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A Simple Guide to Wet Pet Food Packaging



Pets are adored by people. Every year, millions of dollars are spent on high-quality pet food and treats. Pet owners are becoming more selective about what they feed their animals, and consumer preferences in this market have recently mirrored their human diets and personalities. Product quality, ease of use, and appealing packaging all play a role in deciding which pet food is purchased and which languishes on store shelves.

According to pet owners, pets adore wet food and treats. Laminated materials are ideal for semi-moist pet feeds and treats, as they require excellent barrier packaging properties. With a wide variety of alternatives for a wide range of pet foods and treats, we can work with you to put together the perfect package for your company’s needs.

What is Wet Pet Food?

Canned dog food

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Wet foods are made by combining components in a recipe and cooking them in a can, tray, or pouch. The food in the container remains sanitary for the duration of the product’s shelf life or until it is opened. These goods can come in the form of gravy chunks, sauces, jellies, loaves, or mousse.

Wet food includes more protein and fat than dry food, which is why it is generally thought to be more appealing to pets. Meat, meat meal, and animal derivatives will have higher visibility on the label. These protein and fat sources provide energy and metabolic components, as well as muscle, skin, and hair building blocks. Wet meals frequently have very little or no cereal, yet any vegetable element can give carbohydrates.

You won’t find it swishing around in the can, even though it’s high in water. This is because the water is trapped by other components such as gelatine or sugars, which hold it in place and form a jelly that serves to uniformly distribute or suspend the food bits.

Wet foods are less likely to contain preservatives because they are intended to be consumed quickly before becoming rancid. An open can should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days.

Benefits of Canning Dog/Cat/Pet Food

Gone are the days when canned dog food was relegated to the back burner of your dog’s diet. While dry food remains the most common feeding option for pets due to its convenience, dogs (and cats) can benefit from having wet food in their diet on a regular or even occasional basis. Here are a few reasons why your dog should eat canned food.


Wet food tastes better. Canned dog food has a richer, more natural flavor that is better suited for fussy eaters and older dogs who have lost their sense of taste as they age.

What’s the source of this fantastic flavor? Canned food has a high meat protein level. Dogs have an inherent predilection for real meat, which is made from real meat elements. Also, unlike many dry dog foods, canned food is created with more actual meat and fewer carbohydrates, so it doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors.

Shelf Life

Canned pet food

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The canning method naturally preserves canned food, but dried food does not. Wet food stays fresher for longer because you’ll only use it for a few days at most, compared to a few weeks to a month or more for most dry food bags. Overall, fewer preservatives are added to canned goods as a result of these considerations.

Most of the time, a long shelf-life isn’t a true convenience for you. Generally, you probably buy dog food and consume it up within, at most, a few months. Instead, this benefit is for the pet food company and pet store. They can store the same food for years in their warehouses, back rooms, and shelves before checking for expiration dates and replenishing their supply.

Weight Management

Canned food’s moisture content isn’t just good for your dog’s hydration. Foods with a high moisture content can help pets feel satisfied, which is important for weight loss and maintenance. We’ve already stated that wet food has more protein than dry food.

This crucial element is also beneficial for pets who want to keep their muscle mass while losing unwanted fat. Because protein takes longer to digest, your pet will feel fuller for extended periods. If your dog is overweight, moving to an all-wet food diet can be a good idea.

Fewer Carbs

Kibble often requires more carbohydrates than wet food because carbs act as binders, binding the food together. You’ve probably heard about gluten.

This carbohydrate component is a protein found in wheat and other carbohydrate sources that acts as a glue to hold foods together and is responsible for the bread-like feel we’ve come to expect. Gluten-containing foods are chewier, malleable, and stick together better – they’re less crumbly.

While kibble may appear to be flaky, when you think about it, it actually holds together fairly well. Kibble, in general, stays shaped as kibble and does not fall apart in the bag. It’s the high gluten, or carbohydrate, level that’s to blame.

Packaging Machine for Your Wet Pet Food Packaging

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A wide range of packaging machines are available, including can filling and sealing machines, flow pack horizontal machines, vertical form fill and seal machines, multi-head weighing systems, and loading systems, all of which generate aesthetically pleasing and durable packages that are suitable for items of various shapes and sizes.

Flexible packaging is the greatest way to display pet food on shelves while still protecting it. The stand-up pouch packaging has increasingly become the go-to packaging for pet food due to its versatility in assuming numerous forms and sizes based on the product needs.

Flexible packaging also adapts well to various types of food distribution to pets, both when a single dosing portion is required and when the packing must be of substantial size (suitable for large dogs or for buying in bulk situations).

The pet food package must have an emotional impact, implying the importance of the artwork in capturing the consumers’ attention and providing as much information as possible about the components and nutritional values of the product (crucial in determining the best food for the pet’s diet).


Make sure your pet food pouches are both attractive and functional. At levapack, we have a talented in-house graphic design team whose attention to detail will help you build a brand that will make your products a popular choice among pet parents. Contact us for these services at affordable prices.

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