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A Complete Shampoo Filling and Packaging Machine Solution

The shampoo business can be relatively profitable as it is an essential haircare product. There are plenty of shampoo businesses in the present market, so it is beneficial for businesses to try clean and effective packaging solutions. Also, using high-speed packaging machines ensures quick production and supply shampoo products in high quantities to meet the market demand. 

At present, businesses can find several shampoo packaging machine suppliers that offer canning, filling, sealing, capping, labeling, and coding machines. Industry-leading shampoo packaging machine manufacturers provide high-end shampoo packaging lines for affordable prices. 

Packing Shampoo in the Factory

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine
Source: Levapack

The global shampoo market is estimated to reach USD 39.58 billion by 2028 with a 3.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2028. While the North American market is the largest shampoo market, the Asia Pacific market is the fastest-growing shampoo market. The shampoo market is highly competitive, and packaging plays a significant role in attracting customers. 

The viscosity of shampoos makes packaging them a challenging task. The texture of shampoo can clog filling machinery, which can lead to production downtime, product waste, and inefficiency. To address this challenge, shampoo factories can use a shampoo bottle filling machine, which is suitable for filling and packing shampoo, conditioners, and other similar products into containers. 

Levapack’s shampoo sauce packaging machine can improve the production efficiency of the shampoo packaging businesses. The shampoo bottle filler machine features a highly accurate volumetric piston pump, anti-drip nozzles, and an electronic control system, which ensures high efficiency and accuracy during the packaging process. 

The shampoo packaging line provides an all-in-one solution to fill, rinse, cap, label, and code shampoo bottles efficiently and precisely. Levapack’s shampoo filling machines feature machines made of high-quality materials and equipped with advanced technology, reducing production downtime and increasing efficiency.

Equipped Your Plant With Shampoo Packaging Machine

By equipping your shampoo manufacturing and packaging factory with Levapack’s automatic shampoo filling machine, container rinsers, capping, labeling, and coding machines, you can achieve high-quality packaging that meets industry standards. 

Container Rinsers

During the container manufacturing procedure, they can get covered in dirt or germs, so container rinsers or sterilizers are utilized to rinse and sterilize the containers. Depending on the process they utilize for sterilizing, the shampoo container rinsers are classified into: air can/bottle rinser, water can/bottle sterilizer, and ionized air can/bottle sterilizer. 

Container Rinser
Source: Levapack

Levapack’s container rinsers ensure hygiene and product quality by washing and sterilizing bottles before filling. The machine uses a high-pressure water jet to rinse the inside and outside of the container, ensuring that there is no residue or dirt inside the bottle. 

Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine

Viscous liquid filling machines are used for filling shampoo into containers. The hopper, filling head/nozzle, mechanical drive system, sensors, plc control system, weigher, or measuring cup are some of the vital complements of a shampoo bottle filling machine. The viscous liquid filling machines come with a piston filling type. They also have a piston cylinder equipped with a metering cylinder. 

Levapack’s shampoo filling machines feature a highly accurate volumetric piston pump, ensuring precise filling of liquid shampoo. The machine also has a nozzle with an anti-drip design to avoid spilling and ensure clean bottle filling. The smart control keypad can be utilized to fix the filling range or quantity of the shampoo that needs to be dispensed in each container. 

The shampoo will be poured into the hopper or cylinder of the shampoo bottle filler and will be dispensed through the filling head into containers. Through the conveyor, the containers will be sent to filler equipment. Based on the total filling heads, the shampoo filling machine will dispense shampoo into one or more containers simultaneously. 

Capping Machine

Levapack Screw Capping Machine
Source: Levapack

The capping machines are another crucial element in the shampoo packaging line. The machine can cap different types of shampoo bottle caps, including screw caps, snap-on caps, and flip-top caps. The capping machine has the capacity to cap different types of shampoo bottle caps, including screw caps, snap-on caps, and flip-top caps. 

The machine uses magnetic torque technology to ensure accurate and tight capping, preventing leakage and ensuring product quality. In addition to that, the shampoo capping machine comes with adjustable torque settings, making it suitable for different bottle types and cap sizes. At Levapack, different types of LPE snap capper machines and LPE screw capper machines are accessible. 

Labeling Machine

The labeling machine is essential in ensuring accurate and high-quality labeling of shampoo bottles. The shampoo labeling machine can apply wrap-around, front, and back labels to shampoo bottles with high accuracy and speed. The automatic can label machines have the capacity to label rough cap surfaces precisely with the help of servo motor drivers.

