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Types of Detergent Liquid Filling Machines

To meet the needs of various detergent liquids, bottle sizes, as well as production outputs, Levapack produces a wide variety of standard liquid detergent filling machine. The bottle filling equipment required for the products depends on their specific product qualities. Delivering a correct amount of product to the user in a visually appealing container that distinguishes the product from the competitors is the aim.

Every filler technology has a particular spectrum of liquids for which it performs well. Liquid filling machines are just one type of the many machines that Levapack manufactures. These machines can fill practically any substance into a variety of bottle types. It uses cutting-edge technology to fill bottles at the fastest speeds and with the greatest accuracy. Moreover, liquid filling machines’ ability to handle thick products or free-flowing liquids is something everyone in the business appreciates.

Volumetric Filling Machines for Detergent Packaging 

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If there is an intention to put equal quantities of liquid into whatever containers are present? Consequently, there is a requirement for volumetric filling machinery that are ideal for canning by volume in the detergent market. Moreover, the volumetric can filling machines for detergent may be used to fill freely flowing, non-carbonated liquids in PET, tin, or aluminum round cans and other containers.

Major Components

  • The Hopper – Stores large amounts of the product that will be put into the containers.
  • The Piston – Pulls products from the hopper to a cylinder.
  • The Cylinder – Has a fixed inner capacity for stable fill levels.
  • The Valve – Allows and prevents product flow via the nozzle/s.
  • The Nozzle/s – Transfers product from the cylinder to the ready containers.

Working Principle 

Volumetric filling machines employ a range of nozzles to fit the liquid product and other criteria. However, in general, all nozzles will function identically; they will remain open for a predetermined period to permit product flow from the holding tank to the ready containers. The valves and nozzles used for filling are located above the tank.

For increased accuracy, it is advisable to change the fill duration of each nozzle down to fractions of a second using volumetric fillers. The filling nozzles will halt the product flow after the preset period has passed. While automated machines have touchscreen PLC control panels, semi-automatic machines require a foot or finger switch to initiate every fill cycle.

Benefits of Packing Liquid Detergent Products 

Some of the significant benefits of using detergent packaging products have been mentioned below. 

  • In order to avoid corrosion and extend the useful life of the machines, the filling machines are constructed of stainless steel. 
  • For quick and accurate fills, they have 6 volumetric nozzles installed. 
  • To improve the efficiency and stability of the filling process, they also use automation technologies, sensors, PLC control systems, and pneumatically controlled components.
  • These cost-effective filling machines are dependable and customizable for automating the manufacturing lines.

High Viscosity Piston Fillers For Detergent Packaging 

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High-viscosity piston filler can manage products of any viscosity. These piston fillers are used to fill thin goods, albeit they are best for handling viscous materials and those with big particles. They come with several nozzle kinds. The adaptability of their nozzles increases the flexibility of piston fillers. They are capable of handling various container sizes and commodities. The high-viscosity Piston Fillers have the best performance for special liquids. Widely used in food, edible oil, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides, and other industries. 

Major Components

  • The Hopper: Holds enormous quantities of the product that will be placed in the containers.
  • The piston – Pulls items from the hopper and places them in a cylinder.
  • The Cylinder – Has a set inner capacity to provide consistent fill levels.
  • The Valve – Allows and restricts product flow via the nozzle/s.
  • The nozzle(s) dispenses the product into the prepped containers.

Working Principle 

The steps below describe how High-viscosity Piston Fillers for Detergent Packaging work:

  • When the liquid product is ready to be dispensed, the valve between the nozzle and the hopper opens and lets it flow into the cylinder.
  • Drawing material from the hopper as the empty cylinder fills, the piston assists in filling the cylinder.
  • The valve turns to open, letting the product flow to the nozzle once the piston has pushed for a predetermined length.
  • The piston forces itself back into the cylinder to facilitate the product passing through the nozzle.
  • The product is dispensed through the nozzle and into the ready containers.

Benefits of Packing Liquid Detergent Products

  • Piston filling machines may be used for small and big containers since their cylinder and piston are available in multiple sizes.
  • They are capable of handling high-viscosity products like detergent liquids. The high viscosity of liquid might clog the nozzles of piston fillers in filling. But if the cylinder and piston work together, this problem may be readily overcome. 
  • They deliver precise volumetric fills. Piston fillers can provide consistent volumetric fills with each piston stroke because of the constant internal volume of the cylinder throughout every fill cycle.

Levapack – Your Custom Detergent Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer 

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Levapack, a Chinese company, offers an outstanding array of filling machinery, including can filling, can capping, liquid filling, pouch sealing equipment, and much more. Trust is the most important element of our business; thus, we strive hard only to offer the highest caliber products. 

The Levapack engineers hand-assemble each piece of equipment to ensure optimum accuracy and efficiency, leaving minimal space for error. Although the firm is mostly focused on canning equipment, it also has a variety of detergent liquid filling equipment available.

Our adaptable liquid detergent filling machinery uses cutting-edge technology. It is constructed with the utmost accuracy to deliver precise fills. The components may be altered and changed to accommodate different container sizes and goods. 

In particular, the stainless steel construction of our filling machines makes them perfect for handling corrosive substances. It is significant to use touch screen PLC control devices by automating the filling processes and gaining easier control using Levapack machines.


Source: Levapack

Given the various models and features available, navigating the liquid filling machine process may be challenging and even scary at times. There isn’t a single solution that applies to everybody. 

Consequently, it is advised to select only after conducting thorough research on the sort of detergent packaging machine desired and those provided on the market. Levapack provides a thorough description of the machinery they produce and a team always available to respond to client questions.

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