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Pet Food Packaging Machine in Levapack

Who doesn’t want to have cute and cuddly pets? People treat their pets as their own children and thus spend a lot of money to provide them with premium foods and treats. As pet owners only buy top-quality pet foods, manufacturers need to have appealing pet treat packaging to attract customers in buying their products.

Levapack is among the best pet food packaging suppliers in China where you can get customizable dog food packaging machines to accommodate your production line’s requirements. You can use our durable and easy to use machines for sale in packaging any type of pet food may it be dry or wet foods, bones, and others.
Our versatile can/tin packaging machines for dog food include solid fillers with multihead weighers to achieve accurate quantitative fills. You can achieve stable fills because our machines are equipped with special sensors that can detect the absence/presence of the materials. They are also made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and adopt the latest automation technology to ensure a reliable packaging line.
Whatever type of can packaging machine for pet food you need, Levapack can create machines that are tailored specifically to your business’ needs. 

We also produce filler machines for solid products. The high degree of automation that saves labor costs. Suitable as supporting equipment for packaging production.

  • Model: LPE-SFL004
  • 4 heads linear weigher,filling speed up to 25 to 30 cans/min.
  • Suitable for different kinds of round can package, such as tin can ,PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative weighing filling of granular products such as sugar, salt, rice, beans, seeds, feed, desiccant and plastic pellets.


Another high-quality filling machine manufactured by our company. Ideal for all kinds of common standard materials, suitable for candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pet food, puffed food, pistachio, peanut, nuts, almonds, raisins, and other snack foods.

  • Model: LPE-SFM014
  • High-precision, high-standard special sensors.
  • Factory parameter setting recovery function, support multi-stage weight calibration.
  • Automatically pause when material is missing, making weighing more stable.


The most flexible filling machine our company supply. Besides, if you can’t find a filler machine that suits your needs, we can design one especially for you.

  • Model : LPE-SFC005
  • Customized filling head to meet different production capacity .
  • Suitable for round can packages , such as tin can , PET can , paper tube etc.
  • Perfect for quantitative filling of granular products and puffed food, such as beans,preserved fruit, especially for popcorn.


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