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Top 10 Capping Machine Manufacturers: Automation Solutions


An automated production in the current manufacturing environment is a must. It facilitates productivity, standardization, and cost-cutting. Capping machines, therefore, constitute a crucial element of the packaging process. The packaging operations make sure that the products are tightly sealed and ready for distribution. But it is not easy to select a manufacturer of capping machines among all the options.

In this article, we will study the most successful 10 capping machine manufacturers. Those firms are implementing advanced automation technology. They are an example of offering the top-class, reliable, and innovative capping machines. Their products are applicable to the needs of different industries, may be food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. The manufacturers who provide the capping machines have the knowledge and technology to upgrade your capping process and increase your productivity.

ManufacturerFounded YearLocation
LevaPack2008Guangzhou, China
Kinex Cappers1937New Hampshire, USA
Massilly North America1996Ontario, Canada
Federal Mfg1943Wisconsin, USA
Karmelle1985West Yorkshire, UK
Mega Technical Company1990Illinois, USA
Packline USA1994California, USA
SARL CDA1991Narbonne, France
New England Machinery, Inc.1974Florida, USA
Closure Systems International1930sIndiana, USA

#1 LevaPack



Location: Guangzhou, China

Founded Year: 2008

Main Products: Automatic capping machines, snap capper machines, screw capping machines, can or bottle packaging equipments

LevaPack, a pioneering machinery manufacturer who focuses on the packaging automation based in Guangzhou, China, has been offering innovative automation solutions since its inception in 2008. LevaPack has a modern factory that covers 4,000 square meters and is capable of monthly production of more than 80 units. This allows for meeting a wide range of customer requirements.

LevaPack is a company that provides a broad selection of capping machine options which can be customized to the needs of different industries such as the ones in food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. Their latest capping machines use servo control technology that is in the state-of-the-art level. This means that they are more accurate and can solve problems faster. The firm’s commitment to innovations and quality means that the customers’ packaging processes are optimized with this level of precision and efficiency.

The main advantage of LevaPack lies with its focus on using high quality materials and top-end brand components in their machines. The company’s canning equipment and bottle capping machines are made of 2mm thick (#304 or #316) stainless steel so that they are robust and clean. LevaPack works with Siemens, SEW, SMC and Schneider for the crucial parts and it makes sure that the machine functions better and lasts longer.

LevaPack’s automatic capping machines come with a variety of functions, such as the automatic cap delivery, bottle feeding by the conveyor belt, and the protection at entry and exit points. These characteristics guarantee the system’s efficiency and the stability of its performance and throughput. Moreover, the company gives customization options on their capping machines that enables customers to modify the machines to suit their particular production needs.

Furthermore, the company provides an all-inclusive customer support, which includes immediate issue resolution, trainings for skills improvement, and scheduled maintenance. The company offers a 16-month warranty on their capping machines which covers free servicing and parts replacement that safeguards against operational risks and ensures smooth running of production.

LevaPack’s high quality standard is demonstrated by the fact that they have quality assurance processes that are stringent and they have various certificates such as ISO and CE certificates for their capping machines. The LevaPack’s engineering team, innovative solutions, and dedicated customer care have made the company become a reliable and effective capping machinery partner for businesses looking for a solution to their capping needs.

#2 Kinex Cappers

Kinex Cappers


Location: New Hampshire, USA

Founded Years: 1937

Main Products: Automatic bottle cap machines, benchtop capping equipment, handheld capping machines, bottle capping chucks

Kinex Cappers is a USA company with over 80 years of expertise. Their products are the best known for their robust and reliable capping machines that provide long-lasting performance. Not only that, but the company also has a number of capping options available. They are comprised of different types of machines such as automatic capping machines, benchtop capping equipment, handheld capping machines, and bottle capping chucks. The goods they produce are targeted to specific industries: food and beverage, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

Kinex Cappers’ multi-size capper is one of the company’s strong points; the machine can handle caps from 10mm to 130mm in diameter. Their machine’s adaptability allows them to work with various bottles and caps, thereby expanding their target market. Furthermore, the company’s automatic capping machines, like the Relia-Cap and Auto-Max, have the ability to cap at a rate of up to 105 caps per minute, which means they are both efficient and accurate.

