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Our canning lines feature machines used in the filling, sealing, coding, and labeling
of cans as part of the useful processes featured in the manufacturing industry.

Levapack, Your Trusted Canning Line Manufacturer

Levapack is a canning machine manufacturer based in China with partnerships across the world. We work to ensure that we provide the best can packaging machines in the market geared towards ensuring that your manufacturing processes are efficient. Our product catalog features can filling machines, can sealing machines, can capping machines, and can labeling machines among others. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to all our customers with customization options that you can take advantage of. Our customization services are offered to customers who want their machines to feature other additional aspects that will help increase their productivity. We understand that our clients’ needs are different which is why we offer this service. We work in close contact to ensure that we get all your specifications right.

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Levapack Canning Lines

Powder Canning Machines / Lines

At Levapack, we feature powder can packaging machines and packaging lines that are designed to cater to different functions. Considering your powdery product properties and sanitary requirements, we offer customizable canning solutions featuring can sterilizing, can filling, can seaming, labeling, and coding.

You can count on Levapack’s automatic canning machines and packaging lines for milk powder packaging and more.


powder canning line
solid canning line

Solid Canning Machines / Lines

We offer high-quality solid can packaging machines / lines that cater to different applications, including snacks, nuts, candy, pet food, and more. To ensure precise filling and sealing, we utilize high-end weighing machines and sensors. We pride ourselves in providing the best options in the market designed to make canning of solid products a breeze.



Liquid Canning Machines / Lines

Levapack offers liquid filling lines and sauce canning machines designed to ease your manufacturing processes. They are designed to cater to all the processes involved in the production of your specific products. With modular can packaging machines and the capacity of 60 cans per min, our liquid and sauce canning machines will be the perfect partner to work with.

Liquid canning line

Levapack Canning Lines

What is a Canning System

A canning system is a compilation of different canning machines that are designed to offer varied services essential for your manufacturing process. Some of the processes included in the canning system include:

Having a complete canning system is a good idea because it increases your productivity and also speeds up your processes. It allows you to increase your production capacity significantly. Our canning lines are designed to offer accuracy and speed in the processes you intend to feature in your business. They are made with the highest quality raw materials sourced from trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our canning systems are developed with the best talent and craftsmanship of quality designers and engineers. This has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and also offer great affordable prices for our products.

canning line

Machines in Levapack Canning Systems

At Levapack, we have developed great canning systems designed to cater to all our client’s needs with accuracy and efficiency. Our canning system features different machines that can easily be customized at the client’s request. Some of the feature machines on our canning systems include:

PLC control systems

Our PLC control systems come with a touch ability that makes them easier for you to use. They are designed to control the responses of the different processes that take place in the canning system. We created our controls to make it easier to input instructions and let them run on a loop. The instruction fed to the control system determines the efficiency of your processes given that the system controls the output. Our PLC control systems feature different components that contribute to their efficiency. These components include power supply, input/output sections, processor sections, and programming sections.

Rotary can in-feed table

The rotary can in-feed table is designed to direct the empty cans into your canning line. This is the best way to automate the feed-in process. Rotary can in-feed tables are designed to feature the ability to process over 60 cans per minute while the table can hold more with a capacity of up to 170 empty cans. This machine works with various canning line systems and is also quite compact taking up less space.

Can rinser/ sterilizer

Our can rinsers feature sterilizing UV light and blowing devices to clean the empty cans to avoid any risks of contamination. The can rinser features a rotating mechanism that is used to rotate the machine to ensure that the rinsing is accurate. This is an important addition to our canning line to ensure that our customers work with clean cans before they get to the filling stage.

Dosing system and can filler machine

Our can filling machines are specifically designed to address the needs of our clients in filling both solids and liquids. This ensures that we cater to the needs of all our clients with ease. The filling machine works by dispensing your desired product into empty containers with great precision. We designed our can filling machines with a few crucial components to ensure the machines are accurate. These components include hoppers, filling heads, mechanical drive system, sensors, PLC control systems, and weigher. The components mentioned are designed to ensure that the dosing is accurate in applications.
vacuum can filling and sealing

Can seamer machine

Levapack can seaming machines are also used in the sealing process. They are accurately designed to ensure that the seams and seals are employed to hold on tight. This ensures that your products are safe from any contaminants after they get to the market. Our can seamers feature certain components that make this process a breeze. Some of the components include seamer heads, seamer turntables, seaming rollers, sealing chambers, and vacuum rooms.
Can seamer machine for milk powder

Can labeling machine

Our can labeling machines are designed to be accurate in the application of stickers and labels on the cans. The labels featured in these machines come with a self-adhesive material that can stick on different surfaces. We developed our can labeling machines with key components that ensure they are accurate in their application. The components featured include a feeding hopper, labeling station, touch screen control panel, and a drive mechanism.

