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Top 5 Sealing Machine Manufacturers in the World

Sealing machines are now integral components in the worldwide packaging sector. Amid the escalating global demand for packaged commodities, the significance of these machines in maintaining product quality is undeniably crucial. A recent analysis indicates that the global sealing machine market stood at a valuation of USD 2.6 billion in 2021, with expectations of consistent growth in the subsequent years (source: Market Research Future).

For enterprises aspiring to establish a strong foothold in the B2B domain, a comprehensive understanding of this sector’s intricacies is essential. Taking can sealing as an example, the Asia-Pacific region has risen as a notable force. In 2020, nations such as China and India, recognized for their expansive food and beverage sectors, held a considerable portion of the global can sealing machine market. This dominance stems from the amplified consumption of canned products in these areas (source: Transparency Market Research).

Stainless steel continues to be the material of choice for producing these machines, due to its inherent resistance to elevated temperatures and corrosion – a critical factor in prolonging product shelf life. As durability and efficiency become focal points for numerous B2B entities, there’s an evident need to invest in equipment that resonates with these criteria. Subsequently, I will acquaint you with a selection of the top 5 sealing machine manufacturers in this sector.

2Innovus Engineering
3Bubber Machine Tools
5IAE Industries Trading & Services



Location: Guangzhou, China

Years of Establishment: 2008

Primary Products:

  • Can Seaming Machines
  • Vacuum Sealing Machines
  • Nitrogen Filling Machines
  • Aluminum Foil Induction Sealing Machines
  • Can Filling Machines (Solid, Liquid, Viscous Liquid, Powder)
  • Can Capping Machines
  • Can Labeling Machines

About Us:

Levapack, a preeminent entity in China’s advanced packaging realm, specializes in the meticulous design of cutting-edge can sealing apparatus. They hold profound mastery in devising multifaceted round can seaming devices, catering to an expansive array of industries encompassing food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

A defining characteristic of Levapack’s machinery is its exceptional efficiency coupled with steadfast durability. Featuring models proficient in sealing an impressive 30 cans within a minute, they benchmark exemplary performance standards. Notably, these machines aren’t merely rapid but also display adaptability by accommodating a diverse range of can materials including tin, aluminum, and paper. Such adaptability guarantees an impeccable sealing process, fortifying the preservation and longevity of the encased products. Additionally, they offer a broad spectrum of options and accessories for tailored requirements.

Levapack’s unwavering allegiance to quality is manifest in their judicious selection of materials and components. They incorporate superior-grade stainless steel and collaborate with globally recognized brands for electrical components, which vouches for the machine’s longevity and dependability. Their range, which encompasses vacuum packing devices, boasts of sophisticated features like AIRTAC pneumatic components, Siemens touch interfaces, and DELTA servo mechanisms, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and user-friendliness.

Levapack extends its offerings to encompass a full suite of packaging solutions, including precision filling, capping, and labeling machinery. Their distinction lies in their ability to customize, engaging with customers to modify equipment that meets specific operational demands, such as vacuum packing and nitrogen flushing, among other specialized functions.

Levapack is not merely a manufacturer; they are a strategic partner in the packaging domain. Their commitment to advancing technology, upholding stringent quality control, and ensuring client satisfaction positions them as a pivotal ally for businesses in search of superior can sealing and packaging systems.

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Since 2008, we insist on priority raw material selection, 100% testing before delivery.

Innovus Engineering

Innovus Engineering

Location: Steyning, BN44 3JD, UK

Years of Establishment: 2018

Primary Products:

  • Automatic Seamers
  • Semi-Automatic Seamers

About Us:

Innovus Engineering, headquartered in the UK, has carved a niche in the canning and sealing machinery sector, with a wide range of cutting-edge packaging machines. Deriving its name from the Latin for ‘innovation’, Innovus epitomises the spirit of forward-thinking manufacture. Their commitment is evident in the variety of tray sealing solutions they provide, accommodating different types of food items, including bakery items. The company’s products, from the constant heat sealer to the vacuum packing machine, are aligned with high temperature and sterilization requirements crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals and beverages.

Their dedication to hygienic operations distinguishes them, especially in the context of food and beverage sectors. Machines such as their heavy-duty impulse heat sealer, tailored for a spectrum of materials like tinplate, aluminium, and thermoplastic materials, showcases the versatility that sets Innovus apart. A striking feature is the sealing time adjustment, complemented by the heating element constructed of vacuum-hardened 440C martensitic stainless steel. Additionally, their equipment complies with Europe’s EHEDG protocols, signifying adherence to top-tier safety and hygiene benchmarks.

Innovus’ precision-centric approach manifests in the craftsmanship of their machines. Designed from food-grade 316 stainless steel, these devices can endure intensive cleaning, underscoring their long-term resilience. The range of options they offer spans from atmosphere packaging solutions for bakery items to pouch and gusset bag sealers. Innovus’ production facilities incorporate materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon, highlighting their dedication to quality. With a presence extending to regions like America, they remain at the forefront of packaging innovation.