Kinex Cappers is client-centric, therefore, it cares about their services and satisfaction. They are fast in the answering of questions, a one year guarantee for all parts and labor and a 30 day money back return policy are provided. In addition, the equipment of the company is characterized by the user-friendliness of its features, e.g. touchscreen displays and menus that are easy to navigate. Such features allow for simple and straightforward operation and setup.

Among other things, the company manufactures automatic capping machines as well as benchtop and handheld capping devices. These are included in the SA™ Bench Top Capping Machine, PumpCap™ Bottle Capping Machine and PS™ Pneumatic Bottle Capper. These machines guarantee high torque precision and reproducibility which are suitable for smaller laboratories or for the initial operations.

As a part of its production process, Kinex Cappers also makes bottle capping chucks. These provide the users with different choices like standard chucks, deep well chucks, cap retaining chucks, and machined chucks. This chuck is intended to fit caps from 10mm to 130 mm in diameter, being a good choice for multiple bottle and cap sizes.

In sum, this company offers its customers high-quality, adaptable, and customer-oriented products. It is a reliable supplier of capping solutions in its industry.

#3 Massilly North America

Massilly North America


Location: Ontario, Canada

Founded Years: 1996

Main Products: Vacuum capping machines, packaging machinery

Massively North America, a company belonging to Massilly Group from France, is a manufacturer of capping machines for industrial food packaging with focus on quality, durability, and efficiency. Their well-equipped vacuum capping machines are able to achieve ultra-high sealing performance that guarantees product freshness and increases shelf life. Massilly North America’s jars filling machines are available in a wide range of models that can handle speeds from 50 to 500 jars per minute. Therefore, these machines can be used in different market segments – from small businesses to large corporations.

One of the main merits of Massilly North America’s capping systems is that they are easily incorporated into the existing production lines. The machines can be developed with a small footprint that matches any existing equipment, thus, they can be easily installed without breaking the current production workflow. Our capping machines, made of high-quality stainless steel, provide assurance of durability, easy cleaning, and safety features, which makes them operate for a long time.

North America Massively produces a variety of vacuum capping machines such as the MY 1000, MY 2000, MY 3000, and MY 5000 that are tailor-made to meet the production needs of different clients. Take the MY 3000 model as an instance, it is of high quality with amazing durability, yet it has the ecological advantage of consuming less water and energy. The enterprise also supplies auxiliary equipment like the Safe 3002 Dud Detector which permits time-saving and prevents spoilage and wasting, and the Floor Cap Elevator which provides a dependable and uniform supply of caps for high-speed production lines.

#4 Federal Mfg

Federal Mfg


Location: Wisconsin, USA

Founded Years: 1943

Main Products: Capping machines, filling machines

Federal Mfg, a division of ProMach, has always been a reliable solution provider for the packaging industry since 1943. Designed with a variety of capping and filling solutions, Federal Mfg caters to many industries, such as dairy, beverages, paint, chemical, automotive, household products, pharmaceutical, petroleum, foods, and aerosol. The company’s machines are famous for their durable construction, dependable operation, and fast tool-free changeovers, which make them adaptable to the customers’ needs that are always changing.

The filling systems produced by Federal Mfg have gained many industries as their preferred option due to their versatility and efficiency. For example, their paint fillers have a net weight and are used in the paint industry for both water and solvent-based paints, and their level fillers are applied for hot fill and cold fill iced tea in single-serve and multi-serve containers. In the automotive lubricants business, Federal’s net weight fillers are used for a variety of products in containers from 1 quart to 5 gallons. The company additionally develops and produces fillers for liquid food products, such as syrups, flavorings, liquid eggs, etc.

One of the main advantages of Federal Mfg’s capping machines is their capability of working with multiple containers of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows manufacturers to change their production to meet different market requirements and product lines without having to spend much on equipment upgrades. Federal Mfg is also highly focused on the post-sales support, offering comprehensive training, maintenance and troubleshooting services that guarantee the optimal performance and durability of the machines. By virtue of its specialization and commitment to customer service, Federal Mfg remains one of the most reliable suppliers of capping and filling systems in the industry.

