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Top 5 Filling Machine Manufacturers in the Global Market

In the rapidly evolving realm of production and packaging, the filling machine sector is pivotal, championing accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. With the growth of global markets and ever-changing consumer preferences, there’s an escalating need for equipment that matches high-volume production demands. Filling machines, an essential segment of the packaging machinery landscape, are at the forefront of this challenge.

The industry serves a wide variety of sectors, including food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. While each sector possesses distinct needs, they all share a universal requirement: automation and precision. With surging market expectations, businesses face amplified urgency to upgrade their production capabilities, further underscoring the significance of filling machines that meet each client’s needs. This article will highlight the top five global filling machine manufacturers.

Company NameMain Products and Services
LevapackComprehensive range of packaging machinery for SMEs, including canning lines, sterilizing, coding, labeling, filling, sealing, and capping machines.
KronesDiverse solutions for the food and beverage processing sector, including filling, packaging, and processing of liquid consumables.
Pacific Packaging MachineryManufacturer of rotary fillings, inline filters, rotary bloc filling systems, inline lidders, and drum & tote fillers.
Accutek Packaging EquipmentExtensive selection of liquid filling machines suitable for various industries.
AMS FerrariDiverse range of packaging machines, including AMS 800 Fillmatic series.



Company Location: Guangdong, China

Company Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of Establishment: 2008

Company Scale: A significant production facility featuring a 2000 m^2 floor area, equipped with numerous CNC milling, lathe, and grinding equipment.

Main Products and Services:

Levapack delivers a comprehensive range of packaging machinery, meticulously designed to cater to the unique demands of small to medium enterprises. Their portfolio includes canning lines, sterilizing, coding, labeling, filling, sealing, and capping machines of best quality. Prioritizing precision and efficiency, each unit undergoes detailed hand assembly and rigorous no-load testing, reflecting Levapack’s unwavering dedication to excellence. In addition to their extensive range of machinery, Levapack also offers high-quality labelers, ensuring that all packaging needs are met with utmost accuracy and professionalism.

About Us:

Strategically located in Guangzhou, China, Levapack is esteemed as a reliable manufacturer of filling and sealing machines, including tablet counters. Boasting over 14 years of industry expertise, our hallmark lies in our detailed hand assembly, thorough machine audits, and stringent no-load run evaluations, emphasizing our commitment to precision and dependability. Levapack’s credentials extend beyond China, substantiated by globally recognized certifications, such as ISO, CE, and CSA.

What sets Levapack apart is its robust and autonomous R&D infrastructure, fostering the innovation of a myriad of can packaging solutions. This strength is further enhanced through strategic alliances with premier international enterprises, ensuring the utilization of superior raw materials. This devotion to quality is echoed in our dedicated internal quality assurance team, reinforcing unmatched excellence in both our machinery and sourced materials.

Why LPE Canning Machines?

Since 2008, we insist on priority raw material selection, 100% testing before delivery.



Company Location: Neutraubling, Germany

Company Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of Establishment: 1983

Company Scale: 17,300 Professionals, 21 Production Plant

Main Products and Services:

Krones provides a diverse range of solutions specifically designed for the food industry and beverage processing sector. Their portfolio comprises both individual components and full machine lines for the filling, packaging, and processing of liquid consumables. Beyond this, Krones delivers end-to-end manufacturing solutions, encompassing process technology and intralogistics. They have also expanded into IT solutions and polyethylene recycling systems, exemplifying their innovative and progressive mindset.

About Us:

For over 70 years, Krones has established its reputation for precision, dependability, and sustainability within the filling and packaging machinery domain. As a recognized global leader, Krones is committed to producing efficient, sustainable machinery for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Their dedication to sustainability is deeply ingrained in their design principles, with numerous machines being engineered to utilize fewer resources, thus reducing their environmental impact. Krones specializes in manufacturing and designing filling machines, labelling machines, packaging machines, and intralogistics systems mainly used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

A hallmark of Krones is its adept team of engineering and industry professionals. With their extensive industry insights, this team ensures the creation of machines that consistently surpass industry benchmarks. Their focus on eco-friendly technologies highlights Krones’ unwavering dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

Pacific Packaging Machinery


Company Location: Corona, California, USA

Company Type: Manufacturer of Liquid Filling Machines

Year of Establishment: 1962

Company Scale: Global presence with over 800 fillers in 36 countries

Main Products and Services:

Pacific Packaging Machinery, LLC is a premier manufacturer of an array of liquid filling machinery. Our range encompasses rotary fillings, inline filters, rotary bloc filling systems, inline lidders, and drum & tote fillers. We serve diverse sectors including industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer packaged goods. Our expertise shines particularly in delivering efficient solutions for filling semi and highly viscous products such as edible oil, honey, mayonnaise, aerosol, and peanut butter.

