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A Must-Read Guide To Packaging Herbs And Spices

Market Of Herbs And Spices

Common Indian Spices.
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The global spice market is massive and worth millions of dollars, and for decades, South Asia has been leading in production and exports. One of those lucrative industries that have hardly ever witnessed a recession; the global spice and herbs market is rapidly progressing and advancing its spice packaging ways. 

Market Overviews And Forecast 

The global spice and herbs market is vast and was valued at around USD 171 billion in 2022. According to the market trends, the valuation of global spice market is expected to grow further at a rate of 3.6% in the upcoming years. As per the assumed growth rate, the market valuation is expected to rise to USD 243 billion by 2033.

Studying the growth of the spice and herbs industry, it can be said that the demand for whole and powdered spices and herb seasonings is increasing globally. The demand does not only arrive from homes and restaurants but also from bars and cafes, food stalls, and hotels. 

Another reason there is an evident growth in the demand for spices and herbs is that more people worldwide are recognizing the medicinal values of specific herbs and spices. For instance, turmeric is an excellent antioxidant that helps boost immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties. Similarly, basil is a popularly-used herb that detoxifies, boosts digestion, and prevents deadly diseases like cancer. 

India Spices Market

India, undoubtedly, has remained a leading producer of spices and herbs for decades, which is why the spice market of India is vast. In 2022, the Indian Spice Market reached INR 160,676 Cr and expected further growth of 10.8%. Going by the rapid growth of the India Spice Market, the valuation is expected to reach approximately INR 300,000 Cr by 2028. 

From turmeric to cumin, cardamom to black pepper, a majority of spices are produced and exported by India. Indian spices are known for their intense flavors and aromas and the natural colors they add to the cuisines. And without a doubt, Indian spices make the spiciest cuisines that are praised worldwide. Also, spices packing machine price in India is quite affordable because the demand for spice manufacturing is always high, and numerous factories depend on these machines majorly for production. 

Packaging For Herbs And Spices 

Spice And Herbs Stored In Glass Jars
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A lot of attention is required while packaging dried herbs and spices. The right packaging materials help maintain their color, flavor, and aroma. Choosing the wrong containers for packaging spices can lead to moisture formation and loss of flavor and aroma. 

Spices and herbs stay fresh longer in glass containers, airtight cans, plastic pouches, and even eco-friendly spice packaging like paper, cloth, or steel containers. Deciding on packaging material for spices can be overwhelming, but not when you have the right ideas. 

Herbs And Spice Jars

Mostly made of glass, jars are one of the most commonly used packaging for herbs and spices because they are airtight and come with a moisture-locking steel lid that keeps them fresh for a long time. Another reason why glass jars are such popular packaging for herbs and spices is that they are transparent and make it easier to identify the spices. 

There are many reasons why brands choose glass jars for storing their spices and herbs, but the most significant reason is their variety. Glass jars and tin cans are easy to customize in various shapes and sizes, have airtight lids, and their production costs are minimal. Companies usually choose wide-mouth glass jars, honey pot jars, rectangle-shaped glass jars, and square jars. 

Pros Of Choosing Jars

  • They are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen and cabinets.
  • Accessible to label and customize.
  • Readily available at wholesale rates. 
  • Airtight hence, the spices do not get affected by moisture.
  • Eco-friendly. 

Cons Of Choosing Jars

  • Glass jars can be fragile and easily break when they hit hard surfaces.
  • Costlier than plastic jars. 
  • Does not protect spices from light. 

Metal Spice Tins

Besides glass jars, a metal spice tin is equally popular among spice-manufacturing companies. They use metal spice tins because they are equally effective in locking moisture, light, and air, therefore; not affecting the quality of the spices. They are easy to label and much more durable than glass. Perhaps, the biggest reason behind choosing metal spice tins is their sustainability; they can be reused for storage and are environment friendly. 

Pros Of Metal Spice Tins

  • They keep the ingredients fresh for a long time.
  • These containers are easy to clean.
  • They do not break easily; hence, they are the most durable containers.
  • Metal tins are airtight, and the lids are easy to open.
  • Non-reactive to the ingredients.
  • Metal tins are rust-free. 

