there are automatic, semi-automatic, and manual capsule filling cosmetic machines. Industrial capsule cosmetic fillers are utilized in cosmetic manufacturing at a massive scale with high efficiency. 

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Cosmetic Filler Machine 

Solid Filling Machine
Source: Levapack 

There are various types of cosmetic filler machines that are ideal for certain types of cosmetics. Before selecting a cosmetic filling machine, consider the following factors to ensure the best fit for your production line:

Product Characteristics 

It’s essential to consider the characteristics of the product, such as viscosity, texture, and consistency when choosing a filling machine for cosmetic products. Levapack’s liquid filling machine, for example, can handle a wide range of product viscosities from light liquids to thick pastes and creams, ensuring compatibility with various cosmetic products. 

As a result, before acquiring a filling machine for cosmetics, business owners should consider what type of cosmetics they are packing. For instance, there are cosmetic liquid filling machines, piston filling machines for cosmetics, powder filling machines, granule filling machines, and capsule filling machines. 

Types of Containers 

The type of container will also affect your choice of filling machine. When it comes to filling and packaging of cosmetics, there are various container choices, such as bottles, jars, tubes, pouches, bags, cans, airless bottles, and many more. 

For example, the cosmetic filling machine that is meant to dispense products into pouches might not be ideal to fill cosmetics in small jars. Ensure the machine is compatible with your desired container type and size, as well as any specific requirements related to sealing or capping.

Production Capacity 

Consider the production capacity of your line and choose a filling machine with a suitable speed. Levapack’s liquid filling machine has a filling speed of 30 cans per minute, making it ideal for high-volume production lines that require quick turnaround times. 

To put it simply, small businesses with decent demand can use regular cosmetic filling machines. However, it is best for large businesses with huge demand to use high-end cosmetic filling machines that feature a top-notch filling speed per minute. 

Filling Accuracy 

Accuracy is critical in the cosmetic filling, as precise filling ensures consistent product quality. Because of highly precise filling, there will be no waste of cosmetic products and it also prevents the production unit from getting messy due to overfilling. 

At Levapack, there are high-end liquid filling machines that come with about 6 volumetric nozzles for efficient packing. In addition to that, these filling machines for cosmetics ensure a high level of accuracy in the filling process. 

Machines Maintenance 

Consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning for the filling machine, as regular upkeep is crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing downtime. Choose a filling machine with accessible parts and easy-to-clean components to minimize the time and effort required for routine maintenance. 

It is best to acquire cosmetic filling machines from manufacturers that offer quick technical support and maintenance services. This way, business owners do not need to panic when the filling machines are not working as the manufacturer will send workers to fix the issues and ensure periodic maintenance. 

Trustworthy Cosmetic Filling Machine in Levapack 

With nearly 14 years of experience, Levapack is a leading supplier of high-quality filling machines for the cosmetics industry. It is an ISO-certified and CE-certified cosmetic filling machine manufacturer that uses only high-quality raw materials and has its own R&D center. Choosing cosmetic filling machines from Levapack offers several advantages for your production line. 

Automation Technology Makes Your Production Worry-Free 

Automated filling machines from Levapack streamline your production process, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency. By automating the filling process, you can ensure a worry-free production experience and minimize the potential for human error. In addition, these automated filling machines are known for their high precision filling and high-speed filling. 

Provide Can Packaging Line Solution Customized Services 

Levapack offers a full line of packaging machines, including; filling machines, seaming machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and coding machines. With high-quality packaging line solutions and unparalleled technical support, Levapack is the perfect partner for your cosmetics filling needs.

They also provide customized services tailored to your specific production requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your existing operations. This flexibility allows you to create a customized packaging line solution that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve optimal results in your cosmetics production line. 


Selecting the right filling machine for your cosmetic production line is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your productivity and product quality. By considering factors such as product characteristics, container types, production capacity, filling accuracy, and machine maintenance, you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs. 

Levapack offers a wide range of filling machines and customized solutions to help you achieve optimal results in your cosmetics production line, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive cosmetics industry. Contact Levapack today to get instant quotes on cosmetic filling machines. 

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