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Coffee Canning Line in LevaPack

Levapack is one of the most reliable coffee canning line manufacturers in China and around the world. We offer complete canning solutions to cater to your coffee business. Our coffee canning line features a variety of different machines designed to packaging different coffee products, including coffee powder, coffee beans, and coffee beverage. Contact our experts to customize a coffee canning line to boost your production capacities. Our vast product list features the following machines.

As a professional liquid filling machine manufacturing company, we also offer this automatic filler machine made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The perfect can and bottle filling machines for the beverage industry.

  • Model: LPE-LFM006
  • This liquid filling machine features 6 volumetric nozzles for efficient & precise packing.
  • Suitable for filling beverage & other free-flowing non-carbonated liquid into the tin, aluminum & PET round cans.
  • Adopting automation technology, importing PLC, sensor, pneumatic components, machine is efficient, intelligent, wide adaptability and good stability.


The liquid filling machine that has the best performance for special liquid. Widely used in food, edible oil, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides and other industries.

  • Model: LPE-VFM006
  • Piston filling type, piston cylinder with low wear metering cylinder, long life self-compensating piston seal, life-long maintenance free.
  • Imported PLC with man-machine interface, suitable for filling various viscosity products from water to cream, widely used in tomato paste, chili sauce, meat sauce, honey and other paste materials and materials with poor fluidity.


LevaPack manufactures a powder filling machine with double heads. The filling head of powder filler machine is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the height, it is easy to realize the filling of different type cans.

  • Model:LPE-PFM002
  • Straight double head filling, main filling and refilling to ensure high precision filling.
  • Servo and pneumatic system control the can hold and horizontal can runs, the positioning is accurate and the speed is fast.
  • Servo motor and servo drive control screw, stable performance and high precision.

High-efficiency automatic powder filling machine manufactured by LevaPack. Suitable for a different kind of round can, such as tin can, PET can and paper tube.

  • Model: LPE-PFM001
  • Automatically complete powder feeding, quantitative dispensing.
  • The silo can be easily opened and cleaned without tools.
  • Servo motor, screws and exterior materials are all made of stainless steel.
  • Auger is changeable for precise dispensing of a variety of powder materials.

This fully-automatic can sealer equipped with 4 rollers can achieve double seam via 2 operations to avoid leakage. One of the top sealing machines for sealing tuna, sardine & other cannery food in the tin, aluminum, ferrum and other round metal cans.

  • Model: LPE-FHV50V
  • High volume Fully-automatic single head seame.
  • Adjustable production capacity,seam Up to 50 cans/minute.
  • 4 rollers for consistent & leak-proof seam.
  • Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET& other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.

This is an ideal vacuum can sealer machine for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on. The entire process is carried out in a sealed chamber, making can packaging much easier.

  • Model:LPE-FVC06
  • Suitable for all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round cans.
  • The cans are first vacuumed and then filled with gas nitrogen, finally sealed. The remaining oxygen inside the can is lower than 3%.

How Coffee Canning Lines Work

The coffee canning line refers to a machine that is designed to feature different stations that carry out varied tasks. When a coffee can is done with the cycle, it is fully ready for distribution. The coffee canning machine features different nozzles, sensors, cables, and hoses among other aspects that make it perform with precision. Our coffee canning lines are designed to work by fulfilling a few processes in manufacturing. They include:

Feeding in Empty Coffee Cans

Automatic coffee canning lines will feature in-feed tables that supply cans into the conveyor. As the cans go through other processes, these machines will automatically introduce more cans depending on the speed and capacity.


The first stop in the coffee canning line is at the can rinsing machine. This is where the coffee cans are introduced by gravity into the rinsing machine and sprayed down. Rinsing occurs to sanitize the bottles to remove any contaminants before they are filled.


Once the empty cans are removed from the rinser, they are then introduced to the coffee can filling machine. The can filler heads dispense the coffee  into the can found at the bottom. The amount of coffee to be filled is pre-set to avoid any overflow to ensure uniformity in quantity.


After the coffee cans are filled, they are then directed to the can sealing machine. This is where the machine drops a cap on the coffee can and the sealing process is done mostly introducing a double seam. Depending on the specific sealing machine, you may also feature vacuuming and nitrogen filling before the coffee can is sealed.


Coffee cans mostly feature a label on the side of their body with the details of the coffee and the manufacturer. This is done with the help of a can labeling machine that sticks on a label onto the can with precision after it has been sealed.


All coffee produced by any company will feature a product barcode that is used to track how the coffee performs in the market. With a can coder, this process is made easy and takes place after the labeling is done.

Feeding out Final Product

After all that, the coffee cans are ready for sale and are fed out to be packaged and palletized accordingly depending on your specifications.

Machines in a Coffee Canning Line

Machines that are featured in the coffee canning line are designed to provide different services. Some of the products we feature at Levapack to give you a complete coffee canning line include:

Rotary Can In-Feed Table

Our rotary can in-feed table is used to introduce empty coffee cans into the conveyor. 

Coffee Can Rinsing Machine

The Levapack coffee canning line features a can rinsing machine that is designed to clean empty cans.

Coffee Can Filling Machine

Our coffee can filling machine features nozzles that are used to dispense the coffee into empty cans. This machine comes with several nozzle heads that can be customized to increase the capacity during production.

Coffee Can Sealer

Our coffee can sealer features the ability to vacuum your cans and fill them with nitrogen before they are sealed. The machine applies double seams for a quality seal.

Coffee Can Labeling Machine

The coffee can labeling machine at Levapack is used to apply your desired labels onto the can body. It is designed to feature great precision and accuracy to avoid any inconsistencies in the labeling.

Coffee Can Coder

We designed our coffee can coder machine to imprint date codes on the can to meet the market standards. The machine can be equipped with different techniques to offer unique codes depending on the specifications you set.

Rotary Can Out-Feed Table

The rotary can outfeed table is a design by Levapack used to safely remove the final coffee can products from the canning line. They are designed to be fast and accurate to facilitate the packaging process.

Coffee Canning Line Cost

Our company features the expertise of qualified designers and engineers who are well versed in this industry. This has allowed us to always work with quality raw material and utilize technology in all our processes.

We feature competitive prices compared to other companies. Additionally, we work to ensure that our machines are durable and efficient to help cut maintenance costs and increase their use in your manufacturing processes. 

Our coffee can packaging machines for sale also come with a wholesale price for bulk orders. Contact our team today.

Advantages of LevaPack Coffee Canning Line

In the coffee canning process, there are a few challenges that you may encounter. For instance inconsistencies in the amount of coffee in the cans, inaccurate labeling, and more. However, with the Levepack coffee canning line, such problems will not feature in your processes giving you great service.

Our machines are designed to be accurate in the execution of different tasks including filling, sealing, labeling, and more. Additionally, we feature automatic controls that are designed to discern the exact amount of coffee required and also detect the exact location for labels to be attached. Investing in our coffee canning line gives you a great advantage allowing you to increase your production capacity significantly.

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