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What is a Can Closer/Closing Machine?



The demand for packaged goods is growing. Firms, particularly in the food business, are using this opportunity by enhancing services like commodity packaging efficiency. These packing tins are sealed with can closing equipment. These gadgets have been created and improved throughout time to make them more effective. These devices are being developed by a number of businesses across the world for a variety of sectors.

It’s important to remember that a can closer contains numerous elements that all work together to ensure that the can sealer does what it’s supposed to do. The many elements of can sealers and the roles they fulfil will be discussed in this article. Continue reading!

Can Closing/ Sealing Machine

Can Closer

A can sealer machine, also called can closer/closing machine, is a piece of machinery that creates an impenetrable seal between the can lid and the can body. The can’s top is often constructed of tin-plated steel. The body composition is determined by the canned product. Metal, paperboard, or plastic can all be used.

To secure the product within the can, the double seam produces a strong mechanical connection. A sealing substance is applied to the curl of the lid in addition to the mechanical latching, to render it hermetic.


Sealing machines enclose and secure a single package or build a higher continual transverse or perpendicular seal.

Parts of a Can Closer Machine

Seamer Chuck

Seamer Chuck

In the process of the double seaming procedure, the seamer chuck connects the can to the seamer turntable on the opposite side. In the first and second seaming operations, it also protects the can from the pressure of the seaming rollers.

The diameter of the can be sealed will define the size of the chuck. As a result, varied can diameter windage necessitates the use of distinct chucks.


Rotary Sealing Machines

It locks the can body to its ideal position and sends the spring’s force to the chuck through the container. Furthermore, the form of the can will affect the design of the base plate, allowing the can to be put properly.

Seaming Rolls

Seaming Rolls

In can sealing machines, two seaming rollers with incurved profiles are utilized to help generate double seams. Depending on the machine’s speed, it may include one or more couples of seaming rollers.

PLC Control System

Sealing Machine

The configurations for the sealing process are made on this panel. The design of the PLC control system is helpful to accurately setting the packaging process. It’s also easy to use for workers to save costs in training.

How Can Closing Machine Works

Semi Auto Can Seaming Machine


Highly scalable automatic can sealing machines are usually incorporated into a production line for continuous packaging operations. So all the operative needs to do is turn on the machine thru the settings menu, feed it a massive amount of tops, and leave the rest to the machine.

Moreover, there are two types of automatic can sealing machines: rotatory and non-rotatory. A rotatory can sealer rotates the container while performing its functions, whereas a non-rotatory can sealer keeps the can be fixed while doing its responsibilities.


Semi-automatic can sealing machines are often used as part of a continuous packing process. So the majority of the operator’s job is to power on the machine via the settings menu, feed it a substantial percentage of covers, and keep an eye on it. Human labour is required for the machine to be completely functioning.

Benefits of Can Closer Machine for Your Factory

Can Seamer Machine

Increases system performance: A can seamer makes it much easier to seal cans quickly and simply. After your products have been wrapped, you’ll get them out of the factory and onto shelves or into the hands of customers as soon as possible.

Precludes Leaking: By utilizing a may sealer, you can eliminate leaks in the can, which means you’ll save money. If the can is not properly sealed, it will spill, culminating in a big mess in the plant and possibly financial losses. To eliminate leakage issues, you’ll need the right can closing machine.

Makes Your Packaging Safer: Intelligent use of mechanical characteristics, meticulous structure layout, vibration-free work process, robust and dependable work; It has a blade guard to avoid inadvertent stabbing, the packing process is more secure and efficient.

Buy Quality can Closer/Closing Machine from Trusted Manufacturers

Pricing and Quality

When purchasing a closer machine, you need to ensure that you work with brands that offer quality and reasonable prices for them.


The whole idea of trusted brands comes with proof. Therefore, trusted brands will have certification to prove their authenticity.

Technical team

These trusted manufacturers also offer technical support from trained personnel.

Customization solutions

Trusted manufacturers are also able to offer you customized solutions to meet your needs.


It is critical to invest in a can seal machine in order to reduce expenses and increase production. As a result, working for a great firm provides you the advantage of being able to optimize your productivity. If you have any questions about can closers, please contact us.

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