Cons Of Metal Spice Tins

  • When exposed to heat and light, they can get very hot and develop moisture inside, thus, contaminating the ingredients.
  • They are translucent; it is impossible to say what is inside unless the lids are opened.

Herbs And Spice Bottles

Bottles are significantly trending in herbs and spices packaging. The bottles used in packaging herbs or spices can be made of glass, high-quality plastic, and even the most eco-friendly option, bamboo. However, glass bottles are the most common option chosen by herb and spice brands. For instance, whenever you go to the supermarket to buy spices and herbs like oregano, chili flakes, or thyme, they are always available in handy glass bottles. Precisely, you get similar benefits to using a glass jar, except spice bottles are sleek and easy to store. 

Pros Of Herbs And Spice Bottles

  • They are mostly transparent, so it is easy to recognize the ingredients.
  • Spice bottles can be customized in various shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to label.
  • Come in handy sizes and, therefore, are easy to store.
  • Containers are airtight. 

Cons Of Herbs And Spice Bottles

  • Glass spice bottles can easily crack or break.
  • The capacity is relatively less than glass jars. 

Herbs And Spice Bags

Particularly used for packaging herbs and whole spices, spice bags are considered the most eco-friendly way of packaging. Spice manufacturing companies usually choose materials mixed with paper and high-quality plastic to make spice bags and pouches. Paper and plastic pouches are much more common in tea and coffee manufacturing companies, whereas spice bags are popular in companies focusing on whole spices. These herbs and spice packaging bags are mostly reusable; they can be washed and used a few times. Paper or mixed-quality bags are preferably utilized for fresh herb packaging and sometimes for freshly ground spices. 

Pros Of Spice And Herb Bags

  • Most spice and herb bags are eco-friendly.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • It can be reused.
  • Spice bags can be sealed with heat. 

Cons Of Spice And Herb Bags

  • Not airtight, so there is always a risk of moisture build-up. 
  • There is always a risk of dampening. 
  • It can be torn easily. 

How Spices Packaging Design Makes Your Business Outstanding 

Packaged Spice Jars
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To stand out among the crowd as a recognized spice and herbs business, you must pay extra attention to the packaging. The more impressive the spice packaging material is, the more it is preferred by customers. Instead of sticking to traditional packaging materials and choosing cheaper materials, why not switch to eco-friendly packaging ways? 

As a spices business, the main priority should always be quality. By adopting the following ideas, any ordinary business can become an outstanding one: 

Eco-Friendly Herbs And Spices Packaging

It is indeed a new trend for every business to discard plastic and use eco-friendly, sustainable materials to manufacture and package their products. More awareness is raised globally for eliminating the use of plastic; the more people are willing to switch to eco-friendly products. Therefore, you find numerous spice and herbs businesses change to eco-friendly packaging methods and reduce waste.

Switching to eco-friendly packaging means using bio-degradable or reusable materials for packaging, such as paper bags, biodegradable pouches, or cardboard containers. Using recyclable materials such as steel containers is also a step towards being conscious of the environment.

Hence, if your business chooses eco-friendly packaging materials, there is a high chance of growth in demand. You will have a wide range of target audiences seeking eco-friendly and reusable products. 

A Container With The Name Of Your Brand

As a business, your sole aim must be to gain recognition worldwide; therefore, you must try every way to promote it. Unless your company’s logo gets recognized, your target audience cannot reach out to your products. And one of the easiest ways of promoting your brand logo other than advertisement is designing your product container with an eye-catching logo. 

A container with the name of your brand and an impressive logo is what your business needs to build recognition among worldwide customers. You can get as creative as you want while naming and designing your brand. Remember, only the brands with catchy names and logos lead the markets. 

Container Colors Pertinent To Your Product 

Another unique idea that you can incorporate into your business while designing the packaging of your products is to stick to the original colors of the spices. Your luxury spice packaging is useless if it becomes hard for people to recognize which spice it is. 

To avoid this confusion, the most prominent spice brands worldwide have found the easiest way to choose the packaging color according to the product’s color. For instance, you will often find India’s leading spice brand MDH packing their turmeric powder in yellow packaging and red chilly powder in red packaging. This also helps people to recognize quickly which spice it is. 

