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Vegetable Canning Machine in Levapack

We are one of the top canning machine manufacturers in China and around the world. We pride ourselves on providing quality canning machines that are used in different industries. This has allowed us to develop our manufacturing systems to ensure that we always provide quality products to our customers. We feature vegetable canning machines designed and developed with the best expertise in the market. Our full range of can packaging machines and packaging lines for canned vegetable production are customizable. You can order a single functional can packaging machine or a canning line to upgrade your facilities.

We also produce filler machines for solid products. The high degree of automation that saves labor costs. Suitable as supporting equipment for packaging production.

  • Model: LPE-SFL004
  • 4 heads linear weigher,filling speed up to 25 to 30 cans/min.
  • Suitable for different kinds of round can package, such as tin can ,PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative weighing filling of granular products such as sugar, salt, rice, beans, seeds, feed, desiccant and plastic pellets.


Another high-quality filling machine manufactured by our company. Ideal for all kinds of common standard materials, suitable for candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pet food, puffed food, pistachio, peanut, nuts, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods.

  • Model: LPE-SFM014
  • High-precision, high-standard special sensors.
  • Factory parameter setting recovery function, support multi-stage weight calibration.
  • Automatically pause when material is missing, making weighing more stable.


The most flexible filling machine our company supply. Besides, if you can’t find a filler machine that suits your needs, we can design one especially for you.

  • Model : LPE-SFC005
  • Customized filling head to meet different production capacity .
  • Suitable for round can packages , such as tin can , PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative filling of granular products and puffed food, such as beans,preserved fruit, especially for popcorn.


This fully-automatic can sealer equipped with 4 rollers can achieve double seam via 2 operations to avoid leakage. One of the top sealing machines for sealing tuna, sardine & other cannery food in the tin, aluminum, ferrum and other round metal cans.

  • Model: LPE-FHV50V
  • High volume Fully-automatic single head seame.
  • Adjustable production capacity,seam Up to 50 cans/minute.
  • 4 rollers for consistent & leak-proof seam.
  • Perfect for sealing tin, aluminum, PET& other paper cans with a maximum diameter of 130mm.

This is an ideal vacuum can sealer machine for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on. The entire process is carried out in a sealed chamber, making can packaging much easier.

  • Model:LPE-FVC06
  • Suitable for all kinds of tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, paper cans and other round cans.
  • The cans are first vacuumed and then filled with gas nitrogen, finally sealed. The remaining oxygen inside the can is lower than 3%.

How Vegetable Canning Machines Work

Our vegetable canning machines are divided into three specific products and are designed to feature different applications. These machines include vegetable can filling machines, can sealing machines, and can labeling machines. Vegetable canning machines work by taking into consideration the different processes undertaken by the three machines mentioned. These processes include:

Vegetable Can Filling

The vegetable can filling machines featured in this process are designed to offer great precision in application. The cans to be used are introduced to the machine by a conveyor and the filling heads are used to dispense the vegetables into the cans. This is an automated process that requires the use of machines that feature a weighing system to ensure you are working with the right quantities.

Vegetable Can Sealing

With vegetable can sealing machines, they work with rotary seamers that allow the cans to spin while the seamers work on the sealing process. With this, the best option is to work with automatic seamers with great precision and efficiency like those found in Levapack.

Vegetable Can Labeling

The labeling process is undertaken by can labeling machines that are designed to be accurate to ensure that you get the right results. With this, the can is fed into the labeling station and the premade label is applied to the can. The premade label is designed to either stick to the body of the can or the cap depending on your specific requirements.

Suitable for Various Canned Vegetable packaging

Our vegetable canning machines are no doubt quite efficient and a great addition to our customer’s production requirements. They feature in the application of different canned vegetables including:

canned vegetable

Given that different clients come with varied specifications, we have tailored our processes to also offer customization options. Here, we work closely with you to ensure that we get a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Once we have that, our designers customize the can packaging machines to ensure that the functions required are actionable. Then our expert engineers work to produce the machines using high standard raw materials to give you the best quality.

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