#5 Karmelle



Location: West Yorkshire, UK

Founded Years: 1985

Main Products: Capping machines, liquid filling machines, labeling machines

Karmelle, a British manufacturer with more than 35 years experience, provides an extensive range of liquid packaging solutions including capping machines, liquid filling machines, and labelling machines. Their specially made, turnkey filling systems are created to satisfy the requirements of various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and lube oil. Karmelle’s multi-purpose and custom-designed equipment makes it possible for the customers to get a complete solution that meets their specific needs.

One of the important advantages of Karmelle is their flexibility in dealing with different kinds of liquids and products. By filling juice and water into the food and drinks sector as well as providing precise and accurate filling of cosmetics and toiletries like liquids, lotions, creams, gels and balms, the machines manufactured by Karmelle are built to the highest standards. Also, they follow the latest hygienic rules, thus, they can be used in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. A key player in the chemical and agrochemical sector, Karmelle has a range of products that can be used for general, household, and agrochemical purposes.

Karmelle’s devotion to quality and customer satisfaction is manifested in their manufacturing practice. All of their devices are hand-made in their workshop in Huddersfield, UK, which allows them to control the quality and the detail of the devices. The company’s team, who are friendly and have a lot of experience, are proud of the service they deliver, working with clients in the UK and other countries to come up with tailor-made solutions that fit seamlessly into their production lines. With their specialized knowledge and commitment to invention, Karmelle has become a reliable partner for the liquid packaging industry.

#6 Mega Technical Company

Mega Technical Company


Location: Illinois, USA

Founded Years: 1990

Main Products: Capping machines, liquid filling machines, autoclaves

Mega Technical Company, a US-based manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, is providing a broad range of equipment for both food and non-food industries. Their product range comprises of capping machines, liquid filling machines, autoclaves, and other equipment which are tailored to enhance packaging process and productivity. Being experts in the industry, Mega Technical Company can offer the most favourable purchasing terms to their customers.

Flexibility and customized solutions are one of the major strengths of Mega Technical Company. They are able to provide these for every stage of the business growth of their customers. Whether the customer needs one machine or a fully integrated system, the company has the competence and the means to satisfy their particular requirements and standards. Mega Technical Company’s capping machines, in particular, are capable of handling different types of caps, including the metal lug caps (twist-off and press-twist), and are equipped with advanced technologies such as the creation of vacuum through steam injection, the motorized adjustment, and the electronic synchronization of different modules’ speeds.

Alongside the provision of flexibility and adaptability, Mega Technical Company attaches great importance to product quality and customer satisfaction. They use premium-grade materials and parts in their machines in order to achieve their durability, reliability, and longevity. The company has a special technical support team that works hand in hand with the clients to provide guidance, training and after sales service that ensure that all their equipment operates at peak performance and meet the ever growing needs of the customers’ business.

#7 Packline USA

Packline USA


Location: California, USA

Founded Years: 1994

Main Products: Capping machines, filling machines, conveyors

Packline USA is a California based manufacturer. They have 25 years and more of experience. They design and manufacture a variety of capping machines. These capping machines are designed to achieve optimal packaging processes. These capping machines are built to help improve overall efficiency. Their capping solutions have a proven record of reliability. Their capping solutions are well known for their precision. Their capping solutions are known for their simple integration process. They are a favorite of manufacturers in most industries. This group of industries involves food and beverages. These industries include personal care as well.These industries include pharmaceuticals.

The machines in the capping line by Packline USA are modular. This is one of the major advantages of these machines. The modular construction makes them highly flexible. The modularity of them makes them suitable for custom-made packaging. Packline USA is a company with a strong innovation focus.They create new technologies.They create new features. These new technologies and functions are aimed to enhance the effectiveness of the capping machine. These novel technologies and attributes make the capping machines more functional.

Packline USA has a workforce of professionals.They are dedicated. Satisfaction of customers is their top priority. Packline USA is the trusted partner of the packaging industry.