Bubber Machine Tools

Bubber Machine Tools

Location: Punjab, India

Years of Establishment: 1965

Primary Products:

  • Round Can Seamers
  • Vacuum Seaming Machines
  • Filter Seamers
  • Non-Round Can Seamers
  • Capacitor Seaming and Grooving Machines
  • Muffler Seamer

About Us:

Situated in Amritsar, India, Bubber Machine Tools stands distinguished as an innovator in the realm of seaming machines since 1965. Through their inventive prowess, they have designed an expansive selection of seaming machines to cater to diverse needs globally. Their products, reflecting over half a century of proficiency, are more than just equipment; they are a manifestation of their steadfast dedication to excellence.

One of the defining characteristics of Bubber Machine Tools is their unwavering commitment to perpetual advancement and adaptation. They persistently refine their technological capacities, positioning themselves at the pinnacle of the sector. This commitment is palpable in their offerings, notably in the fully automatic and impulse sealer variants, which are not only robust but are also infused with state-of-the-art functionalities. Whether the task is to seal food packets, beverages, pharmaceutical items, or even automotive filters, their machines demonstrate versatility, ensuring superior sealing efficiency and moisture defense.

Their ISO certification underscores their allegiance to supreme quality. However, Bubber Machine Tools provides more than mere machinery; they deliver holistic product packaging solutions. Whether the requirement is for the conception of seaming components, modification of seal breadth, or conducting preliminary tests, their proficient team is committed to furnishing the ideal machine aligned with your distinct requisites. Marrying efficiency with cost-effectiveness, their machines serve entities of varied magnitudes, establishing them as a premier choice in the sealing and packaging sector.



Location: Montreal, Canada

Years of Establishment: 2002

Primary Products:

  • Cap Sealing Machines
  • Liquid Filling Machines
  • Table Counting and Bottle Filling Machines
  • Powder Filling Machines
  • Capping Machines
  • Labeling Machines
  • Bottle Unscrambling Machines

About Us:

BellatRx, located in the bustling metropolis of Montreal, Canada, has been a leading entity in the packaging sector since 2002. Over the course of two decades, they have firmly established themselves as a top-tier manufacturer and distributor of holistic packaging systems and avant-garde equipment. Their acclaimed track record in delivering unmatched quality and precision in packaging solutions stands as a testament to their excellence and industry recognition.

Central to BellatRx’s esteemed status is their steadfast dedication to innovation and exemplary quality. Their product portfolio encompasses an array of machines, such as liquid fillers, powder fillers, and sophisticated capping systems with torque regulation, each engineered to epitomize performance and reliability standards. Every piece of equipment undergoes rigorous crafting processes to assure precision, efficacy, and longevity, positioning them as a preferred option in diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, among others.

Marking two decades of industry leadership, BellatRx serves as a manifestation of the foresight of their Founder and CEO, Alan Shuhaibar. Transitioning from a visionary concept to a global benchmark in packaging solutions, they have consistently surpassed client expectations. Their fervor for innovation is paralleled by their commitment to client satisfaction, ensuring holistic assistance from the onset of a project through to post-sales support.

IAE Industries Trading & Services

IAE Industries Trading & Services

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Primary Products:

  • Sealing Machines
  • Rotary Can Seaming Machines
  • Filling Machines
  • Labeling Machines
  • Capping Machines
  • Printing Machines

About Us:

IAE Industries Trading & Services, strategically positioned in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia, stands as a reputable entity in the realm of packaging machinery. Boasting years of accumulated expertise, the organization has solidified its position as a premier destination for enterprises in search of effective, dependable, and economically viable packaging solutions. The machines provided by IAE transcend mere functionality; they are a testament to ingenuity and operational excellence.

What distinguishes IAE is their profound comprehension of each client’s distinct requirements. Their approach extends beyond the mere transaction of selling machinery—they engineer comprehensive solutions. Whether your operations necessitate a filling apparatus for liquids or powders, a sealing device adaptable to various packaging formats, or a specialized machine for labeling, IAE ensures your needs are seamlessly met. Their machinery is meticulously designed to amplify productivity, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

IAE’s proficiency, however, extends beyond the sale of machinery. They excel in both the design and customization of machines, guaranteeing a perfect alignment with the client’s specific needs. Should there be a need to modify an existing machine—whether it entails the integration of sensors, adjustment of packaging dimensions, or an acceleration of operational processes—IAE is well-prepared to enhance your production line and streamline your packaging operations. Their unwavering dedication to optimizing production efficiencies is palpably demonstrated through their machine modification services. Furthermore, in the event of any operational challenges, their repair and maintenance team stands ready to deliver prompt and efficient assistance.


Opting for a premier sealing machine manufacturer is of paramount importance for businesses striving to achieve excellence in packaging solutions. An exhaustive evaluation of the leading entities within this domain unequivocally underscores that the distinguishing features of the finest include their commitment to quality, consistency in performance, and unwavering support post-purchase. For B2B procurers, placing their trust in a reputable manufacturer not only guarantees access to a machine of stellar quality but also ensures seamless operational functionality and propels long-term business prosperity. It is imperative to meticulously assess the manufacturer’s accrued experience, diverse product portfolio, and their dedication to ongoing innovation prior to finalizing a decision. Bear in mind, making an astute choice today is a strategic investment that promises to yield superior business results in the future.

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