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Pill Capping Machine

Pill Capping Machine in Levapack

The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements when it comes to product packaging. The packaging should protect the product against external influences (light, moisture, oxygen, etc.) that can change the product’s properties. Plus, it should be child-resistant to avoid accidental consumption. This calls for the need for a reliable capping machine that can efficiently seal your pill containers.

Levapack, a packaging machine manufacturer in China, can supply you with customizable pill capping machines for sale at reasonable prices. Our company offers high-quality snap cappers and screw cappers (available in chuck and spindle designs) to help you cap your pill containers tightly. We can accommodate any closure type by redesigning our machines to fit your business’ requirements.

Achieve a high degree of automation with Levapack’s innovative packaging solutions and streamline your production lines cost-effectively. Our machines can provide you with fast capping speeds and easy container replacements for a more efficient packaging process. Reach out to us now and let us tailor your machines according to your business’ specific needs!



Fully automatic aluminum cover anti-theft cover capping machine widely used in all kinds of non-gas beverages, juices, wine anti-theft cover, winery, condiment factory, beverage factory and other manufacturers of ideal equipment.

  • Model: LPE-RVS040
  • A certain degree of automation is achieved, the price is moderate, and an automatic protection device is provided at the inlet and outlet wheel to ensure safety.
  • This machine is mainly used for the sealing of the aluminum cover.


Our factory manufactures this fully automatic screw capping machine at the best price. The capping rate is high, the speed is fast, etc. Suitable for capping PET cans with caps in food, beverage industry & more.

  • Model: LPE-SCM008
  • Advanced man-machine interface operating system, operating parameters can be stored and adjusted, fault prompts, easy to use.
  • Eight-wheeled cap in motion, the capping speed is fast, and it can effectively prevent the anti-theft cap from breaking and damage to the cap.


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