About Us:

Established in 1962 by Stephen Ellison, Pacific Packaging Machinery has cemented its position as an industry leader in filling machinery and packaging systems. Our venture began with a groundbreaking introduction to rotary filling systems, predominantly for semi and highly viscous products. Throughout our history, precision and innovative techniques have remained our hallmark. Our significant milestone of installing the first production filler at the Sioux Honey plant in 1963 to having an impressive global footprint with over 800 fillers across 36 countries underscores our dedication and prowess in the filling machinery sector.

Always at the cutting edge, Pacific Packaging Machinery is renowned for its customer-centric innovations. We’ve pioneered two-phase fillers for salad dressings, swirl and stripe fillers for viscous products, and introduced bottom-up filling using advanced flow meters. To date, we’ve developed more than 100 filling valve configurations, inclusive of zero-drip valves, aligning with diverse product needs and client specifications. Our innovation-driven ethos coupled with the reliability of our filling systems has been instrumental in securing our strong global standing.

Accutek Packaging Equipment


Company Location: United States

Company Type: Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer

Year of Establishment: 1989

Company Scale: Leading liquid-filling machine manufacturer worldwide, serving businesses ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Main Products and Services:

Accutek Packaging Equipment offers an extensive selection of liquid filling machines suitable for various industries, including beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Their primary offerings encompass the Liquid Filling Machine, Automatic Liquid/Paste Filling Machine, and Automatic Bottle/Jar Filling Machine. Each machine is meticulously designed for accuracy and operational efficiency.

About Us:

With over thirty years of expertise, Accutek Packaging Equipment has established itself as a leading manufacturer of liquid filling machines, including bottle filling machines, in the United States. Our ethos revolves around blending innovation with ease of use, ensuring businesses of all scales optimize their productivity and profitability. Accutek’s dedication to smooth operations is evident in our machines, which are straightforward to operate, maintain, and clean.

A hallmark of Accutek’s excellence lies in its commitment to quality paired with user-centricity. This approach has positioned us as the preferred choice for numerous businesses and manufacturers. Fueling our achievements is a committed team of experts, constantly innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions while prioritizing user convenience.

AMS Ferrari


Company Location: Italy

Company Type: Manufacturer of Liquid Filling Machines and Bottle Cappers

Year of Establishment: 1977

Company Scale: Recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of liquid-filling machines and bottle cappers, serving both small and large-scale production lines.

Main Products:

AMS Ferrari specializes in a diverse range of packaging machines tailored to meet the demands of various industries. Their signature product lineup includes:

AMS 800 Fillmatic

AMS 800 Fillmatic II

AMS 800 Fillmatic III

About Us:

Founded in the scenic terrains of Italy in 1977, AMS Ferrari stands as a leading innovator in the domain of liquid filling machinery and bottle capping solutions. Throughout its history, the company has remained dedicated to advancing the industry, offering businesses worldwide cutting-edge packaging technologies.

AMS Ferrari’s unwavering focus on quality is epitomized in the precision and dependability of their equipment. Each product iteration reflects their drive to not only meet but exceed industry standards. This relentless pursuit of excellence has positioned them as an industry vanguard.

Beyond state-of-the-art machinery, the essence of AMS Ferrari is rooted in its Italian artisanship and an innate passion for delivering unmatched packaging solutions. Their attention to user-centric design, highlighted by user-friendly touchscreen interfaces and ergonomic configurations, distinguishes them as a preferred choice in the sector.


In the machinery and packaging sector, there has been a notable uptick in global demand for advanced filling systems. The leading five filling equipment producers have established industry standards by offering top-tier solutions, ranging from semi-automatic fillers to fully integrated production lines. Originating from nations including Germany, China, India, and the United States, these manufacturers exemplify expertise in automation, precision, and reliability. Their product spectrum encompasses piston fillers for high-viscosity applications to liquid fillers suitable for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Prioritizing customer support and technical assistance, they ensure their packaging solutions, encompassing capping and labeling machines, cater to the multifaceted requirements of sectors from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Their dedication to innovation is manifest in their conveyor mechanisms, nozzles, and filling units, facilitating a streamlined filling operation. These firms, known for their commitment to stainless steel design and adaptability to both low and high-viscosity applications, have reaffirmed their indispensable role not only in the food sector but across industries.

To sum up, as the global focus shifts towards enhanced automation and precision, these premier filling equipment manufacturers remain at the forefront, guaranteeing that each bottle filler and piston machine aligns with client specifications, thereby defining the industry’s best practices. Companies such as Levapack are celebrated for consistently providing state-of-the-art solutions without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

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