Portable Herbs And Spices Packaging

Portable packaging is a wise decision for businesses because some people love to carry their favorite spices and seasonings whenever they travel for days. The lighter your product packaging is, the easier to store and carry them. 

Not just for travel, if your spices package and herb jars are heavier, it will become a bit challenging for the buyers to carry them from supermarkets to homes. Therefore, you must pay attention to the portability of the packaging and make them lightweight. 

Resealable Herbs And Spices Packaging

There has been a trend, especially in Indian households, to reuse spice containers for a long time, which is why Indian spice companies focus on packing their spices and herbs in reusable bottles, cans, or bags. 

If you want your business to make a good impression, then you must focus on sustainability, using such containers and packaging materials that can be reused. You have a wide range of choices between glass jars, glass bottles, metal containers, resealable bags, etc.

Well-Sealed Herbs And Spices Packaging

Airtight containers are the best for herbs and spices packaging; they are well-sealed and protect against moisture build-ups, which can otherwise degrade the quality. If your business requires well-sealed packaging, the best options shall always be tin cans and glass jars with airtight lids that prevent air, light, or moisture entry. Packing your spices and herbs in well-sealed containers will ensure they remain fresh for a long time. 

Herbs And Spice Packaging Machines


The primary requirement for a spice and herbs business is advanced packaging technology to enhance the efficiency of spice production. Unless the company has access to the latest automatic packaging technology, it will affect productivity. To survive the competitive market, businesses must have effortless packaging technology and fast-paced production.

There are various types of packaging machines to meet the requirements of businesses but before deciding to invest in an advanced packaging machine, businesses must understand their functions in depth. 

Spice Powder Filling Machine

Not just for filling powdered spices in containers, the spice powder filling machine is also used for filling granules and liquids. Spice powder filling machines are widely used by spice-manufacturing companies to fill powdered spices in different containers automatically. They also use a spice powder packing machine to pack the ingredients in containers. The most common containers used are glass jars and spice bags.

The best part about spice powder packaging machines is that they allow you to switch between different modes. You can switch between semi-automatic, automatic, electric, and manual modes according to the productivity rate. No matter which modes you work with, powder-filling machines are very efficient in converting granules into micro granules of fine powder and filling them in airtight containers and bags. 

Herbs Granule Filling Machine

Herb granule filling machines are automatic or semi-automatic machines that are very efficient in filling herbs or any granular ingredient in containers. This machine fills granules according to weight and uses the mechanism of vibratory filling to fill the containers. Granule filling machines are very accurate and can help boost the packaging speed of any business. 

Granule filling machines are ideal for filling and packaging for spices and herbs and offer a high degree of automation. Usually, filling machines function in linear motion and offer a filling speed of up to 25 to 30 cans per min. Filling machines work efficiently for all types of containers, including round jars, tin cans, paper tubes, etc. 

Herbs And Spices Sealing Machine

After filling the spice and herb containers, it is essential to seal them to keep them fresh for a long time. Whether the ingredients are liquid or powder, to prevent them from air and moisture, spice and herb manufacturing companies use sealing machines.

Usually, sealing machines apply a heat press to seal the containers and give the product packaging a clean finish. Sealing machines can be automatic or semi-automatic and are ideal for packaging liquid, powder, or solid products. The whole process takes place in a sealed chamber. For instance, in the can sealing, the containers are vacuumed first and then, filled with nitrogen gas.

In all ways, the presence of oxygen is always maintained at less than 3% while sealing. In this way, the ingredients are expected to remain fresh for a long. 

Herbs And Spices Capping Machine

While packing the herbs and spices in containers and cans, the cap plays an integral role. If the lid of a container is airtight, the ingredient shall remain fresh until the seal is opened. Capping machines are widely common in food and beverage and chemical industries and are known to boost production efficiency. 

Capping machines can either be used individually or lined up with other packaging machines such as sealing, filling, and labeling. These machines seal the containers with anti-theft caps. The speed of the machine is maintained in a way that it does not damage the cap or the container. Capping machines are automatic and help feed a high degree of automation.

Easy to operate and handle, capping machines can be introduced to the packaging system of a wide range of food and beverage products. They are suitable for glass jars, pet bottles, tin, and aluminum cans. Overall, these machines help save labor costs and enhance production efficiency. 

