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Top 5 Can Sealing Machine Supplier in Korea

Can sealing is a process that has been making the packaging of products effective and reliable. Packaging industries can now worry less about contaminants or leakages in their canned products as this process ensures that leakages are handled efficiently. Can sealing is the process of sealing canned products by using a can sealer machine. The machine has been developed to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and the product’s integrity has been maintained. 

If you wonder where to get these machines from, buckle up as we discuss the best can sealing machine suppliers in Korea.

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Levapack Can Packaging Machine logo

Levapack(LPE) is located in China as a manufacturer of can packaging machines. Established in 2018, Levapack has a total of 100 employees working in their 2000 square meters factory. The factory is fully equipped with the appropriate machinery to enable precision in its operations. Examples of these machines are CNC machines, grinders, and lathes. The packaging machines produced in Levapack include can sealing machines, labelling machines, filling machines, and capping machines.

They supply to both medium and small enterprises. Due to advancements in technology, LPE is working to enhance its machines by developing machines with very high automatic performance, easy designs which will require minimal maintenance. At LPE, engineers have vast experience in packaging machinery, and manufacturing hence guarantees all their clients a cutting-edge product and service.

Cis Packaging Co.

Cis Packaging Logo

Cis Packaging Co was started in 1989 in Kyoungki, South Korea as a designer and producer of packaging systems with improved functionality. Their supplies are directed to industries such as households, packaged foods, beverages, etc. Their products include various kinds of packaging machines, including can sealers. These products are; automatic packing machines, gauges, bucket conveyors, automatic packaging systems, band sealers, etc.

Their primary markets are in Egypt, the USA, and Europe. Cis Packaging Co thrives in providing its customers with cost-effective and reliable products and services. At Cis Packaging, a team of qualified and experienced engineers work to meet the company’s motto of creativity in packaging, top-notch services, and being at the forefront in marketing strategies.

Tams Tech Co. Ltd

Tams Tech Co. Ltd Logo

Tams Tech Ltd was established in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, in 2002. Their employee capacity is between 11 to 50. The experience in Tams Tech is in packaging machine manufacturing. They export their products to regions like Europe, Middle East Asia, South America, Russia, and Asia. Their products include cup sealer, band sealer, nozzle type vacuum packer,  hand wrapper, hand sealer, vinyl impulse sealer, and vacuum packer.

Their products are continuously improved in terms of quality, making them among the leading suppliers in Korea. Their tray sealer has been enhanced to include a semi-automatic tray sealer. Selling categories in Tams Tech are manufacturing and processing machinery, electronic dictionary, electrical equipment supplies, school supplies, and office supplies. At Tams Tech, they have been building their reputation over the years to become among the best high-quality product suppliers at the best prices with no delays.

CK Company Co. Ltd

CK Company Logo

CK company is located in Seoul, Korea and is experienced in manufacturing different machines in categories like packaging and equipment machines, freezers, ice makers, and supermarket supplies. Some of the products produced at CK Company are automatic can seamer machines, air-cooled snowflake ice, ice makers, etc. they have continued being a leader in this industry with their products and services that have impressed the market.

At CK Company, the latest technology is incorporated into their daily operations to ensure high-precision products are manufactured.


Finding the right can sealing machine supplier is essential for the efficiency of your operations. Several companies are invested in the manufacturing of these machines.  The Korean packaging industry is evolving daily, leading to a rise in can sealing manufacturers. The best services you can access in this industry are offered in Levapack with our high-quality products and services. For more information on our company and services, contact us anytime you need a can sealer machine.

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