Can coder

Our can coding machines feature technology used in inkjet, laser, nitrogen dioxide, and color banding. The can coding machines are designed to brand the cans and also add date packages.

Rotary can out-feeder table

The rotary can out feeder table features the ability to hold the canned products by removing them from the conveyor once they are done with the canning process. Our output conveyors and turntables ensure high productivity and help reduce the labor cost.

How Can Canning Lines Work

Canning lines are designed to feature different processes and machines that work together resulting in a fully packaged product. The process begins by first adding empty cans into the conveyor as predetermined. The rotary can in-feeder table is designed to add in a specific number of empty cans to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Once the cans are fed in, the next step is sterilizing. This could be done by the tank sterilizer which features the use of UV lamps or the cleaning machine that blows and sucks air to remove debris. This is an important step to help avoid any contamination of your product.

After the cans are cleaned, they are then directed to the filling station where the filler heads are used to dispense the product into the cans. We use branded sensors to enable the start of the filling process once the empty can gets to the filling station.

After the products have been filled, the cans are then sealed by a can sealing machine to keep the contents secure. The seaming process then begins where the lid is seamed tighter to ensure the safety of the products in the can.

After the products are sealed, the last step is to place the labels and the codes required for easy identification. This is done using can labeling coding machines that are designed to feature great efficiency and precision. Our labeling machines are designed to apply the labels on to the can body as they move along the conveyor. After the product has been labeled, it is fed out of the conveyor by the can out-feeder table. The products can then be packaged as desired.

Canning Line Cost in Levapack

At Levapack, we feature a great competitive advantage in the prices we offer for all our machines. We believe in making our processes lean and efficient to ensure that we provide quality and affordable products to all our customers. We feature a technical design team with over 16 years of experience in the manufacture of canning machines. This has allowed us to stay ahead and utilize the latest technology in our manufacturing process. Our components and raw materials are sourced from trusted manufacturers to ensure their quality in fulfilling their functions. With our experience in the industry, we can negotiate an affordable price for these components and materials. Levapack offers the opportunity for large purchase quantities which also contribute greatly to the overall costs incurred. Contact us to get a wholesale price today.

Canning Line Cost in Levapack

Advantages of Levapack Canning Systems

At Levapack, we tailor our manufacturing processes to create quality canning systems that will greatly serve our clients. Our canning systems feature some great advantages which include:

Customization of canning lines

Depending on your specific requirements as our client, we feature the ability to customize our canning systems. We do this to ensure that we cater to the specific requirements you have. Whether it is to increase production capacity or specific electrical configurations, we’ll get it done. We ask our clients to work closely with our designers to ensure they provide exact details of what they want with their canning lines.

High precision

Our canning lines are designed with the highest precision and efficiency to ensure that all the processes are accurate. We ensure that we conduct quality tests before handing over the canning systems to our clients. Our quality tests include automatic vacuum sealing performance tests and seam projector tests among others. These different quality tests allow us to ensure that the products we produce are highly precise in their application.

Use of food-grade metal materials

We feature the use of food-grade materials that allow us to offer our machines to the food and beverage industries. This ensures that you are working with quality machines that will not contaminate your products.

One-stop service

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop where all your service needs are accurately met. We have in-house designers who help you come up with a clear customization idea for your desired machine. All your needs are met at Levapack without being outsourced to other places.

Applications of Levapack Can Filling Lines

In the manufacturing industry, different products require automated processes to facilitate their packing. As Levapack, we come in to offer quality can / tin / jar filling lines that are applicable in different products and containers. Our application range covers solid, liquid, viscous liquid, granule, powder with containers of aluminium pot, plastic can, tin can, jar, and preformed plastic bag. We employ the use of designers and engineers with over 16 years of experience to ensure that we provide quality machines at each turn. We work with quality raw materials from electrical systems to steel metals that are adequately sourced. We work with materials from recognized companies such as Omron, Mitsubishi, and Delta among others. This allows us to use our filling machines in various industries with the use of specific machines. These machines include canned food filling machines, beverage can filling machines, and chemical filling machines among others.

Applications of Levapack Can Filling Lines

Customize Your Can Packaging Line

Our customization option requires you to have a few things considered to ensure that we get a clear understanding of what you want with your machine. You need to consider the space in your place of operations to determine the size of the machine and also have product features you’d like to include. This is essential to help us offer you accurate machines for your business needs. We feature specific customization options that we offer to our clients. They include packaging speed, machine type, the functions it undertakes, and production line layout size among others. We work to ensure that we get all the specifications right before the customization process begins. Customization gives you the ability to tailor your machine to fit your production needs and processes. This is essential especially if you need to increase your production capacity. We will help you get the perfect machine for your business and ensure it is of high quality and offers you the best services.

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