Herbs And Spices Labeling Machine

Labeling machines are solely responsible for attaching labels and any printed information. From bar codes to brand labels, a labeling machine takes care of all of that. Labeling machines make it easier for companies to design and apply labels in the most cost-effective ways.

Labeling machines are an integral part of herbs and spice packaging and are ideal for labeling tin cans, jars, or bottles. Precisely, a labeling machine offers an advanced and flexible packaging system.

Herbs And Spices Coding Machine

Every business requires a coding machine in its packaging system to include important information. From bar codes to QR scanning codes, a coding machine is vital for product packaging. Coding machines are generated by computers and are fully automatic. They function efficiently with advanced technologies, machine learning, and low-level programming languages. 

Herbs And Spices Packaging Line

The packaging line for herbs and spices is varied; the process begins with filling ingredients in the containers and ends with printing labels and codes. The whole process may sound overwhelming, but the packaging machines make it easier. Since most of the packaging machines are automatic or semi-automatic, there is no requirement for manual labor. 

By introducing modern machines into the packaging line of a business, a company can boost its production levels and enhance its overall packaging system. Without modern machines, coping with the competitive market and the high demand for packaged spices and herbs worldwide is almost impossible. Therefore, this range of packaging machines is necessary for every spice business seeking growth opportunities. 

Levapack – Your Custom Herbs and Spices Packaging Line Manufacturer 

Factory Of Levapack Manufacturing Packaging Machines
Source: Levapack

New businesses cannot usually figure out how to pack spices and herbs without degrading their quality, which is why they require trustworthy packaging machines. Levapack is one of those leading companies that understand the worries of budding businesses and help them introduce customized packaging machines. Levapack takes pride in offering the best packaging manufacturing solutions with advanced technologies and machines that offer high accuracy. 

From a jar filling and capping machine to a tuna can sealer or a jam filling machine, Levapack is a leader in manufacturing world-class packaging machines. The company manufactures canning, filling, and packaging machines for a plethora of spices and herbs. Starting from solids and pastes to granules, powders, and liquid packaging, Levapack takes much care in customizing its powerful packaging machines.

Our Linear And Rotary Can Packaging Lines

Whether you are in need of a linear or a rotary packaging line, Levapack can customize packaging machines according to the preferences of your business. Levapack makes rotary and linear packaging machines that can easily fill a bottle or container with a mouth greater than 25mm in diameter. Whether your products are powdery or in liquid form, Levapack takes great care in offering top-notch packaging solutions.

Levapack is a leader in offering customized can packaging solutions and manufacturing high-quality machines. Each customized machine has to go through strict quality checks so that they fulfill the accuracy requirements. You can expect linear or rotary packaging lines in an automatic spice packaging machine or any other type of food and ingredient you need customizations for. 

Applications: Spice Powder Products, Herbs Granule Products

If your business aims at manufacturing and packaging spice powder products, Levapack has the right range of machines to meet the requirements. From filling to sealing, these highly efficient packaging machines are ideal for delivering the best sealed spice jars for your business. Levapack promises the best canning, filling, and herb packaging machine. 

Among the range of powder packaging machines, Levapack is a leader in making incredible spice powder filling machines, milk powder sealing and filling machines, and nutrition powder packaging machines. 

The same goes for herb granule products, Levapack is an expert in manufacturing the best herb packaging machines. Among the range of packaging machines for granule products, you can expect Levapack to make exceptional popcorn, salt, almond, seed, and nut packaging machines, and also the best candy filling machines


Even if the product quality of your business is unquestionable, the fate of your product ultimately depends on the packaging. Most businesses make the major mistake of cutting down on packaging costs by choosing cheaper packaging materials and age-old packaging machines. This can badly affect the product quality, and by the time it gets delivered to the customers, the spices and herbs may lose their temper. 

Spices and herbs are praised across the world for their unique color, flavor, and aroma. A pinch of a herb or spice can enhance the taste of any cuisine; therefore, their flavor matters the most. By switching to advanced packaging technology and the appropriate packaging material, you can ensure that your business will gain more goodwill and will be recognized for top-notch quality. If you are in need of modern spice packaging machines, then contact us here. 

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