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Cream Filling Machine

Cream Filling Machine in Levapack

The rapid growth of the cosmetics industry and increase in the number of consumers have resulted in a tight competition in the market. The players need to find a way on how their brand will stand out on the shelves while minimizing their operation costs as much as possible. This calls for the need for can filling machines for cream/lotion that will help in achieving an efficient and cost-effective production line.

Levapack is a company in China supplying innovative cream filler machines for sale at affordable prices. As an experienced packaging solutions manufacturer, we can provide you with customizable lotion/cream can filler machines to accommodate your production line’s specific requirements. Our viscous liquid filling machines are suitable for filling liquids with various viscosity levels from free-flowing to thick paste including cosmetic creams and lotions.

Our cream fillers are equipped with pistons to efficiently fill your cream and lotion products into your chosen containers without any problems. We guarantee that you’ll get durable packaging machines from Levapack. Reach out to us now and get your ideal packaging solutions! 

As a professional liquid filling machine manufacturing company, we also offer this automatic filler machine made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The perfect can and bottle filling machines for the beverage industry.

  • Model: LPE-LFM006
  • This liquid filling machine features 6 volumetric nozzles for efficient & precise packing.
  • Suitable for filling beverage & other free-flowing non-carbonated liquid into the tin, aluminum & PET round cans.
  • Adopting automation technology, importing PLC, sensor, pneumatic components, machine is efficient, intelligent, wide adaptability and good stability.


The liquid filling machine that has the best performance for special liquid. Widely used in food, edible oil, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides and other industries.

  • Model: LPE-VFM006
  • Piston filling type, piston cylinder with low wear metering cylinder, long life self-compensating piston seal, life-long maintenance free.
  • Imported PLC with man-machine interface, suitable for filling various viscosity products from water to cream, widely used in tomato paste, chili sauce, meat sauce, honey and other paste materials and materials with poor fluidity.


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