Levapack’s labeling machines can label up to 200 bottles per minute, which is suitable for large-scale production plants. It helps in improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. In addition to that, the labeling machine can handle different types of labels, including self-adhesive, paper, or plastic labels.

Coding Machine

The coding machine is a significant element in ensuring the traceability of shampoo products. The machine can print dates, batch numbers, and other information on shampoo bottles, ensuring that consumers have access to vital product information. There are various types of coding machines, such as thermal transfer coding machines, laser coding machines, and inkjet machines. 

The shampoo coding machine uses inkjet printing technology, which is quick, clean, and reliable, ensuring that the information is printed accurately and clearly. The coding machine can handle different types of surfaces and materials, ensuring that the ink adheres well to the surface. 

Considerations of Choosing Shampoo Packaging Machine

Capping Machine
Source: Levapack

When choosing a shampoo packaging machine, several factors need to be considered to ensure that one chose the right type of machine. Such factors include automation, production speed, filling and packaging precision, maintenance requirements, shampoo packing machine price, and more.

Automation of the Shampoo Packing Machine

The shampoo filling machine models are made with the latest packaging technology. They can efficiently fill highly viscous shampoo products into various containers. Moreover, the capping machines can automatically cap shampoo containers. 

Levapack’s automatic shampoo filling machine features an electronic control system that ensures high efficiency and accuracy during the shampoo packaging process. The machine can also adjust the filling volume automatically to avoid wasting shampoo, reducing production costs. 

Your Required Production Speed

Production speed is another vital factor to be taken into account while picking the proper shampoo packaging machines. For small businesses, standard-speed packaging machines might be enough, while massive packaging businesses require high-speed machines to ensure quick production. 

Levapack’s liquid filling machine has a speed of 30 cans per minute, suitable for medium to large shampoo production plants. Reliable packaging machines can increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs with speedy processes. 

Filling and Packaging Precision

Levapack’s shampoo packaging line features machines with high filling and packaging precision, ensuring product quality and meeting industry standards. They will fill and pack the shampoo containers neatly without spilling or uneven packaging. 

The liquid shampoo filling machine features six volumetric nozzles that ensure efficient and precise packing of shampoo. Due to these highly accurate volumetric piston pumps and anti-drip nozzles, they ensure clean bottle filling and avoid product waste.

Maintenance Requirement

Levapack’s machines are made with durable materials and require minimal maintenance, reducing production downtime and increasing efficiency. Regular maintenance can ensure that the machines operate smoothly. 

The machines are designed to be durable and require minimal lubrication and cleaning. Additionally, the machines come with an easy-to-use interface that makes troubleshooting and maintenance straightforward.

Shampoo Packing Machine Price

Levapack offers affordable and customizable shampoo packaging solutions suitable for small, medium, and large shampoo manufacturing and packaging plants. Our prices are competitive but we do not compromise on the quality of the machines. 

We offer customized packaging solutions that meet your specific needs. In addition to that, Levapack also provides after-sales support to ensure that our customers get the best value for their investment.

Levapack – Your Customizable Shampoo Packaging Line Supplier

Levapack is a manufacturer of shampoo packaging lines. They have been supplying packaging lines for over 14 years in more than 36 countries. It has an ISO-certified factory where filling and packaging machines are made using high-quality materials. This supplier has an efficient 2000 m2 manufacturing area and self-reliant R&D capabilities. 

One-stop Solution of Jar & Bottle Packaging Line

Levapack is your one-stop shop for jar and bottle packaging lines, including filling, capping, labeling, coding, and other packaging-related machinery. This supplier also provides customization options in order to produce customized machines that suit business requirements. 

We provide professional technical support and after-sales service, ensuring the smooth operation of your shampoo packaging line. Additionally, partnering with us comes with various B2B benefits, including competitive pricing, efficient logistics, and payment terms that suit your business.

Guaranteed Quality

Levapack’s machines are made with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards. We provide a warranty for all our products, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our products. Our shampoo packaging machines are designed to be durable, efficient, and easy to maintain, ensuring that our customers get the best value for their investment.


In conclusion, Levapack offers a complete shampoo filling and packaging machine solution suitable for small, medium, and large shampoo manufacturing and packaging plants. Our machines are customizable, affordable, and easy to maintain, ensuring that our customers get the best value for their investment. 

Additionally, we offer after-sales support, B2B benefits, and a warranty for all our products, ensuring the smooth operation of your shampoo packaging line. Contact Levapack today for a quote and take your shampoo packaging to the next level.

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