Location: Narbonne, France

Founded Years: 1991

Main Products: Capping machines, filling machines, labeling machines

SARL CDA, a French manufacturer with more than 3 decades of experience, offers a variety of capping and screwing solutions in response to the specific needs of different industries. Their automatic and semi-automatic capping and screwing machines can be used universally, and they can be adapted to practically all caps and closing systems, which makes them flexible and adaptable to different production needs. CDA has machines which can be standalone or built into a whole packing line, thus customers have a choice of the most suitable option for their business.

Another benefit of the SARL CDA capping and screwing machines is their flexibility as they are designed to seal a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid substances like fluids, viscous substances, paste materials, and foamy liquids. The machines are able to work with most cap types: flat screw caps, spray caps, pump caps, pipette caps, security caps, beer and other drink caps, and twist-off caps. Such multifunctionality makes CDA’s solutions suitable for various businesses, such as the food industry, beer & liquor production, parapharmacy, cosmetics, e-liquid manufacturing, and the chemical industry.

SARL CDA is extremely innovative and customer-centric. They never stop innovating and continue to develop and improve the machines to match the dynamically changing requirements of their clients. The company’s quality and effectiveness is shown in the design and manufacture of their capping and screwing machines that are built to withstand different industrial environment. Due to the fact of their professional expertise and commitment to the provision of quality, unique solutions, SARL CDA has become the reference point for the packaging industry.

#9 New England Machinery, Inc.

New England Machinery, Inc.


Location: Florida, USA

Founded Years: 1974

Main Products: Capping machines, filling machines, labeling machines

New England Machinery Inc. (US), which has been in the business with a proven expertise of 45 years, is a manufacturer of different capping machines that deliver a higher packaging capacity and an overall better efficiency. The sealing systems of their closures are highly appreciated for their durability, precision, and ease of use. This has made them a favorite among manufacturers in various industries e.g. food and beverages, personal care and pharmaceuticals.

One of the main features of the capping machines produced by New England Machinery is their robust design constructed of the high-quality materials and the sophisticated engineering technologies which provide for long-term operation. And, the company follow the customization process very strictly, which is the process of collaborating with clients to design packages that meet their specific needs and requirements. With its track record of innovation and customer orientation, New England Machinery has proved itself to be a trustworthy partner in the packaging industry.

#10 Closure Systems International

Closure Systems International


Location: Indiana, USA

Founded Years: 1930s

Main Products: Capping machines, closure systems

Closure Systems International (CSI), a respected global packaging firm, has been blazing the trail of fast capping and high productivity for the last 90 years. Firstly, CSI’s competences are in the areas of innovation and R&D. For this reason, they always put up new technologies and features on their equipment that are meant to improve the production efficiency and performance of their capping machines. They are designed to meet the stringent specifications of the various sectors such as food and beverages, personal care and home care.

CSI’s capping machines are popularly known for their high capability and speed that can go up to 50 bottles per minute (BPM) or 3000 bottles per hour (BPH) per head. With their multi-head cappers, which can be set up with 4 to 36 heads, the equipment can be adjusted to meet different application requirements. CSI’s equipment for capping is built to be able to work in the harsh production environment using corrosion resistant materials only in contact zone. This company offers both turret and stand-alone machines to match diverse configuration of factory layouts and space constraints.

In addition to their capping machines CSI also provides a broad assortment of cap handling units, headsets and chucks that are the main tools for the process of closing. The caps handling systems ensure a steady and continuous supply of closures and are designed to be durable, simple to operate, and plain to maintain. CSI’s headsets and chucks come with high speed, constant torque, and low maintenance costs, all with a quick adjustment process. Company has a full-fledged spare parts program for the capping equipment to operate at high efficiency, with a lower downtime, increased throughput, decreased maintenance costs and defects. The CSI is able to provide worldwide coverage through a network of highly skilled and experienced people who offer technical services and training on capping processes to customers, ensuring that they achieve maximum efficiency.


The decision of the right capping machine manufacturer is vital to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and quality of your packaging process. The top 10 capping machine manufacturers mentioned in the article are able to provide a wide spectrum of automation solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of different industries. Partnering with one of the leading manufacturers will enable you to enjoy advanced technologies, innovative designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction which will, in turn, give you an edge in the market.

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