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A well-designed canning machine is crucial for its longevity and performance. Serving over 1000+ clinets worldwide, Levapack knows how to make a best custom canning machine to fit our clients needs in the most cost-effective ways.

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Superior Raw Material And Components
For High Durability Canning Line

High-quality materials and components enhance machine durability, efficiency, and safety, while also boosting a company’s market competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and long-term cost savings.

Optimized Material Use in Levapack

At Levapack, we ensure our canning machines meet high standards with a frame made of 1.5mm 304 stainless steel for quality and appearance.

Operational access is reinforced with the same, while conveyors feature robust 2mm steel. Areas contacting sensitive products like pharmaceuticals and cannabis use 316 stainless steel, balancing durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Stainless steel

Servo Motors

Levapack, a pioneer in integrating servo motors in canning machines, enhances precision, efficiency, and reliability, offering a competitive edge in automation and production quality for companies.

Servo Motors


Levapack’s canning machines boast durable, domestically-sourced bearings, ensuring a solid 5-year lifespan with minimal maintenance, blending cost-effectiveness and reliable performance for our clients.

Seaming Rollers

The scroll wheel in Levapack machines processes 50-100 million cans, lasting 1-2 years before needing replacement and blade adjustment. When treated for liquid, we will set a sink and waterproof surface below, sealed with silicone for about a year’s efficacy.

Lids Dispenser

In our canning machines, we use aerospace-grade aluminum for the bottom covers, unlike most in the industry who opt for electroplated iron. Electroplating can be toxic and prone to chipping and rusting, compromising the hygiene of the lids.

Canning Line Solutions For Your Business

Levapack offers a complete lineup of can packaging machines, including can filling, sealing, capping, labeling, coding machines, and premade pouch packaging machines, catering to small and medium-sized businesses.


Powder Canning Machines


Solid Can Packaging Machines


Liquid Canning Machines

Hand Sanitizer Packaging Machine


Premade Pouch Packaging Machines

Cannabis Filling Machine

Cannabis / Marijuana Packaging Machines

Get Your Custom
Canning Line in Levapack

As a primier canning line manufacturer, Levapack understands the canning machine durability and reliability is critical for businesses to avoid downtime and losses due to machine malfunctions so we dedicate to producing well-designed canning machine.

Raw Material and Branded Components

Levapack uses premium 2mm thick #304 or #316 stainless steel, crucial for the durability and hygienic standards of our machines, particularly in food and beverage applications.

We partner with renowned brands for key components. For instance, our custom packaging machines are equipped with PLCs, touch screens from Siemens, electric motors from SEW, air cylinders from SMC, and electrical parts from Schneider. These high-quality components, in combination with our robust 2mm stainless steel construction, ensure the superior performance and longevity of our machines.

raw material inspection
precision manufacturing

Precision Manufacturing

Levapack utilizes sophisticated CNC machines, including milling machines, lathes, and grinders, to make each part as precise as possible, which is vital for the smooth operation of the machines.

Advanced Technology Integration

Levapack’s automatic canning machines use servomotors for precision and quick malposition correction, reducing maintenance and preventing failures.

Integrated overload devices stop operations during breakdowns to protect electrical components, extending machine life and safety features like emergency stops and guards enhance operator safety and machine durability.

quality can packaging machines

Strict Quality Control

Intricate Hand Assembly: Levapack sets its machines apart with hand assembly by engineers who have over 14 years of experience, guaranteeing top-notch quality and exactness.

Careful Machine Inspection: After being assembled, every machine goes through an extensive inspection. This makes sure everything works smoothly, all parts and electrical components are installed correctly, and the motor is functioning at its best.

Rigorous Testing: Each machine faces strict testing, including over 100 continuous operations with sample cans and a 48-hour test without any load. These tests check the machine’s overload protection and confirm it’s ready for action.

Aging Test: We conduct a thorough aging test and debugging on their canning machines, involving a 36-hour idle run. Every two hours, the machine’s actual functions are tested to ensure normal operation. A test video is included in the inspection report and sent to the customer for verification.

Support and Warranty

Safe Packing: Machines are carefully packed with plastic wrap and placed in specially designed wooden cases with fixed devices to prevent movement during transportation, ensuring their integrity on arrival​.

Installation Guidance and Training: Levapack provides online installation guides and offers onsite installation and training on machine care and maintenance, ensuring stable performance and reduced breakdowns.

Spare Parts Kit: Essential spare parts and components are provided to avoid unplanned downtime. All electrical parts, sourced from leading brands, can be easily purchased and replaced if necessary.

