Semi-Automatic Vs Automatic Can Sealing Machines



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Many people usually have a hard time when it comes to selecting between automatic and semi-automatic canning machines. Consequently, people often confuse automatic can sealers and semi-auto can sealers. The difference may be minute but significant altogether. Majorly, they are unaware of the key differences between them and find it hard to understand the rice disparities between the two. 

To break everything into perspective, we are going to look at the key differences between the automatic and semi-automatic can sealer, majorly focusing on their major components, functions, benefits and how to choose wisely which of the two to invest in.

What is a Semi-Automatic Can Sealer Machine?

Semi Auto Can Seaming Machine


Can sealing machines that are semi-automatic are frequently employed as part of a continuous canning procedure. So the operator’s primary responsibility is to turn on the machine via the operations centre, feed it a significant number of tops, and keep an eye on it. In this case, semi-automatic requires human labour to move the cans after canning to the respective machinery for packaging, or consequentially, package them after canning.

Parts of a semi-automatic Can Sealers

Seamer Chuck

Seamer Chuck

The seamer chuck links the can to the seamer turntable in the contrary direction during the double seaming technique. It also shields the can from the pressure of the seaming rollers during the first and second seaming processes.

The size of the chuck is determined by the circumference of the sealed can. As a result, different chucks are required for different can dimensions.


Seaming Machine

It secures the can fuselage in its optimal place and channels the spring’s power through the vessel to the chuck. In addition, the shape of the can will influence the design of the base plate, enabling the can to be correctly positioned.

Seaming Rolls

Seaming Rolls

Based on the amount of manufacturing, a can sealer has a minimum of one pair of rollers. The lid’s curl is folded towards the upper part of the body with the initial roller. The second roller tightens the seam using an iron.

How to use it

In most cases, the use of a semi-automatic can sealer is well described and detailed in a user manual. All you need to do is follow the guidelines.


  • They are quite easy to use as everything is detailed in the user manual.
  • They are affordable and with great return on value investments.


  • They require some sort of centralization in the canning process. It may be great in space-saving, but affirm with tons of loading docks having a centralized canning process makes their work kinda hard.

What is an Automatic Can Sealing Machine?

Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine


It helps create an airtight seal between the can lid and the can body. In this process, every process in this procedure is automated, requiring no human labour or intervention(At times just a little).

How to use it

In normal situations, a user manual will describe and detail how to use an automatic can sealer. But generally, all you need to do is feed the machine with numerous can tops and cans,  turn it and let it carry on with its task.


  • All the processes are automated, increasing the average output per hour.
  • They have a high return on capital investments.


  • The initial investment is quite high.

Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Can Sealers

A Person Operating a Can Sealer

Semi-automatic canning devices, in general, begin the operation with a controller and end with the machine. With minimum user intervention, a completely automated can sealing machine initiates and ends the procedure.

How to Select the Right Can Sealer for Your Factory

Servo Fixed Speed Sealing Machine


When selecting an electric or servo-controlled can seaming machine, budgeting is essential. This is because you need to work within the budget that your factory is comfortable with. To make things easier, you can consult an industry-proficient firm.

Desired Productivity

You need to be sure of your productivity goals before getting an electric or servo-controlled can sealing machine. You need to know your market range and maximum product production quality to make sure you are investing wisely.

Factory Floor Space

You cannot get an electric or servo-controlled can sealer machine if your factory flooring space will not be enough to harbour the machine. You need to have enough space to place the piece of equipment.


The industry is filled with a variety of can sealing brands. However, at Leva Pack, we have distinguished ourselves as the market leaders. Contact us for great offers and quality brands. All the best!

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