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Cream Sealing Machine

Cream Sealing Machine in Levapack

A lot of consumers are using cream-based cosmetic products especially in the Asian countries which led to the rapid growth of the industry. Since there are a lot of brands that are competing for a place on the shelves, the only way your brand can outshine them is by creating an appealing and airtight product packaging. Cream can sealing machines can help you do this task easily.

As a well-known cream can packaging machine manufacturer in China, Levapack can supply you with reasonably-priced can packaging solutions for sale for your certain application. Our company’s cream can seaming machines are equipped with the latest automation technology for effectively streamlining your production lines. They can consistently and efficiently seal your cans to produce leak-proof seams. Thus, ensuring the quality of your products.

Let us help you achieve a more intelligent and cost-effective production line by choosing our durable can sealing machines for cream. We have tested our packaging machines on various quality parameters to guarantee their efficiency. Reach out to us now and let us help you develop an ideal packaging solution for your business’ specific needs!

Our factory also manufactures the most efficient screw cap sealing machine. Fast sealing speed, suitable for large-volume production for different industries. The sealing head style can be customized according to the customer sample bottle.

  • Model: LPE-FIS100
  • Digital display of working voltage and current, intuitive and clear.
  • Knob adjustment, button switch, easy to use.
  • Over-current and over-voltage, automatic protection, safe and reliable.
  • The sealing head adopts handwheel type lifting adjustment, which is easy to use.


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