Ongoing Customer Service: We provide a 16 months warranty, during which malfunctions are fixed and broken parts replaced free of charge, 24/7 quick respond.

Machine Packing
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Customization in Levapack

Levapack offers custom packaging machine solutions tailored for diverse applications like dry food packaging, beer canning, cannabis packing, and hand sanitizer packaging.

Our efficient supply chain management enables competitive pricing. This customization flexibility streamlines clients’ packaging processes, enhances efficiency, and cuts costs, while allowing them to adapt machines to their specific production requirements.

Cost-Saving Packaging Line Solutions
With Levapack Canning System

Levapack, as one of  the professional can packaging line manufacturers, we have developed great canning systems designed to cater to all our client’s needs with accuracy and efficiency.

Rotary Can Infeed Outfeed Table

Automates can feeding into the line, processing over 60 cans per minute and holding up to 170 cans.

A Can Rotary Infeed Outfeed Table

Can Rinser/Sterilizer

Uses UV light and blowing devices to clean cans, ensuring they are contamination-free before filling.

A Can Rinser

Dosing System and Can Filler Machine

Precisely fills both solids and liquids into empty containers, featuring hoppers, filling heads, mechanical drive systems, sensors, PLC control systems, and weighers.

Vacuum Packed vs Nitrogen Flushed: Which Is Better

Can Seamer Machine

Seals cans tightly, protecting contents from contaminants, with components like seamer heads, turntables, rollers, sealing chambers, and vacuum rooms.

Can Seamer Machine

Can Labeling Machine

Applies labels accurately to cans with self-adhesive materials that can stick on different surfaces, equipped with a feeding hopper, labeling station, touch screen control panel, and drive mechanism.

can labeling machine

Can Coding Machine

Brands cans and adds dates using technologies like inkjet, laser, nitrogen dioxide, and color banding.

can coding machine

Rotary Can Outfeed Unscrambler

Our rotary can outfeed table efficiently removes finished products from the conveyor after canning, holding them securely. Enhanced with productive output conveyors and turntables, it boosts efficiency while cutting down on labor costs.

100+ Ready Certificates Wait For You To Find Out

Levapack’s commitment to top-notch materials and precision engineering, guarantees premium quality and reliability for every machine.


Capping Machine CE Certificate

Can Sealing Machine CE Certificate

Side Label Applicator CSA Certificate

FAQ of LPE Canning Lines

small-scale commercial canning equipment

Canning lines incorporate various processes and machines, collaborating to produce a fully packaged product. The process begins with empty cans being placed on a conveyor in a prearranged manner.

Initial Step - Can In-Feeder: A rotary can in-feeder table is utilized to consistently introduce a specific number of empty cans, ensuring a smooth operation.

Sterilization Process: A crucial stage where cans undergo sterilization to prevent product contamination.

Filling Station: Cleansed cans proceed to the filling station. Here, filler heads dispense the product into the cans, triggered by specialized sensors once an empty can arrives at the station.

Sealing and Seaming: Post-filling, cans are sealed using a can sealing machine to secure the contents. A seaming process follows, tightly affixing the lid to guarantee product safety inside the can.

Labeling and Coding: The final stage involves labeling and coding for easy identification, executed with can labeling coding machines known for their efficiency and precision. These machines apply labels to the can bodies as they move along the conveyor.

Final Output: Labeled products exit the conveyor via the can out-feeder table, ready for desired packaging.

Levapack supplies an extensive range of can, tin, and jar filling lines, tailored to meet the diverse needs of different products and containers. Our solutions are designed to handle a wide array of materials including solid, liquid, viscous liquid, granules, and powder. Additionally, our equipment is versatile enough to accommodate various container types such as aluminum pots, plastic cans, tin cans, paper cans, jars, and preformed plastic bags.

Our product line is inclusive of specialized machines for various applications. This includes canned food filling machines, beverage can filling machines, and chemical filling machines, among others. They are notably prevalent in sectors like canned food manufacturing. Our commitment is to provide solutions that not only meet the diverse requirements of these industries but also enhance efficiency and productivity in packaging processes.

To ensure optimal customization of your canning machine, it's important to consider the space available in your operation area and the specific product features you desire. This information is crucial for us to provide you with a machine that precisely meets your business needs. Our customization options extend to various aspects such as packaging speed, machine type, the functions performed, and the layout size of the production line. By getting these specifications right from the start, we enable you to tailor your machine to fit your production needs and processes, particularly beneficial if you're looking to increase production capacity. As your reliable canning machine manufacturer, we are committed to delivering high-quality machines that are customized to offer you the best services and efficiency.

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